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Reviewed 03 November 2008


I'm going to start this review with an amusing observation, one I know that people in the t/s (transsexual) community will appreciate because they are generally very open, cool  people who understand that many porn viewers aren't overly familiar with trannys and may have seen little if any of this particular form of adult material. So, the story goes that a particular well-known porn star and his somewhat less knowledgeable girlfriend were attending a red carpet event at one of the big adult awards ceremonies, and as she walked past the tranny area at the show she said, "Look honey, those girls have dicks!" He replied, "No dear, those are guys with boobs”. However you define it, this gender bending niche is rapidly growing in popularity with more and more web companies and networks offering "t-girl" content, whether for the  straight, bi, gay, tranny or merely curious audience who want to sample new, unexplored sexual territory. is part of the HDPornPass network and as with their other sites which we've reviewed here at XXX Pwnage, the navigational set-up is the same:  simple  and straightforward, with the top bar consisting of: Network Updates, HD Videos, Hi-Res Photos, Bonus Content, Live Cam, Adult Personals, Adult Toys/DVDs and Members Specials. This site has an archive of content going back to 2007. Currently there are 90 shemale videos, updated weekly, with dates of updates shown. The latest update was featured Zafiro and Ariel. Zafiro is featured quite a bit at this site, so must be a popular performer in the tranny community. And I've gotta say, with no offense to Ariel (the guy in the scene), Zafiro was definitely hotter and sexier than he was!  Zafiro is an exotic dark-haired beauty with a great ass. Many t-girls are utter knockouts and unless you didn't know it (until the clothes come off) most of them look like runway supermodels. Sorry guys! It's true!


Each scene has a hot description. This one read: "Zafiro is working her moves while wearing a sexy mini and leopard top. Lots of competition around for attention, she needs to show her money maker. Doesn't take much to please Ariel, he loves a girl in short skirt." I downloaded this clip in Standard Windows which ran about 9 minutes and was a basic fuck session on a white sofa. Of course, nothing is really "basic" with this type of porn. They did two positions; doggy anal and missionary. Of course, most of the action at Tempting Trannys is of the anal variety. It wasn't rough sex, just a steady drilling, and showed off Zafiro's natural beauty while she played with herself. I'd definitely put her in the category of "tempting tranny". There's all physical types here: blonde, brunette, Asian, etc. There's also a few scenes featuring straight chicks with trannys, fucking and/or sucking, oral, titty fucking, etc. The t-girls at this site are all quite beautiful from looking through the photo galleries.  Videos are divided into two parts, with each part added per week.


Click on Hi Res photos to go to the Tempting Tranny Galleries. Currently there are 56 thumbnails with each containing 200+ graphic photos of the shemale action taken from the videos, or the girls posing with guys, other trannys, or solo. Photos were great quality at 682x1024 and give you the opportunity to get a close-up look at what's happening.  Most of the pics were not super glamour stuff, although some of the girls wore erotically sizzling lingerie/stockings, panties, bras, etc. However, I would have liked to see more variation in the sets that were used to shoot the scenes - most of the photos as well as the videos seemed to be taken in, on, or near the same white couch and background (man oh man, that white couch got a helluva workout lol). But apart from that, if you're heavily into the tranny niche, you'll probably be looking somewhere other than the set! The photos are not available in zip files nor are they categorized in a searchable database. While there isn't a huge amount of photo galleries at this site yet, as it continues to grow, they really should add some type of search engine in the future.


Videos are downloadable in various formats:  Streaming download in superb HD Windows 2000k, Standard Windows Media 500K or Apple Quicktime 500k standard. You can download the video directly to your computer in HD Windows, 500K Windows, or 500k Apple Quicktime. The clip I downloaded in Standard Windows looked good though HD is way better.


The other links on the navigation bar (cams, adult personals, toys, etc.) lead you out of the Members area. The Networks Updates link gives members updates for all the sites included in the network, so you can see at a glance what's available. On the Home page you'll see that week's latest update as well as all recent Tempting Tranny updates, along with latest updates from all the HD bonus sites.


So, what are the pros and cons about this site? If you're curious and want to get your feet wet (and maybe a few other things?), this is a good site to get started. From the clip I looked at, it wasn't too extreme, but hot enough to give you an idea of what tranny sex is all about. You get 100% exclusive hardcore tranny content here. The cons?  I would have liked more variety and creativity used in the sets and photo shoots. Overall, not a bad site to acquaint yourself with some "tempting trannys" or the chance to see some of your favorite performers.


Membership costs just $29.99 for 30 days access. Remember you can check it all out for $1.85 (limited 3 day trial).Bear in mind you have no download limits and access to 85+ hardcore XXX sites, included FREE! That's a buttload of porn!


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