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Reviewed 30 June 2010


Continuing with the excellent series of Babestation TV sites, today I have the cock bulging task of reviewing This wee Scottish lass is so sweet you just want to lick her and its not only me thinks this way - browsing through her blog she is easily one of the most popular babes, with hundreds of comments in response to her posts. Anyway,  Amanda Rendall has been a regular presenter on Babestation (Sky Ch 906/Freeview Ch 94-96) for the last two years or so and as with Dani O’Neil and Tiffany Chambers the producers have set her up with a dedicated 100% exclusive site that goes way further than anything allowed on regular TV! Lets just say if you are a fan, you really should be a member of this site because its definitely a no holds barred XXX experience.


Navigation is simplicity itself, with a menu comprising of just: Home, Pictures, Videos, Webcam and Blog. Its really easy to get around and though it lacks a bit of graphical oomph (the header is just text no picture) it all works well enough and it’s the content that is king here.


I get the impression from watching Amanda on TV that she is a bit of a dirty fucking minx. She has a certain glint in her eye and you just know she isn’t quite as sweet and adorable as she appears (which is a very good thing). So I was pretty excited to take a peek at her XXX site (basically I wanted to see her cunt… fair enough?!). Well, I wasn’t disappointed and you won’t be either. Amanda lives up to expectations with some genuine pussy pounding fun. Lots of pink, lots of vibes, lots of licking and finger fucking plus she is on the receiving end of a strap-on cock - giving as good as she gets. Be advised this is not tame bullshit, its really, really HOT and she is joined by Dani O’Neil, Jemma Jey and Lolly Badcock plus her special lezza ‘friend’ Anna. Amanda has a bit of a mean streak too - she not only abuses cunt and arsehole but gives the ‘verbals’ too, like ’you dirty fucking slut‘ and isn’t afraid to gob (spit) into a gaping pussy prior to jamming her fingers right up the waiting love hole - proper authentic UK style porn… way to fucking go!


Currently there are just shy of 100 high resolution photo sets and 37 DVD quality MPEG-4 videos all featuring said babe (they don’t call it Totally Amanda for nothing). Its obviously aimed at her fans and if Amanda makes your cock (or pussy) go all funny you should do the decent thing and join the fun. There are no restrictions here - you can download everything and keep it forever.


With titles like: ‘Spreading Those Cheeks’ ‘Pussy Stretching Sluts’ and ‘Ready Steady Fuck Each Other With Dildos’ you know you’re guaranteed some good ole fashioned British smut. Content is very good quality and ranges from lesbian style licking/fucking to more gentile glamour inspired studio photosets. They are presented well enough and there is just enough to keep a fan happy especially as regular updates are in place, though nothing is dated I might add.


You won’t find this content anywhere else its 100% exclusive. Joining is a painless experience and for just £22.50 per month (note this is GBP not USD) you too can experience Totally Amanda’s many delights.


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