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Reviewed 15 November 2008


After watching one of the videos from, I developed a cunning scheme for ending terrorism: lock all the bad guys in a room and make 'em watch Pedro, The Amputee while he fucks crazy old granny Nana Funk ( I guarantee, their brains will be fried, nuked, cooked and completely short circuited after seeing the ultimate in bizarre porn. Unfortunately, my dream of seeing Pedro and Nana fucking for world peace will probably never happen. The brilliant plan is doomed. Oh well! For now anyway, if you visit The, you'll see Pedro fucking an array of Latina and Black chicks at this fetish site which is one of the wildest in the porn world if you're looking for, shall we say, edgier entertainment? Maybe wobblier, as Pedro is missing a leg. However, he actually has a third leg, which appears to be about 12 inches long, (the site says 11 inches, and I'll take their word for it!) so don't feel too sorry for the guy. He seems to be coping okay with his disability as he plows through all kinds of one-legged sexcapades.


Pedro is not a bad looking fellow - in fact, I've seen worse in the mainstream porn arena, so I can't fault him on that point. He's billed as the biggest amputee pornstar on the Internet. I don't know if that's because he might be the ONLY amputee doing porn, but he probably has the field pretty much to himself. He's in good shape and ready to rock. This is just a guy trying to make a livin, okay? For the record, I'm not going to launch into a silly moralistic judgment about this site. My job is simply to tell you what's on offer here, and if you want to... uh... hang out, that's your choice. So, let's get to it! is part of the InPass ( network which consists of mainly hardcore/fetish content (midget, human toilet bowl, etc), along with Latino, Asian, Black, interracial, busty, etc. The site designers know their members want their weirdness served up hot and simple, so there are no complex navigational problems here. A bar across the top shows Home, Inpass Sites, Episodes, Model Directory, Bonus Footage and Inpass Cam Girls. No way to get lost. Click on the "Episodes" link and that will take you to Pedro and the amputee action. You'll see a pic showing the Latest Update. The site updates every Tuesday, averaging approximately two weeks between updates, sometimes a bit longer, but it appears they are committed to keeping Pedro working and active for your viewing pleasure. Let's not forget that he's a solo amputee act and perhaps can't bang out scenes at the same pace of guys who have all their body parts!


On the same page is a "Coming Next" photo with the name and date of model, as well as a link called "How It All Started". The folks at Incredible Pass highly recommend that members view this video, because it gives a history of their gonzo reality network.


The Amputee archive goes back to 2005, so Pedro has been getting quite a workout with a lot of females. There are approximately 80+ scenes to sample here. Click on a pic that interests you and that will take you to the movie and photos area. Once there, you'll see a title along with a very funny scene (and hot!) description/storyline. I downloaded the latest update, "Sharo! Room Service!" Sharo is a Latina room service maid who awakens the sleeping Pedro. She's escorted into his room by Baby Gangster, a midget. I know this may sound like a circus, but I found it highly entertaining. The model who says she's from Columbia, is interviewed a bit by the off camera guy, who loves to say "oh my god" quite a lot. I won't go into detail about Pedro's sexual abilities. If you want to find out more you'll have to sign up for membership and see for yourself. Suffice it to say, he does okay and gives the slutty maid a moaning good time. She licks his stump and gives him a BJ (or at least as much as she can manage of his 11 inch tool). This is one of those sites where the camera guy writes "whore" and other humiliating words on the girl's forehead, while she brushes her teeth with Pedro's cum. Again - I make no judgment on that, it's just what's here for the viewing. Incidentally, the chick didn't look in pain or horrified, more amused than anything. For those who get off on the fetish fantasy of seeing a hung like a donkey amputee guy fucking a humiliated, cum swallowing, stump licking Latina room service chick, it'll be up your alley! Okay, that wins the prize for the craziest sentence I've written in my life! A running theme at this site is "It's Pedro's Birthday" - this guy has several birthdays every year, each one celebrated with a hot chick that he gets to fuck. Pretty funny actually, and pumps up the entertainment quotient at the site.


The videos are available for download in Streaming or can be downloaded to your computer in High or Low WMV. Some of the videos are also available in MOV Quicktime format. I downloaded the Low WMV and it was of average quality. Each video is accompanied by a photo gallery of screenshots. Click on a pic and you can watch in slideshow or through a "jump to" drop down menu. For some reason I was not able to make the slideshow function, so wasn't sure if it was my system or the site. The pics were average resolution screenshots, but good enough to get a good look at all the fetish action. The Sharo video had 100+ photos. You can also rate each episode 1-5.The pics were not available in zip files.


Click on "Model Directory" in the top navigation bar and you'll be taken to the complete Incredible Pass directory of girls for all their sites, listed alphabetically with a short bio, date of her video and the site she's done. You can also see their Upcoming New Girls who'll be doing scenes for various sites across the Incredible Pass network. Nearly all the girls are Latina or Black with an emphasis on busty babes, although there are all sizes and shapes to suit your tastes. There were 64 girls shown in this category. Click on "Member Favorites" to see which girls have been top rated. Number 1 is a 32GG gal named Busty Merilyn.


Go to "Bonus Footage" and you'll see "behind the scenes" footage gathered from all the Incredible Pass sites.  There were 50+ scenes with titles like "Pick Up The Crack Whore", "I Want My Money" and "Bruno Gets Sick". Wow, I can only imagine what this stuff looks like! Also at this page you'll see links to their other network updates and newest info.


As a member, you also have access to the InPass Cam Girls for live web chat provided through


Support is available through which gives you access to 24/7 phone and live chat support, plus email support for your membership questions.


My overall impression of this site is that for what it is, The accomplishes its goal quite well with exclusive content you definitely won't see anywhere else. I must admit, I'd never seen anything like this, so it did take some getting used to, but it was pretty damned entertaining. There's nothing truly mean spirited here, it's not about degrading Pedro or the girls, regardless of how it may look. In this very unusual amputee fetish niche, it serves a purpose for people out there who enjoy this type of content. So, I would recommend it if you dig it. And for the record, I still think a Pedro/NanaFunk hook up could serve some type of higher cosmic purpose... On second thought, Pedro probably wouldn't "do" her... this one-legged stud is picky about his women lol). As part of one of the most bizarre and exclusive fetish networks out there - IncrediblePass - with full membership you're guaranteed many hours of weird and wet viewing pleasure.


Full membership is priced at $29.95 and gets you 30 days access to 30 hardcore XXX sites with one password and includes Big Tit sites, BBW’s, Interracial, MILF, Teen, Amateur, Latina, Bizarre, Tranny, ethnic and much more! Real old school stuff that's hard to find!


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