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Reviewed 4 August 2008


The website has been online since 1997 and has rightfully earned the title The Web’s Favorite Teen Megasite. Some sites like to throw around the term mega, but in this case, it’s the truth. Wow, if you enjoy looking a beautiful teen girls, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a site that has a more gigantic load of content than Teen Dreams. It’s been consistently voted the highest rated teen site on the Net by numerous reviewers and it’s easy to see why. When a site has amassed ten  years worth of photos and videos, the sheer amount of material will blow you out the door. How much material?  For starters, over a MILLION images, over 5,000 models, and over 1,000 movies. If you can’t find something in that luscious teen pool to dip your toes (or whatever) into, you might as well give up and pull the plug on your cybersex connection!


The member’s page is arranged in a fairly straightforward. way, with all the main site categories on the left-hand side. It also features a sampling of their current updated girls/photo galleries to quickly catch your attention. I really liked their search engine that allows members to search for models by name, hair color, pussy type (shaved, natural, etc.), ass size, breast size, clothes (bra, lingerie, uniform nude, etc), race, location, niche, and action (dildo, fucking, masturbation). Very cool! With a site this big , it’s mandatory to have a search mechanism for members to easily find what they want, and Teen Dreams was smart enough to provide it. I wish other sites would get on board with search capabilities like this. You can also search for models alphabetically A-Z. It truly makes your time surfing here a lot more pleasurable and needless to say, efficient! The site updates six times a day, with six new full-length movies every week, which continues to increase the size of this already monster collection. The issue here isn’t lack of updates - it’s keeping up with all the new pics and movies  that’ll be continually tantalizing your eyes (and other parts of your anatomy!).


The Teen Dreams photo galleries (indicated by a handy camera icon), are divided into niches: Solo Girl, Lesbian, Boy/ Girl, Amateur, Asian and UK Teens, as well as a huge gallery of Viv-Thomas, and all can be downloaded as a zip file with no download limits or viewed in slide-show mode. Each gallery contains an average of 100+ pics, and many are over 200. Looking through the various galleries, I found the girls to be  quite fresh and lovely. Some of them are clearly in their 20’s, but you have to cut Teen Dreams some slack on that point when there’s such a gigantic amount of material to choose from. Even if they aren’t all 18, they are all young and very beautiful, so there’s a range to choose from that’ll keep you excited and more than fulfill your desire to see young babes in all kinds of sexy action, solo, girl on girl, or boy/girl.  Lots of nice pussy licking and erotica going on here! At one point, there was a Met Art banner on the front page, and if you’re a fan of Met Art, you’ll love the overall tone and feel of Teen Dreams. Some of the girls have biographical info provided, such as birthdate, and where/when their layout was shot.


I confess to having a weakness for Amateur content because it’s less posed and more explicit, so I focused somewhat on that area in my photo tour and found that the site has lots of excellent galleries in that category. The pictures are Hi Resolution, 1720x1280 or larger and are crisp and clear. If you go farther back in their photo or movie archive they may not be up to that standard because technology has changed in the last ten years, but that’s to be expected  with a collection this big. The Viv -Thomas gallery is divided into its own separate search categories, such as Busty, Blondes, Blast From the Past, etc.  That looked like quite a hot area all on its own, and deserving of an intense exploration.


Members can customize their own page by adding personal favorites which are then shown as members favorite models page, a great feature that lets you find out which model ranks highest. I’m a big fan of sites that give members opportunity for personal input. I appreciate sites where members aren’t treated simply as cash machines, but are actively part of the interactive experience. Teen Dreams also has a Members Forum which seemed to have current, active discussions going on and wasn’t dead like some forums tend to be. The newest  threads of the forum are shown on the front page so you can see right away what’s being discussed. So, I liked that Teen Dreams makes an effort to interact with their paying members.


Their equally huge movie archive (again indicated by a  handy video icon for ease of navigation), is divided into Solo, Lesbian, Boy Girl, Viv Thomas, and Video on Demand. The movies are full-length, and seem to average around 20-30 minutes - available in WMV, MPG, and AVI formats. Unlike other sites where you have to download clip after tiny clip to get a full movie, there’s none of that nonsense at Teen Dreams. I randomly downloaded an 11 minute lesbian movie in wmv format, featuring  two lovely blonde teens having erotic wet pussy fingering fun in a bathtub, then moving to a bed and enjoying some pleasurable dildo action. Apart from a couple of quick moments when the camera went out of focus, the quality was excellent. This particular movie was mainly softcore, but there’s plenty of harder content to be found judging from the titles and descriptions. With  the excellent search capabilities at this site, you’ll find what you want easily.


I only hit one small sour note at the site: The category titled Real Teens, Real Sex, had nothing to do with teens having sex. It linked to an adult dating service. Oh well,  nothing’s perfect, just a minor annoyance which Teen Dreams should really label accurately so that everything is in line with the rest of this great site.


Teen Dreams just goes on and on, including exclusive model interviews, free live cam girls, a model of the month competition, plus upcoming previews. This isn’t a flashy site, but it gets the job done and really has no competition in terms of quantity and quality. My main frustration is that there simply weren’t enough hours in the day to explore everything offered here.


A one-month membership is $29.95, two months is $44.95 and 6 months is $99.95. This is pretty good bang for your buck, and these days, that’s a big consideration for everybody. Because of the sheer amount and variety of teen material, it’s definitely worth your time to check out Teen Dreams. You may find yourself hanging out at this sexy and freshly updated teen destination for a long, long time!


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