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Reviewed 15 June 2009


If you're looking for a discount alternative for your porn viewing options, is certainly a great contender for your business in the Video On Demand realm. There's a growing number of VOD sites out there, and all are not created equal, although most work on the same basic principle: you buy minutes and pay for what you want to see. VideoBox is a bit different: they offer several plans for a flat monthly rate for unlimited downloads rather than a "pay by the minute" approach. Here are some stats on what's inside VideoBox's bag of goodies:


Currently they have over 6,500 DVD's covering a range of soft and hardcore porn in their library. Updates: 5 DVD's added every day - that's 35 DVD's per week!


Video quality: 3 video sizes: Medium (320x240), Hi (480x352) and DVD Resolution (640x480). Videos are DRM-free - keep them forever - available in Windows H.264 and Flash formats.


Creating an account is super easy and you can pay by credit card or online check.  Once your account is created, you're now ready to browse their library and download to your heart's content. Browse by category which includes everything from the usual porn niches such as Amateur, Anal, Big Boobs, BDSM and Gonzo, all the way to Computer-Generated, Classic, Femdom and much more. You'll see features from all the popular studios, including Red Light District, Elegant Angel, Smash Pictures, Lethal Hardcore, with studios conveniently listed including the number of videos they carry at Videobox and their popularity rating. Easy navigation allows you to browse around and find new DVD's, Top Scenes, Stars (listed by alphabetical order with number of scenes and rating), and Series, so whatever you're looking for, it's easily accessible.  You can also read the informative viewer reviews of scenes and DVD's to decide if it's something you want to download - always a great feature when plowing through unknown territory!


The main downside to this otherwise great VOD outlet is that they don't have a huge library as compared to some VOD sites, but having unlimited access to over 6,000 DVD's at your fingertips ain't too shabby. 3 months here will only set you back $28.76 on the basic plan, and that's cheaper than most paysites. I'm confident you'll be able to find plenty of good stuff that turns you on among the 6,000 vids covering a fairly wide array of porn niches. And if you don't believe me, check out the "buzz" from a dozen other reviewers as shown at the VideoBox site which attest to the popularity and high marks this VOD outlet routinely receives. One of the best features is the ability to pick a scene from an individual DVD and create your own start and stop point. Also, there's enough "twisted" content here to keep even non-mainstream porno freaks satisfied.


A very detailed and helpful Support page will answer most any question you have, with plenty of troubleshooting advice, billing and subscription information and much more. It's pretty self-explanatory once you get in here and start using the service.


Will you be able to find every title, star, category or niche under the sun here? No. But as always, you get what you pay for, and if you're on a budget and want a popular and convenient place to throw down some bucks, you could do worse than hanging out at VideoBox. Many people in the adult industry feel  that VOD is not only the wave of the future , it's the PRESENT and it's here to stay, in one form or another, so now's the time to  try out VideoBox - the Netflix of porn!


So, what plans are available? Unlike most VOD setups in which you buy a package of minutes, VideoBox offers several flat monthly rate plans that allows UNLIMITED download of thousands of videos. Sweet!


Basic Plan

12 months - $6.66 /month - billed in one installment of $79.96

3 months - $9.59/month - billed in one installment of $28.76

1 month - $15.96/month - billed in one installment of $15.96


WOW, for under $10 a month you have access to their full 6,500 DVD library, with 5 new DVD's added every day from over 200 adult studios, unlimited flash streaming, no DRM, and high quality Windows WMV.


Premium Plan

This plan includes everything that the Basic Plan does, plus premium features:

DVD resolution downloads

Tier-1 bandwidth speed

Preferential Customer Service

BEST VALUE: 12 months + 6 months free - $6.66/month

3 months + 1 month free - $11.99/month

1 month - $23.96/month


You can also choose an upgrade to the Vivid Premium Channel or Evil Angel Premium Channel, which gives you an additional 3 Vivid or Evil Angel DVDs a week.


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