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This site has closed... move on there is nothing to see!


Reviewed 07 January 2009 or the art of pussy deflowering, losing her virginity or whatever phrase you wish to use is the site premise here. But as we are dealing with professional porn models I think a little imagination may have to be employed to fully utilise such a title.


There are no guys either so its very much a girl/girl event with double ended dildos and strap on plastic dongs doing the business.


Brought to you by the creators of, the teen mega series (see other reviews: TittyCrew, MyFirstPink and SophieCocks), this site continues where they left off - in other words it’s a new-ish teen site with lots of promise but meagre content and infrequent updates (so far anyway). The last update here was September 2008 which is fucking eons ago in an industry that dumps out porn faster than a Friday night curry.


Currently there are just 9 photo galleries (1500+ images) and 10 videos . To be fair that’s not a shed full of fun, but at least what fun there is, is pretty good!


As the content is small, consequently there aren’t that many scene variations or models either, so you‘ll see the same girl twice in photo sets/videos. The only positive is that if you enjoy two nubile teens banging and pumping each other rigid with repro cock, then this site will have some attraction.


While the movies (available in two resolutions DSL/56k) can be downloaded the images cannot. There is a slideshow option but no controls so if you’d like to slow things down… you can’t!


Unfortunately (as reported in previous reviews) there are broken links throughout the Guest Model area which need urgent attention.


There is no FAQ or help section currently available from within the member area.


Summing up… could be a cracker if it was updated more frequently. The site itself is fine (barring the Guest Model section) the overall look and ease of use the main positives. Taking into account the ‘newness’ factor the lack of updates maybe a short term issue or could spell long term disaster. You can’t just produce average sites anymore and think punters will buy into it, the competition is too fierce. It’d be a shame because deep down I can see where this site could be with a little TLC.


This is a network site so you do get a fair few extra teeny sites thrown in (see links below) and there are others in the porno pipeline. But at $34.52 its an expensive luxury. Bear in mind that it does recur at a lower rate of $29.57.


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