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Reviewed 17 August 2010


Picture this. Your other half has just nipped out. You are horny for nylon, or more specifically pantyhose. You’ve had this urge for years, ever since you discovered what your cock was actually for and wanked into the gusset of your favourite aunts flesh tone hose. Okay, still with me?! So you sneak into the bedroom and open a draw full of stockings, garters and hose. You pull on a pair and begin to fantasise - rubbing the sexy nylon mesh over your phallus, massaging your nuts and squeezing them tightly until pre cum starts to seep through the shimmering material. Suddenly you hear a door opening and those immortal words are muttered… ‘Honey, I’m home’. Oh Fuck, caught out again!!!


I don’t normally set the scene for a review but conjured up a feeling that a lot of guys must go through - a secret fetish that cannot always be shared. I know some chicks get a thrill to see their man in sexy panties and pantyhose during sex, but generally it’s forbidden, slightly grubby and a sexual act performed in private.


Funnily enough, I cannot categorize this into a single niche, because while there is a lot of girl/guy and solo guy pantyhose fun for the heterosexual audience there is significant man on man or as we like to say, gay content. So its a real mixed bag in terms of content - not completely gay, bisexual or straight -  lets just say it has broad fetish appeal but if you like your pantyhose guys this is a perfect place to cum.


This site is one of the biggest online with a mammoth collection of mainly photographic content spread across what could be best described as 6 micro sites or dedicated sections if you prefer. These are headed up with suitable titles and I have added the total volume per section in parenthesis. Solo Guys in Pantyhose (99 photosets), Girls & Guys in Pantyhose (108 photosets), Bisexual Male/Male and Strapon Sex in Pantyhose (217 photosets), New Videos (94 movies) and Archive Videos (12 movies). If you care to total that up it comes to a mind blowing 424 photosets and 106 movies at date of review. Unfortunately, the last update was September 2009 so unless the site gets the kiss of life soon it appears that this one may become pure archive, but due to the sheer size well worth considering, despite this shortcoming.


Photo quality is high resolution across the board and displayed in standard gallery format grids, with 3 to 4 pages of small thumbs to peruse. Downloads are a breeze as everything is conveniently situated in zip files, with a link at the bottom of each gallery. 50+ images per set is commonplace.


Like a fine wine, the AVI only movies have improved with age and quality is now awesome. Older clips are less so but still worth watching because of the specialist nature of the material. Download or stream in Media Player.


Navigation could be better and there is no search or comprehensive categorization other than discussed above, so simply select an area or interest (e.g. ‘Solo Guys in Pantyhose‘) and enjoy. Action is distinct between each section so expect plenty of anal sex in the gay area, strapon sex, cock sucking, pussy fucking in the hetro bit and you can figure out the rest! Suffice to say spunking over pantyhose is the name of the game and the emphasis is always on the hosiery.


Membership costs just $29.95 for 30 days and each week members are rewarded with a free bonus nylon site (such as, and which make up for the lack of recent updates here. Not bad at all. Why not try some pantyhose for yourself?


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