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Reviewed 25 September 2008


I've reviewed a couple of other sites - SexAndSubmission and FuckingMachines and thought they were both fantastic, so naturally wanted to see if  Kink could impress me with another of their sites, WiredPussy. I'm happy to report that they didn't disappoint. Kink seems to have found the formula for success in the area of exclusive fetish content that you simply can't duplicate anywhere else.


Wired Pussy is described as ‘Beautiful nude lesbian women, bound, dominated, and shocked to orgasm’. The action here is all about the kinky Domme/sub interaction, so if you get off watching intense woman on woman pain/pleasure and domination in a freaky electrosex atmosphere, WiredPussy is definitely a site you'll want to check out. You may even fall in love with the site and want to stay forever! About the ‘shocked to orgasm’ part - I must admit, I haven't had much experience with watching electrosex play, which was another reason I wanted to review Wired Pussy and share it with curious readers in case you've wanted to explore this activity. This form of sex play has grown in popularity over the years among fetish and BDSM enthusiasts, and WiredPussy lets you in for a graphic peek at what it's all about. Even though I wasn't able to identify all the electrical contraptions used on the girls, the most important thing is their reactions to being buzzed, zapped, and shocked in all parts of their tender bodies in all kinds of positions and situations: hot, hot, hot! And it's not just about the electrosex aspect here - the FemDomme controlling her sub with complete domination is the real underlying  psychological/sexual  buzz that makes it all ‘cum’ together.

Being familiar with a few other Kink sites, (check out my previous reviews SexAndSubmission and FuckingMachines), the general design and navigation at WiredPussy is pretty much the same as others throughout their network. Kink uses a basic black/red color theme which has a bold BDSM feel and look. While some sites might pour their resources into super flashy graphics yet fail to deliver the content, Kink sites are focused on the all important  sex action.


The top toolbar at the main page shows Updates, Forums, Store and Special Offers. The site features 51 pages of shoots going back to 2002, over 300 videos, so WiredPussy has built up a solid and extreme archive. The shoots are updated weekly and regularly. As with other Kink sites, there's a basic search engine, but you can also click on the models' names at the top of each video and find a brief bio of the girl with some basic stats. Each shoot is viewable in ‘full view’ (multiple scene pictures) and ‘brief view’ (one main pic). Click on a pic and it takes you to another screen where the photos are labeled and categorized: (ie violet wand cane, stick pads zapper, pussy plate forceps, cattleprod whip, fist). That helped to give me an idea of what type of electrical device was being used on the model. Each pic is available in zip file in low and hi res, and Piclens enabled (Piclens is a plug in available to view the pics as a 3D slideshow). You can also view a trailer to decide if the shoot is something you're interested in watching in its entirety. I must say the pics are sizzling and clear. They do a great job of graphically depicting in excellent detail what the video is about, with close-ups of the various electrical sex stim devices, wires attached to pussies, bondage scenarios, etc. The latest update featured a ‘slave farm’ in Budapest with multiple females subjected to kinky domination by two dommes.


I downloaded a shoot from July 08 featuring ‘Princess Donna’ and a newcomer named Raina Verene. Princess Donna is apparently one of the more popular performers at WiredPussy and I can see why. I hope she isn't offended by what I'm about to say - this is really a compliment – but her cool, calculating style reminded me of a cruel Romanian princess from history who liked to bathe in the blood of virgins to maintain her youth. Ahhh well, perhaps the cruel and wonderfully abusive Donna would never take matters quite that far, but she was definitely focused on her... uh...‘work’. I thought she was an excellent performer and sure knew her way around the electrical boxes, cables, wires and prods that she used with great expertise to bring out the best (or worst?) in her enslaved bondage victim. Her sub, Raina, amazingly looked like a brunette Reese Witherspoon if you can imagine Reese Witherspoon tied up, naked and shocked senseless by various electrical devices and fisted. Now, that's a visual! All in all it was a good and very hardcore shoot. I did find one scene to be a bit tedious in which it didn't seem like a lot was going on while Raina was being zapped and prodded while balancing on a rod. You have to adjust your mind somewhat to understand that electrostim isn't a fuckfest as you may be used to seeing at a typical porn site. Electrosex stimulation is sometimes a more subtle form of ‘torture’,  and while there may be times when the action seems to lag, don't worry, you'll  be rewarded with extremely hot (and genuine) orgasms, along with  plenty of  squirming, whimpering subs begging for relief from their cruel mistresses.


This particular shoot featured 234 pictures, 7 movie clips and 63 minutes of streaming video. Clips can be downloaded in Windows HD, MP4, IPOD, most compatible WMV, or you can download the entire video in a full Zip file. Streaming video is available with RealPlayer. I found the video quality to be very good, with exciting close-ups of the wiring and other devices being applied to the models body (clit, nipples, ass), in juicy wetness. Yummy... There's a comment section after each shoot, and the comments are often as interesting as the videos.


As always, the members of Kink sites are extremely enthusiastic and always ready with their opinions and ideas about the models, the shoots, and story ideas. A number of members at the forum, which is also quite active, have suggested that WiredPussy should have  an area where they explain the various electrical devices the same way the machines are showcased and explained at That's an excellent suggestion and would be a big improvement, because at times it can be somewhat mystifying as to what type of device is being used or how it works on the model's body.


Click on the "Store" link and you'll be taken to a variety of electrosex stimulation devices for sale. You can also click on an online demo guide of various products to learn more. I found the guide to be excellent, especially for beginners just getting in to this form of erotic play. You can also use a coupon code and get 10% off  all products in their store. In the Store area, there is also a Models link which shows all models who have shot for Wired Pussy in alphabetical order. Again, Kink could improve a bit in their search function for finding models, electro devices, etc. Kink's sites are so great, with so much fascinating and hot material that you naturally want to narrow the search to exactly the freaky material you want to put your finger on quickly. This isn't a big drawback whatsoever - just something that over time they should work on.


There is a ‘live show’ link, although they indicate that Wired Pussy does not have live shows. In the store area, there is a ‘Previews’ link where you can preview some of their premium content and photos, as well as the Kink on Demand area where you can purchase individual Kink shoots from any of the sites in the Kink network. They also have two free areas – Behind Kink and Free Hardcore videos and pictures of their most recent work.


WiredPussy, like all Kink sites, is really wild. Zapping, fisting, caning, bondage, nipple torture, lesbian domination, beautiful chicks forced into humiliating and freaky situations. What more could you want? Pain and pleasure all in one very HOTWIRED site! While electrical stimulation of clits, pussies and nipples may seem very weird to some people, remember that vibes used to be thought of as extreme too and now it's part of mainstream sexuality. So, it could be that Kink is once again in the forefront of bringing  another form of sex play into the open that in years ahead will be far more common.


Membership is somewhat higher than other sites out there, but as always, you have to factor in the highly unique and large archive of exclusive video content that Kink produces inhouse that you definitely will not find anywhere else!  


Current subscription rates are: 1 Month $29.75 (recurring); 2 Months $49.75 (recurring); 3 Months $59.95 (recurring); 6 Months $99.95 (one-time charge); 1 Year $169.95 (Non-recurring). An attractive enticement (if you need one) is that each subscription includes Free Electro Sex Clamps!


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