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Reviewed 12 September 2009


As soon as I logged in to I knew I was looking at something very special indeed. Vibrant tours can easily draw you in and looks can be deceptive, but not here - it has class running through it like a gigantic stick of Blackpool rock! is an established UK site and being online since 2003, means you get solid archive content from the word go. The entire site has recently been overhauled, revamped and tarted up - it really does look fantastic. Some new features have been added most notably ultra high resolution images which will delight the eye and cock! Why do I like this site so much? I think its two fold - its fucking enormous on one hand and on the other its fucking gorgeous to look at!


The homepage is laid out in well ordered fashion. Top situated menu for all your basic needs, below a alphabetical ordered search by model name listing and beneath this the latest site updates illustrated by some very enticing mock magazine cover style thumbnails (if you can call them thumbnails they are huge). Everything is dated so you know when it was uploaded, rated by site members using a 5 star system and relevant details including detailed description and total pictures per set or video running time is shown beneath each delectable piece of content.


Upper most right is a search engine and beneath that two drop down boxes whereby you can hone in on multiple categories or simply choose between pictures or movies. This filthy stockpile of nubile UK amateurs has been cleverly linked up to keywords so finding stuff is easier than getting a woody at Spearmint Rhinos and the inclusion of Top Rated Models, Latest News, Top Rated Updates, Most Viewed and Updates You May Have Missed, just about covers all your navigational needs.


Content… oh yes glorious content. This is where the site shines brighter than a nuked light bulb factory. Get this… 1848 galleries (at time of review) containing on average 100 crystal clear pictures per set and many exceed this total (180+). The very latest picture sets are now being produced in two resolutions 853x1280 (standard) and 1333x2000 (large). You can view these online with an excellent fully featured slideshow tool or download the sets in a handy and very welcome zip file. Presentation is first class with the thumbs being larger than usual which is visually appealing.


Movie content is less, but still decent with nigh on 400 videos (average 15 mins in length) available to download in various format (original and best DivX AVI, iPod or Full WMV) or you can watch via Flash or WMV. Additionally, one minute clips (displayed in thumbnail grid) are also provided so you can get in there quickly with no download delays. Very nice touch. Quality is excellent throughout. Some of the models are better ‘actresses’ than others but nevertheless its amateur babes not over exposed porn stars we are dealing with here - its adds a certain nuance.


Scenes/sets are mainly composed of sweet looking (solo) British babes posing then stripping out of all manner of lingerie, uniforms and outfits. Once devoid of knickers a really good show ensues where the viewer is treated to some close-up masturbation - gaping pink holes fingered and dildo’d being the staple diet here at SuburbanAmateurs. There are so many beautiful girls I honestly didn’t know where to begin! One hottie that took my attention was a cute little blonde with mesmerizing blue eyes called Kirsty from Manchester and a 15 minute scene entitled ‘Stockings Tease‘. This is hot stuff - culminating in her inserting a huge pink rabbit vibe up her tight bald twat and a glass dildo up her even tighter arsehole - fucking brilliant!


As well as the gamut of unknown British stunners I found some familiar faces in the archive. Blowing away the dust, the likes of Renee Richards, Cate Harrington and the luscious Lolly Badcock were uncovered, so there really is plenty for everyone and some more!


Updates (which can also be graphically displayed in the Calendar feature) will keep babes rolling in to view on a daily basis which makes this site even more of a winner. The only thing missing is a free box of mansize Kleenex tissues as you’ll most definitely need ‘em!


There is way more to SuburbanAmateurs than a mere review could ever say. Joining this site will be a revelation and that’s no lie - one month certainly wouldn’t do it for me therefore I’d recommend the 90 day recurring deal without hesitation priced at a very competitive $84.99. If your budget can’t stretch to that, $34.95 is the current 30 day recurring deal. Either way you won’t be disappointed. One of my all time favourite sites!


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