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Reviewed 08 January 2010


The last time I visited this network (Superior Pass) the sun was shining, it was summer and it was gloriously hot. What a contrast today, winter has hit the Pornmeister head on I’m afraid to say and I’m knee deep in fucking snow! Will this site have what it takes to defrost my frozen gonads? I fucking well hope so!


First off, once I got back inside this 100% German hardcore site, it became obvious why I enjoyed my last tenure. it’s a right good laugh, nothing is taken too seriously and every time I look at that cheeky chappie Markus (donning a shower cap for obvious reasons at this site) I can’t help but smile. The girls are hot and slutty (just as I like ‘em) and nothing drastic seems to have happened to the networks vibrancy.


A clue is in the name as they say, is all about female ejaculation and the coaxing of said fluid from pink gash with a little help from the ‘coach’ aka Markus (whom incidentally appears in a lot of this networks productions - see our reviews of Banged In Public, Date Site Liars, Hunting For Pussy, My First Butt Sex, Sex For Breakfast and Share My Backseat).


Site design takes the no frills approach which is absolutely fine - no need for over the top features that just slow things down. That said you can vote for scenes and add them to your favourites list for a later toss off session. There is an impressive slideshow tool for viewing photo galleries. Here you can adjust resolution XL or XXL (these actually being 900x600 and 1500x1000 respectively), speed (2, 5 and 10 second intervals for handsfree) or you can manually move between images. Good that.


This site is pretty new and currently holds 30 superb quality movies and the same number of matching high resolution picture galleries. The show stoppers are excellent full screen 16:9 HD exclusive videos but unlike most sites these are only available to stream in Low/High formats (700kbps/1.5Mbps).


Alas no downloadable content - I was hoping they may have reconsidered since last year but obviously they haven‘t. The host servers video playback still seems to be sluggish, but I’m not going to completely slate it because my current (temporary) connection isn’t the greatest - lets just say if you have a super fast connection you should have better results.


Photos are gorgeous, really bright and well lit. No zips unfortunately so you‘ll have to make good use of the slideshow and copy individual images direct to your hard drive. Pain I know but better than waking up to discover you shit the bed!


You win some you lose some and that’s about the long and short of it. On one hand great looking content, the other no downloads. It’s a tricky one to balance out when considering joining I know. Suffice to say when you get the vids to play they are as promised with lots of squirting, fucking and clit fingering (should that read clitering?). All good stuff! Talking of squirting, is it simply the babe pissing or the genuine real deal cunt cocktail exploding into a fountain before our very eyes? Well, you’ll have to join to find out!


Updates are erratic but the site is alive and well. My advice is to take out a membership with Superior Pass ($24.95 recurring every 30 days) that way you’ll get 8 more HD reality sites (and probably a lot more if you read this in a years time!) making it a much more worthy join. If you just fancy a bit of squirting fun then try the one month offer of $14.95 which aint half bad all things considered. By the way, don’t forget your German phrase book.


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