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Reviewed 28 August 2010


Remember those long lost days when you were a randy teen? Recall a time when you fancied the panties off an older woman? Maybe you fantasised about fucking a friends hot Mom or getting sucked off by a sexy middle aged school teacher? Either way ‘mature’ birds hold a fascination for younger lads. Experience counts - their pussies have been around the block much like the old chicks over at These women maybe be over the hill but their muffs have certainly not dried up. Sure their tits may sag like a sock full of cannon balls, but that doesn’t matter - they have mastered the art of fucking!


Okay my depraved pals, I should explain that this is purely a movie only site. There are no photo sets at all. I like photo content having been fed on a strict diet of XXX galleries during the golden age of porn (the 1990’s) when internet connections were slower than a fossilised snail surfing a glacier. Its amazing really, but back then video was seen as fucking witchcraft! I do appreciate now, what with lightning fast ISP’s everywhere, movies are the most popular medium so can live with zero pics, but only if the videos are good enough, which fortunately they are.


Navigation and site design takes simple to a whole new level… uber minimalist is the term I‘m looking for here. Just three links in total: ‘Videos’, ‘Updates’ and ‘Support’. Funnily enough it doesn’t really matter as its just a group of movies and although it would be nice to be able to search for specifics it doesn’t negatively effect the way you get around - the movies are pleasantly laid out 4 per page and all you need do is click the page numbers beneath the thumbnails to proceed through the site (which dates from 2006-present).


Movies are either AVI (earliest) or WMV (latest). The archive material is decent enough 640x480 in size, whereas the new material is fantastic 1280x720 monitor monsters. I guess we could call this collection of 215+ videos ’clips’ rather than feature length as they average out at 10-15 mins in length (more or less).


These old birds all hail from Eastern Europe so expect some nasty action as our continental friends get it on, fucking and sucking. Plot wise…? Its generally young stud meets older lady (lady used loosely) and lots of solid hardcore sex. I should point out that these matures are actually quite attractive - not convinced stunning is the right word but I’d certainly give em one (Bridget is truly stunning though - not sure she is on the right site?). I was expecting some powdery old cunt, granny style no teeth and all, but its good honest MILF content rather than OAP, so if you dig the 40-55 age bracket then why are you not inside already?


Membership costs just $29.95 for 30 days and each week members are rewarded with a free bonus mature site (full access). This site updates every two weeks so its increasing at a steady pace. Good 100% exclusive movie site with no restrictions and well worth a second look - though all things considered, a tad pricey.


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