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Reviewed 27 September 2008


White Ghetto Films is part of the Fame Digital megasite network which includes 13 sites and is a fantastic video on demand destination. This is all exclusive content shot by White Ghetto Films, now made available for download. Their motto is: ‘If it ain't Ghetto, it ain't shit’ and they mean it. Their stated mission is to bring back the old school style and feel to porn, giving their fans what they want instead of focusing on the ‘bling’. This means showing more real people gettin' down and dirty, swingers, couples, amateurs, plus solid niche content that appeals to folks who want their sex served up hot and steamy instead of slick chick contract girl material. I liked their 'tude a lot, which made me want to get into the site and check it out. Their website graphics make their point - definitely not glam, more urban/gritty and aimed at regular guys and gals who cum home after a long day of work and want to unwind with some good hardcore after-hours smut that they can download directly to their computer, guaranteed to relieve the day's stress. Hey, I also kinda liked the somewhat politically incorrect title of their company, too. Shows these guys have balls and are ready to stand up for their smut!


The main header on the Members page includes Movies, Updates, Bonus, About Us, Link, Store and Help. Below that you'll find  a quick link to White Ghetto's current best seller videos, (current titles showed MILF Cream Pie, World's Biggest Transsexual Gang Bang, and Curry Cream Pie Gang Bang), Below that are the White Ghetto niches which include ‘Squirting’, ‘Curry’ (Indian porn) and ‘Transsex’. They also have Recommended Sites (videos from other studios) and special deals. I had to chuckle a bit at the link where it says ‘Go to the Curry section’. Couldn't decide if I wanted to have lunch or sex, but you get the idea!


There's a Browse Content drop down menu to select your choice by Movie, Category, Model or Series. Below that there's a link to the White Ghetto DVD store and their newsletter sign-up area. Lots of sizzling graphics (hot box covers, explicit photos), again made me really want to jump in and get busy digging around for some very exciting stuff (especially the Squirting niche! Yummy photos).


Click on the ‘Movies’ link to start browsing the action. Currently there are 162 White Ghetto videos which is certainly a sizeable collection with quite a lot to satisfy diverse tastes. Here's a sample of some fairly representative titles from their studio: ‘I Wanna Cum Inside Your Mom’, ‘Mother Fucker’, ‘Shut Up And Swallow Two’, and ‘Hot Indian Pussy’. Judging from these titles, it seems as if they deliver on their promise to bring downhome smut to the weary working people of the world! I checked out their Models category and while there were names I recognized, other girls were totally new to me, which is a good thing. Nice to see some different faces (among other things!) for a change. Most of the pics I saw featured girls who looked real good but not overly glam and were fully into the action. I personally liked that big time.


Once you've chosen the category you're interested in, click on the box cover and you'll see all the DVD details: Front and back box cover (sizzling!), Title, Size, screen pics that go with the video, (usually 200+), and stars of the film. Beneath that is ‘movie clip detail’. Each scene has 9 screen pics (showing some very hardcore white ghetto shit!) and includes size and running time of the movie. If it looks like something you want to download, go to the ‘Click Here To Watch Video’ link. There are several choices for viewing: hi speed streaming video, or WMV in small version (76MB) or large version (408MB). They include a very helpful option which estimates the download time according to the speed of your computer connection. Each movie is split into separate scenes for download which helps speed things up so you won't have to download a huge movie at one time. Most scenes average around 30-40 minutes. There's a link for further thumbnail screen shots from each clip and all can be expanded to full size pics with nice resolution.


Since it's one of White Ghetto's top sellers, I downloaded a scene from The World's Biggest Transsexual Gang Bang and I gotta tell ya, it was some wild action. Running time for this one scene alone was 21 minutes, (321 MB), with 330 screen pics. It was total gonzo action, 20 trannies having anal sex with one obviously very turned on (or possibly overwhelmed!) amateur guy. I found the video quality to be was certainly quite viewable and if you're into this style of porn, you definitely won't be disappointed. If you want a piece of this action, you'll have to get a membership and find out how the whole thing ‘cums’ out! I think I'll have to come back and download the last scene to see if the guy survives his erotic/exotic sexual adventure!


Click on Updates to find out the newest addition to White Ghetto. You select a site (all the sites in the network are shown in this area), and you'll see that they've updated every two days and provide a complete archive of all updates PLUS several dates for upcoming scenes in the weeks ahead. So, you are definitely getting a regular flow of fine material your direction.


Go to ‘Bonus’ and you'll see all the bonus sites in the network that you receive with your membership to White Ghetto which includes among others:,,, and This translates into over 1500 movies, more than 500 full DVDs, unlimited downloads and daily updates.


Their Links area takes you to other popular studios such as Vivid, Brazzers, Hustler, and many more. At their Store area, you can shop to your heart's content and purchase not only DVD's from the White Ghetto studio, but many more including top studios such as Venom, Wicked, Digital, plus some lesser known studios. You can search by genre or studio. Their store is quite good, with lots of areas to have fun, with adult toys, lingerie, a gay link, a pornstars link (fully searchable by name, DVD, category, both female and male stars), plus various specials and discounts if you look around (such as a free DVD if you buy from a particular studio). Very well laid out and easy to use.


White Ghetto has a detailed FAQ/Help area, and a live online customer service rep to answer membership details or other questions. They also have an excellent feature where you can go directly to another site within the network instead of having to do a separate log in. Excellent!


I was surprised and very pleased with White Ghetto. I think they've done a great job of reaching their goal of giving their fans what they want. I would highly recommend a membership with these guys. If you're looking for a large archive of original, nichey content (MILF, Creampie, squirting, tranny, etc), served up in an easy to navigate and well-designed site plus all the bonus sites you get, you'll be quite happy with your time here. They aren't afraid to do things their way, and they do it well. The 30-day membership at $29.95 is a super deal giving you access to a huge ‘load’ of great content, so I have to agree, ‘If it ain't Ghetto, it ain't shit!’


Membership rates are: 30 days for $29.95 or 90 days for $68.95. A 3 day trial costs just $2.95.

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