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Reviewed 09 April 2011


Tricky Old Teacher” explores the  time honored theme of “If you hump me, I’ll give you an A, you hot babe!”. Even though this concept is hardly new in pornland, some sites do it better than others. I’d say this one does a pretty good job. It launched in 2008 and currently has over 90 videos featuring these Tricky Old Teachers who know just how to make a deal with beautiful young coeds to spread their coltish legs in return for a good grade at the end of the semester.


The movies here are from Eastern Europe, so for the most part, there’s no English.  In some of the vids, they include a few subtitles during the “foreplay” intro, so that helps a bit to set the tone. Someday it would be hot if they would dub some of these videos so we’d know what slick lines the Tricky Old Teachers use to seduce their hot students, but until that happens, each movie has a sexy scene description in English so you know what the action is.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I do love Euro porn.  One of the big benefits is that you get to see new faces (among other body parts!) and different girls that you may not be familiar with in American or UK produced porn. And they do the college coed/fresh teen thing so very well!  Most haven’t covered their creamy skin in tattoos so they retain the luscious horny nubile looks and flirty attitudes that are such a turn on.  When the panties drop and their tight titties are released from cute bras, the teacher gets rock hard and so will you!


Most of the videos are twosomes, but there are a few threeways to be had (two guys on the girl or two girls and the teachers). So, they do a pretty good job of mixing it up and keeping it interesting. Another good aspect is the age difference - the male teachers aren’t so ancient as to be gross and the girls do an excellent job carrying out their roles as sexy coeds. Many teacher/student sites really ruin the age theme by using guys who look way too young and studly to convince anyone that they’re older men in dire need of a fuck from a sexy coed. Here, these dudes look the part and this adds to the erotic factor.


The action usually happens at tricky teacher’s house, although some of the sexy fun happens in his office and a few quickies in the classroom.  The not so bright girl is failing her math or history of English grammar class and needs extra help so of course  special  tutoring of the naughty kind is necessary. And a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get a passing grade, right? Even if it means offering up her tender pussy and eager mouth to an older man wearing glasses and a starched white shirt and tie (hey, I think older men in glasses are hot!).


I previewed a scene featuring “Katty” which was one of the most recent updates. Katty is a long haired brunette slender young beauty wearing a simple shirt and skirt.  In this scene, the problem isn’t bad grades, it’s unrequited love. She’s HOT for teacher! Her seduction plan is to go to his office after class and ask for extra help. Teacher is just a bit indecisive and nervous about Katty’s kittenish and rather flirtatious behavior. He fiddles with his (sexy) glasses a lot, taking them on and off. But of course Katty wins this contest of wills. Her shirt is off and he sucks her breasts, she then pleasures him orally while he leans back on the desk. He gets down to business with a solid fucking of her young pussy and finishes off cuming on her tight boobs. I found this to be a very arousing scene, mainly because the casting is just right - she’s a really pretty and fresh girl and he’s also sexy enough to make it work. The sex is sweet and lustful, with great camera angles of his cock in her pink hole. It’s not extreme, just a feast for the eyes to see this youthful hottie giving an older man what he wants and needs!


The second previewed scene featured “Betsy” a long haired blond who has failed the important test at the end of the semester. She has to fix this problem and Tricky Old Teacher offers her a deal in his apartment, the “nobody will know” routine!   They suck and fuck on his couch and you’ll love watching Betsy’s oral skills while her beautiful bod gives the older man a hardon. You will see some of the same guys used in various scenes, but hey, I know it’s not the guys you’re watching, right?


This particular scene also contained a few English subtitles in the beginning to help get you in the mood about what’s going on, so that was appreciated.


Running time on the videos is around 20 minutes or so and they all contain a large photo gallery of excellent large hi rez pics in zip file and slideshow.  Links to view photos are easy to find with navigation being easy and self-explanatory. I’m sure you’ll be downloading and saving at least a few of your fave shots!


Movies are available for full download in WMV Hi or Lo, and you can also watch by clips in streaming WMV or Flash (Hi or Lo). Or download a full clip. Video quality is great, no complaints there. The sets are nothing exotic or erotically fancy so there’s not a lot of variation in where the action goes down, but it’s okay. After all, it wouldn’t make sense for a naughty tricky teacher and his student to engage in a mini orgy outdoors or poolside, would it? So, it all fits with the situation and scenarios.


Members can leave comments after each video. Those who comment frequently and actively are eligible for extra membership days. You can also rate your favorite scene. Click on “Recent Updates and Upcoming Updates” for a convenient calendar of all the updates across the network. I was very pleased to see “Tricky Old Teacher” at the Upcoming Updates with a new episode right on time, about 10 days from the last one. So, that’s pretty good and assures a steady amount of content here.


Click on “All Our Girls” - they show 354 from the entire network, including their personal bios and stats. There is a search engine to search by Model name, although I would like to see this site and the network expand their search capabilities so you can narrow down the content to fit your personal desires


If you’re into teen/young porn, this network is for you. “Tricky Old Teacher” is just one of over 27 bonus sites you’ll receive with membership, hot teenie Euro porn at its finest such as I Fucked Her Finally, She Made Us Lesbians, Drilled Mouths, Young Porn Home Video and a much more.  I guarantee you’ll see exclusive stuff that’s a bit out of the ordinary with girls you haven’t seen everywhere 24/7. Be sure to take a spin through the excellent Tour page also, for previews and pics of what’s inside.


Customer Support is available by phone 24/7/ Click on the “help” link for answers to common billing, technical, membership or other issues.


For me, the strengths of Tricky Old Teacher are as follows:


a) It’s Euro stuff, so the girls are usually fresh, new and authentically horny.


b) The young/old age difference is well done with the men fitting their roles, making the needful and intense sex hot to watch.


You get the feeling there‘s real chemistry and excitation going on. While there could be a bit more variation in the scenes (maybe more threeways?) or perhaps changing  the settings to different locales or appearance, I think  with over 90 movies on offer here, you‘ll find at least a few that are well worth your time and your dime!


Membership costs $34.95 for 30 days access which is a bit on the high side all things considered.


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