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Reviewed 10 September 2010


Literary fans will recall that Room 101 was first featured in George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The infamous Room 101 was a torture chamber where incarcerated victims were fed on an unhealthy diet of their own fears and phobias (nice). This must be relevant, right? Bear with me, I’m not completely sure. Anyway today we are looking at


Okay, Having browsed through the content, I can’t really associate the two. Its not a sado site with chicks getting the psychological treatment in the same way as Room 101 intended so my forward thinking was tenuous. To be honest this site has nothing in common with Room 101 its more about teaching pleasure than dishing out torture. In fact, Squirting 101 is not about 101 things at all, just 1, and that’s the art of female ejaculation. Confused? Probably!


Italian adult film director, Axel Braun, casts his magic wand over the video here and thus production quality is second to none. Axel is the king of squirting movies working almost exclusively in the genre for the past twenty years. He has since moved into comic parody with XXX spoofs of Batman released in May 2010 and Star Wars planned for the future. That maybe why updates have dried up at, who knows? Nevertheless what is inside hasn’t shrivelled up - its fully hydrated and shouldn’t be dismissed purely on that point.


There is a decent archive of 155 great looking DVD quality WMV movies, plus MPEG-4 versions for iPod users. Members can download or stream in edited 3 minute clips or full feature length. Video captures accompany each video, but dedicated high resolution photosets are lacking in all but three of the scenes. I don’t think this will be a deal breaker though. Total number of pics for these three sets is 763 and they can be downloaded in zip files.


As squirting sites goes this a master class as Axel teaches this unique art form. Content action is primarily solo babe plus a smaller collection of multi chick cunt juice explosions (literally feet in the air) all at the hands of some well hung studs and some huge fucking dildos (and I mean FUCKING HUGE). The pussy nectar really gushes and for a squirting site that’s basically all that matters! I guess a lot of this so called ‘squirting’ is just piss but hey I’m not a purest. There is also a fair amount of off camera ‘waffle’ which may get on your tits. All in all though its very nicely done.


Sure the update schedule is currently stagnated (the last movie added was nearly a year ago), but the action definitely keeps on flowing and in that respect its still a viable option if squirting is what you’re after. Bonuses are just that, with 22 non exclusive feeds and 33 exclusive sites (such as Shane Diesels Bangin Babes and Papa Loads) bundled with this one. All this is priced up at the special discounted price of just $14.95. No one should complain about that - total bargain!


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