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Reviewed 15 September 2009 has been around since the word dot (com), 1999 to be precise, and is best described as the granddaddy of all swinging/voyeur style amateur sites. There are not many sites that can boast about the sort of content quantity you’ll find here - 40,000+ photo sets and 6,000+ movies (all user-submitted) plus all manner of fucktastically horny extras like the WWW chatroom where you can view other members cams, chat, arrange a meet and all that good stuff.


Aimed at your average person in the street (albeit with a distinctly pervy side), this is the sort of place you’ll find your next door neighbours sex fuelled wife cavorting around nude, being ass fucked or sucking cock! It’s a good blend all this, and will definitely appeal to singles and couples alike, of which there are tens of thousands to chat to or simply peruse their profile, photo and video uploads if you’d rather stay incognito. I like this site already!


Visually it’s a bit much to take in on your first login. Lots going on, where to start, that sort of thing. But once you chill out and relax into the experience it becomes pretty easy to get around, with plenty of search parameters so you can fine tune the content you enjoy best. Its generally photo style navigation and you tend to get drawn deeper into the site with additional time spent inspecting the dirty goods. For example you click one profile, oggle the images, read the comments and end up looking at the commentators profile and so on. Its highly addictive.


The daily uploads are always a good place to start though you could take a trip back in time and view archived material going back years. I had a chuckle at some of the ‘Tribute’ videos - they are cracking fun. Basically its one guy, a video camera and his favourite members image (either a photo printed off or on screen). He then records himself wanking over said image until he cums with a big depraved MOAN of pleasure! The best ones I saw were when the bloke actually deposits his ball bag contents all over (quite literally) his entire fucking PC monitor! How’s that for a messy tribute?! The filthy birds lap it all up encouraging these guys to cum over them - I think you get the idea?


I have heard all sorts of fucking tosh about the photo quality at sites like this. Other reviewers banging on about poor quality… DUH, its 100% amateur, you are not likely to find photos taken with a fucking $10k Nikon D3X here, are you?! Jesus. These are digital snaps, often taken one handed (cell phone style) in a mirror or by a less than proficient partner, and sure the quality is not exactly high resolution (though some are surprisingly good) but that is what makes this place so fucking hot, arousing and a good laugh to boot. Its all about meeting up with like minded fetishists, voyeurs, swingers, MILFs etc, either swapping photos through this site or swapping fluids in ‘real’ life - its your choice. In that respect it fulfils everything it sets out to do and it does it very well indeed.


Likewise the movies are not HD and there’s no iPod version (like I expected it!) but what they lose in resolution and format choice they more than make up for with XXX action. Just about every imaginable sex act has been caught on camera over the years and why not join them? Make a video yourself and upload it for all the members to watch and comment on? Great idea huh? Release all that sexual tension and share it with similar folks around the world - quality!


Right now you can get a slice of the sexy swinging scene for a greatly reduced special rate… $30 for 90 days… yep you saw that right, 3 months access for just $10 per month now that’s crazy, insane, mental, cheap!


Highly recommended - take a look - you know it makes sense.


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