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Update 27 July 2010


This site has recently closed. The review will remain for reference purposes, with links deactivated.


Reviewed 03 October 2008 gives you a large and varied combination of exciting choices and options to spend your online porn time. The title of the site doesn't fully reflect all the varied sexy lesbo and other types of fun and games you can find here. So, let's delve into Weekend Lesbians and see what's waiting for your pleasure and exactly how it's all set up. There's a huge amount of content at this site, so let's get to it.


The basic premise is that this is a destination where ‘Every week we find another hot babe and teach her how to eat pussy on camera! Watch our experienced carpet munchers take these new girls and show them how to treat a lady right!’ What you really get here is a huge archive of hot lesbo action, with the site divided into different categories. One of the biggest areas is found at the ‘Her First Lesbian Experience’ portion which has a large archive of 200+ scenes going back to 2003. I clicked on their latest update (9-28-08), which was a threeway featuring Anastasia, Mandy More and Janessa Jordon containing 133 photos and 8 video clips. The videos are available in streaming video clips divided by scene in Dialup, DSL/Broadband options. The earlier videos are available in streaming Windows Media (320x240), (640X480), 56K, DSL/Broadband, as well as QuickTime. The photos were great quality although they were not available in zip files.


You'll see some of the most popular and talented  babes in porn here, including Lexxi Tyler (famous for her hot girl/girl scenes), Regan Reese, Beverly Hills, Lexi Lamour, Nikkie Flame and many more. A fair number of the scenes are threesomes and the emphasis is on softcore (kissing, touching,exploring, extended probing oral, nice orgasms, etc). In keeping with the overall theme of this category (ie her first lesbian experience), the physical build-up and tease is at the core of the scenes. Hot babes shyly feeling up other chicks, really getting into it and these gals know what they're doing. There are also toys (dildos, vibes, etc). The scenes are not overly glam which I liked, and these girls are hot looking even in casual settings/wardrobe. The vibe was more of a college girl feeling from what I could see in many of the photos. This portion of the site alone is guaranteed to keep you occupied for a long time if you're looking for a lot of arousing girl/girl action. Updates were very regular - weekly like clockwork.


Next is an area labeled ‘Downloadable Videos!’ A bit confusing, as you don't know what this content is. Click on and it'll take you to the Weekend Lesbian downloadable video area, which is a mixed bag of solo masturbation, threesomes, guy/girl and more hardcore action. There were 21 scenes, each divided into downloadable clips available in WMV format. Most contained between 6-12 clips. Since a number of these clips were guy/girl, this area is more of a bonus section for hardcore extras and not focused exclusively on lesbian scenes. But there is a lot of solid content here for your viewing enjoyment which makes it good variety for every taste. There doesn't appear to be an update schedule in this area, so I wasn't able to determine how often new clips are added.


Up next is a section of fully downloadable lesbian movies with hot scene descriptions about the women and how they get involved in their girl/girl sex play. There were 4 videos here. I checked out one entitled ‘Petra and Kelsey’ which was 66MB in size downloadable in WMV format. It was a very nice softcore lesbian lovemaking scene, lots of kissing and oral, with both females quite pretty and focused on their mutual pleasure.


Next up is a series of movies (14), that were not lesbian but hardcore guy/girl content in variety of settings and situations. All were fully downloadable and also in WMV. One was titled ‘Getting the Wife Involved’, with a naughty nanny punished by the lady of the house.


Continuing, the next section returns to the lesbian theme, however, more hardcore, with a lot of strap-on/fetish action. The videos are set up as clips downloaded in WMV format. There were no screencaps or picture galleries  of the videos.


Yet another section was somewhat of a combination mix again, with areas like OutrageousOrgies (gangbang),Carpet Munchers, Three's Cumpany (threesomes), and even a cool interactive area called ‘Lesbomatic’ where the viewer can choose which action the girls do (kissing, toys, etc). I found a couple of broken links which were not functional in this section (Abbraxa Porn, Barely Legal Amateurs).


Wow, want more? Back to purely lesbo action again, there were six movies, with titles like The Lesbian Boat, Dual Bean Flickers, Strap on the plastic and Hens Spa Tub. As with other sections, the movies are downloadable as clips in WMV format.


Hey, we are not done yet! Also available at Weekend Lesbian is a Reality Porn bonus area (MILF Galleries, Back Seat Fuck and Suck, Real Gang Bangs XXX, She Likes It Big, Desperate Teens XXX, and of course Her First Lesbian Experience). Each of these bonus areas contain large picture and video galleries, so you're getting hundreds of hours of hot entertainment in these categories. It appeared that the videos in these areas were being updated weekly.


And as they say in those television infomercials: there's more! At the top, there's a link called Loads of Fun, which is a big  pic/video gallery of cumshots, a  free webcams area (Web Video Babes), Games (one of the most interesting was Voyeur Phone under their phone sex option where you can listen to dirty recorded phone calls), Toon Vision, Toy Vision and Holio University (toon cheerleaders). There's also a dating link ( Their "Live Action" link gives you access to ‘Blow Me Live’ (BLOW=Beautiful Ladies Of Wrestling),  and Voyeur Brazil (this link was non-operational when I looked).


The left side of the site is divided into Video, Feeds, Games and Photo. Here and there I found broken links, but considering the huge array of sexy playtime options at this site, it wasn't a huge problem, just irritating here and there.  


You can also order full DVD's of some of their features through their link to PornDVDDirect.


So, what are the pros and cons of this site? Pros: huge amount of varied bonus content, with a focus on lesbian girl/girl if that's you are primary interest, good mixture of soft and hardcore action, well-known porn starlets intermixed with POV amateur style videos, regular updates on videos/pics, webcams, interactive games such as Lesbomatic, Cyberfold, Toons, dating, and live action. You don't often see such a dizzying variety of options under one roof, so that's what I found positive about this site. The cons? Some broken links, frequency of updating is not known in some areas, navigation can be somewhat confusing with all the available options, and certain areas aren't focused solely on lesbian content as the site name implies (Weekend Lesbians). My advice is to dive in, surf around, and you'll find a ton of stuff to grab your attention. There are probably few sites out there that have quite as much lesbian action as Weekend Lesbians. An amusing comment at the bottom of the site reads: ‘Not recommended for all audiences. as your wife may be a weekend lesbian and be in here!’ So, guys, you've been warned about all the sneaky weekend lesbians around!  Is your wife one? Hmmm!    


Customer Support is basic, with a feedback form and an email contact for Customer Service.


$1.95 gives you a quickie 3 day trial whereas $39.95 gives 30 days access. While this is somewhat higher than other sites for a monthly membership, you essentially are gaining access to a number of bonus sites that have a lot of video/photo content of their own, so you  should factor that in when deciding. They also indicate that membership gives you access to Lusty Lesbians, Cum Shot, Amateur Hardcore, Huge Dick, Regular Couples and more.

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