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Reviewed 27 June 2008 has become something of a revelation in the XXX Pwnage office since I started reviewing this site. Let me explain. Obviously you’ve figured that webcams are the keyword here. No doubt you think, you’ve heard all there is to hear about webcams and what goes on? Well to be honest I thought the same, can’t be that much fun, few grotty amateurs, lagging feeds. WRONG! This site truly is awesome and such a fun experience - in fact its verging on brilliant!


The formula is simple. Get lots - and I mean lots - there are hundreds of performers - live every hour of every day of every month, all operating from their own homes around the globe, just waiting to chat with you.


Once logged in as a member, the experience really begins. The interface is really straightforward and all the navigational needs are met with user friendly headings where you can browse the movie and photo gallery archive (containing 100,000 images and 1000’s of videos) or head straight into chat. Initially the screen is filled to brimming with a huge selection of girls, thumbnail style (which can be switched to list style if you prefer), all accompanied with model name, online/offline status and rating out of ten (rated by fellow members). Members have the option to chat for free or pay for XXX chat (more on that later).


There is a comprehensive search system in place where you can actually build a specific model from scratch - based on gender, age, ethnicity, eye and hair colour! And this works perfectly, in fact try it and you’ll pull up your perfect chat partner in a flash. Once you’ve found her (or him, or even couples, the site caters for all) simply view the profile (which contains screen captures taken from video footage) and save to Your Favorites. I found that to be the best method, saves time when you find your ideal model and want to chat again. You can also send offline messages to models from your own mailbox.


If you fancy a change of scene, a drop down menu lists 25+ individual niche areas such as Big Tits,  Japanese Girls, Lesbians, Teens, no need to go on, plenty there.


Okay, so what do you get for free membership? And yes, standard membership is totally free, wow! Well, you can chat to all the girls online for as long as you like, all via webcam feeds. If you have your own webcam you can connect up and show (just) the model too - I can almost hear your perverted minds ticking over with the endless possibilities that affords! This in itself is rather good. Having spent a fair amount of time chatting to the girls (all in the interests of this review, honest), I found it to be absolutely superb - genuinely a fun experience. The models are polite and very pretty and given a little bit of encouragement will interact and sometimes give you a glimpse of what’s on offer in Premium or Nude XXX Chat.


XXX Chat is where the real sex begins. Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a porn director? Well once you’ve signed up for full membership, you can enter this realm. And fuck me, this is eye opening stuff. Example. Buy some credit. Choose a model of your liking, have a free chat, discuss the sorts of things you are into, maybe you want to see some dildo action, its all up to you. Then click XXX Chat. The costs vary and are set by the models themselves - 2.99 (site credits) a minute seem to be average and compared to premium rate telephone numbers and similar this actually is great value. Okay so once inside XXX Chat what happens? Well to be fair, fucking anything goes! I picked a model at random and once in chat, mentioned anal (don’t look at me like that!). Next thing, a dildo is out and up the ass (model zoomed in too), Fucking superb! Of course, my personal recommendation would be to explore everything in free chat first, so as to save cash for the really good stuff (might seem tight, but it makes sense).


The actual webcam feeds are very good with no lag. The software used by the owners enables all connections to receive consistent quality so even if you’re on dial up, quality shouldn’t be compromised. Click here to see example chat window.


This site will keep you busy for months and with new models joining all the time it will just keep getting better. If you have never tried live webcams before, there is no time like the present. Remember its free to join (I know you need to confirm you age, but that’s pretty much the norm) and for just $4.99 get in the XXX groove and start directing the action for a change - this is where your fantasy will actually happen, believe me! Huge and highly recommended site. Best of its kind? Quite possibly. Try it out now.

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