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Reviewed 11 February 2010


Have I said lately that I love German-made porn? Well, if not, I'll say it again, I love German-made porn! Tittylicious is part of the SuperiorPass network which is advertised as "100% German hardcore" and is also a 2010 XBiz Awards nominee, so you know you're getting some superior content here.


The title is self-explanatory - this is a site for lovers of big titties and for sure, you'll get your fill of bosomy luscious frauleins at Tittylicious! And what's even better is that they're deliciously natural, silicone being a foreign word in this realm. So let's explore tit heaven and see what's what...


Take the tour for a preview of their scenes, and then log in to the main members area. The site itself is designed in warm, vibrant colors, with hot, beautiful European babes squeezing and fondling their luscious boobs at the top of the page You get great HD quality movies, most running 30 minutes. The main drawback here is that they are not downloadable, available only in Flash streaming. Darn! But since this site is part of a network consisting of 8 bonus sites such as "Sex For Breakfast"... in Berlin, "YourDickFucks" (a POV site) and several others from this Euro porn factory, hopefully that makes the download situation a bit more bearable. Even though there are a lot of big tit sites out there, this one certainly has potential, the girls are all natural - they know how to use those knockers to great advantage, so why blow a great thing by not having downloadable vids? Oh well, life in pornworld is never perfect, and as indicated, the other sites included with your membership will help to override this issue.


New content seems to be added approximately every 1-2 weeks so you are getting a stream of bouncy boobies swinging your direction on a fairly regular basis. They don't have an update calendar nor do they state how often they update at this specific site, so it may or may not stick to this schedule in the future.


If you're a fan of Euro-made porn you'll appreciate seeing new faces... err, that is, if you're looking at their faces, so that's always a plus factor in my book. Also, to give it that authentic feel, there's quite a lot of German spoken in the scenes, which will either irritate or arouse you, depending on your language fetish lol... I happen to like hearing the German, and big boobies are easily translated and cross all language and cultural boundaries, wouldn't you agree? So, I don't see it as a huge problem and I think it actually enhances some of the scenes. Ach tung! :) Guys worldwide know how to say, "Wow" when soft, warm, erotic breasts are brought out for funbag, licking and sucking time.


The top navigation is quite simple with links to Home, Tittylicious, Top 10, Favorite Titties and Our Sites. Currently there are 24 episodes and you'll see the latest update with a large pic plus a preview area to find out if it's your cup of tea before viewing, as well as the next latest additions below. Each one gives an episode number, the name of the model and a very brief scene description. They don't expend many words on the descriptions - maybe they don't feel it's necessary to state the obvious - these gals have big jugs! But I would have liked a bit more info on what sex action awaits inside. There's no search engine or model bio with the all important boobie stats to give you more info, either, so the site is rather basic from that standpoint. Click "Watch HD Movie" to start the HD streaming in widescreen. They also show the "top voted" scenes on this page. Click on "View Gallery" to see the photosets that go with each episode as well as the date the scene was posted. The galleries are quite good in terms of the size and quality of the pics - viewable in two sizes, 900 X 600 and 1500 X 1000 for those ultra graphic close-ups of the tits. They aren't available in zip file, although they do have slideshow format and you can save individual pics to your hard drive. Probably you'll concentrate on the XL size photos for your private collection. There are some really great and eye-popping mammary shots to be had in here!


I previewed several of the flicks and enjoyed the quality of the HD widescreen format. The most recent update features a beautiful dark-haired lovely named Marille. Her creamy complexion and womanly curves, not to mention her knock-out pair of swinging, swaying breasts, will make you wonder why the pornstars of today think it's necessary to improve on what nature has given to womankind? And mankind too first and foremost! I'd say that's the strongest point in favor of this site, reigniting what it means to love and appreciate womanhood at its finest. So, what exactly does Marille do in her scene? She not only indulges in plenty of breast play, titty fucking, and just generally showing off and displaying her boobs, but she also gets a good doggy style fuck and gives him some oral attention, and there's nothing hotter than watching all natural tits hanging and bouncing during that  action. This isn't just a chick standing around showing off her tits, she gets nailed pretty hard. The guy oils up her lovely jugs and fondles her thoroughly, and wouldn't you just love to be where he is? Many of the scenes feature water, oil, shampoo, sudsy lather, and other liquids including of course milky white cum running sensuously every which way accentuating glistening mounds of pleasure. These two end up in a tub/shower and everything is wet and wild.  Running time is approximately 30 minutes for most of the scenes, and this one includes 100 pics that track the video action. I found Mirelle to be a very natural, refreshing woman to view and she's really pretty, too.


Next up I looked at a scene featuring Manuella because it was in the top favorites so I wanted to see what the fuss was about. After watching, I know! She's another brunette with a creamy complexion with near perfect breasts. Again, all natural, as is her completely natural bush. All around, she's 100% woman and a turn on to watch if you've grown tired of plastic porno fake. The guy pours honey all over her beautiful boobs and she titty fucks him, that slippery golden goo working its magic. He fucks her doggy, and of course the sex action is designed to show off her knockers. They take things a step further when he drizzles and smears jam on her tits and then they go to the shower/bath to rinse it all off erotically and sensuously. She gets fucked again over the side of the tub, boobs hanging showing her large nipples. There's one close-up of her breasts bouncing up and down that you'll love BIG TIME! So keep in mind that there is a lot of pussy pounding sex even though your eye will probably be squarely focused on what's up top. (If you're a tit man, anyway!). I found the site to be a good combo of erotic and hardcore, which really is porn at its best in many ways. The vid comes with a photo gallery of 99 beautiful hi quality pics.


Lest you think there's only Germanic brunettes on view here, never fear, you'll see plenty of blonde beauties and a few redheads. There's also a lesbian twosome who fondle, kiss and rub titties, though the rest of the scenes appear to be guy/girl setups filmed reality style, with a brief intro. Some of the babes here may not have what you think of as "perfect" bods, while many others can certainly compete with the best that Porn Valley has to offer. Blonde beauty Pamela, busty blonde Tammi or athletic Darina (jumping rope is great exercise for bouncing titties!) are just a few of the diverse pleasures on display.


Customer Service is provided with a "Support" link at the bottom of the page for member assistance and billing information.


As with all  porn sites, Tittylicious has its strengths and weaknesses - the streaming only viewing option and lack of zip files for the great photos fall in the minus category, but the all-natural German hotties, horny titty fucking, and a range of pussy pounding action featuring totally out of control wobbling boobs coated in all kinds of liquids (wink wink), might just make up for those little shortcomings, ya think?


Site membership: 30 days: $14.95 or 60 days: $39.95. Pay by credit card or bank account. Or join through Superior Pass and get all their bonus sites including this one for just $24.95 per month!


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