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Reviewed 02 August 2010


I have read quite a few reviews of this site and most seem to have a problem ‘getting it’, and I’m not sure why - to use that old overused phrase ‘it ain’t fucking rocket science’. Call me a genius but when I saw the title ‘Watch You Jerk‘, I thought this was going to be some sort of POV site where the girls look straight into your eyes (web cam style) and tease your cock, via the medium of dirty talk (or ‘jerk off instructions‘ as the site states), into squirting thick cum directly over her cyber face (well, your monitor to be precise). Despite my last remaining brain cell being addled with Scotch and other mind numbing chemicals, as far as I can tell this is exactly what its all about - its not confusing at all.


I suppose its not really a hand job site in the truest sense, as no real cocks are featured anymore (I believe the hardcore fucking/sucking scenes were removed in 2009 during a site revamp), but it is still about tossing your meat with the help of your very own pretty wank buddy.


This site will appeal to a select band of surfers that enjoy fantasy sex with YOUR cock being the star of the show. Therefore if you lack imagination and just want extreme pussy fucking or similar then its probably not for you. Why? Because its not all about nudity, though there is plenty, just not all girls go full nude. Its not out and out hardcore, though you will get to see some sexy girls fingering and pushing big dildos up their pink twats. Its more about what these whores say to get you jerking off than anything else. If you like being dominated there are some humiliation and mocking style content too - okay small dicks?


I like this site, its totally inventive and change is as good as a rest, especially in the unoriginal porn world dominated by the same old shit. is top heavy with movie content and to be frank that’s what you are buying into. There are 125 WMV/MPEG videos at time of review, with a weekly update schedule in place. When the site was overhauled last year its apparent that a lot of the original content was dropped in one big dollop, but rest assured Watch You Jerk is active and hopefully will remain that way. There are photosets, but only 15 and I get the feeling there won‘t be anymore (last update was September 2009). These are solo posing/stripping based sets and they are really good quality high resolution keepers. Shame there isn’t more but that’s life. To be fair, only video can properly fulfil the sites premise, so I wasn’t too disappointed with the small image collection.


There are no download restrictions and you can keep everything. The latest movies are really good quality but the older material less so (as expected). Download full movies or stream smaller clips, though why bother when most of the videos are less than 10 minutes long.


These girls mouths are as dirty as they come and not only do they stimulate you with prose but some perform simulated cock sucking (with rubber dicks) and ‘pretend’ their eating your knob/cum or taking a load up their wet muff. I guess you could just imagine all this without joining but then again why bother when these sweeties can help empty your nuts?


Of course this isn’t going to be for everyone but I enjoyed it. There are 11 sweet bonus sites bundled in with your membership (including Babes Cartel, Busty Cafe, Busty Milly, Giving A Handjob, Hall Of Fame Stars, Honey Chest, Honey School, Hungarian Honeys, HQ Flix, Pornstar Honeys and Pornstar Legends) that may entice you into spending $29.95 for 30 days access. 100% original and exclusive content guaranteed!


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