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Reviewed 06 October 2010


I have been looking forward to visiting for some time purely because the content here is a bit different from the normal network type fare. This one went online 6 years ago and the producers have steadfastly built a tidy network of 25+ sites that incorporates a decent selection of weird and wonderful fetishes, colourfully intermixed with amateur softcore and general hardcore fucking and sucking sites. From Latino babes to cigarette smoking chicks, heavily pregnant women to group sex, VIP Members has got it covered!


As fetishes go these are diverse and somewhat detached from a specific theme unless you count pregnancy. Talking of baby bumps, a new pregnancy site has recently launched called which joins as their flag ship ‘up the duff’ site. So if you like inflated baby bellies then this is the place to be. There is even a site dedicated to lactation where the chick (Talia), milks her puppies over at the appropriately named - this is not exactly a common niche, so thumbs up for originality.


There are some really good and some less than sparkling solo sites at One of the best is, which is dedicated to the extreme hardcore crowd - make no mistake this aint vanilla porn its more toilet whore fun - rough and fucking ready! A fair few sites have stopped delivering porn or are not very big and thus are merely stocking fillers (no pun intended). The solo babe sites are predominantly softcore in nature which may or may not be to your liking - personally I enjoyed perusing even though it’s a small one - this cute tat ridden redhead has a great pussy hence my interest (wah wah wah…!).


Each site is individually designed and to be fair not visually impressive, however easing your way around is not at a problem as content is laid out in a similar and logical way. Moving from one site to another is equally simple and perfectly seamless with no need to re-enter user/password info which is a blessing at sites like this.


As with a lot of biggish networks video quality varies from excellent to average depending upon the format. There are 1000+ movies and the very latest WMV videos are top notch 1920x1080 HD - the least decent are the MPEG versions coming in at a eye squinting 320x240. The rest fit somewhere between (640x480 being prevalent). Not all the sites have video just picture galleries and a couple of sites offer iPod/iPhone versions too (given time more may follow suit but no promises!). Average length per flick is around 15 minutes some more, some less.


There are 2000+ photosets and though these may not be high resolution they are still worth viewing some are a tad grainy but overall fit for purpose. Quantity per set varies dramatically but as a guide 10-50 is common. Each set is zipped for speedy downloading.


My advice would be to take the tour and check out the links below to see what you get for your hard earned readies. There are no daily download restrictions and additional bonuses such as live cam shows. A regular 30 day membership costs just $18.95, which is good value especially as a lot of the fetish material is unusual and exclusive to this network. Follow the links to get your VIP Members pass NOW!




Due to circumstances beyond the control of the program owners, both and will be closing on 30 November 2010. We have been assured all purchased memberships will be honored up until the closure date. Our advice is to get in there now and grab this excellent material while it is still available! On 01 December 2010, and (gallery links, site links etc) will redirect to other sites in the VIP Members network.  This information does not effect any other sites and its business as usual at


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