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Reviewed 13 July 2009



April 2010, Join NOW for just $14.95 (was $29.95)


Ever seen the film Sliver? You know the one with that guy and his apartment wall full of TV screens - watching Sharon Stone undress courtesy of some perfectly placed hidden cameras? Well imagine this. Say I knew a place where you could fulfil your voyeuristic needs from the comfort of your own home too. And forget waiting around ages for any action, this place sees beautiful babes all day long. And because this place is a genuine tanning salon you are virtually guaranteed to see these hotties 100% fucking butt naked from the word GO! Yes, join our intrepid pervy hero Mike in his video room - feel the excitement mount as sexy girls innocently seeking a tan end up at the sexiest solarium on the planet - if only they knew there were cameras everywhere! But that would spoil our fun right? Welcome to lets go take a peek.


For fans of the hidden camera, peeping tom or voyeur genre, this site will most definitely appeal. Its very easy to get around - once you get accustomed to the salon setup - where the cabins are situated in relation to the reception area and the hidden camera locations.


So where to begin? Best place to hang out is the Bar Cam or Entrance Cam. Here you can monitor the waiting room and its ‘clients‘. It gets busy at times and the place is often heaving with unsuspecting beaver! The salon has 6 cabins (numbered 1-6) and ladies don’t stop reading… the first two are designated ‘men only‘, so its not totally sexist! The remaining cabins (4-6) are for girls which is great.


So you don’t get lost, there is a floorplan map with red dots indicating where the cameras are situated. Its simple and very intuitive. Just click and go.


Choose a cabin and you’ll get additional options. The most obvious are the cam links. You get three per room, two actually hidden inside the sunbed, named accordingly: Head Cam (for a view from the head down) and Foot Cam (view from feet upwards) plus the general Cabin Cam (a top down view of the entire room, ideal for watching the girls disrobe). Additional features are a pause button, for freezing the action and an impressive 5x zoom which really gets in there. To be fair the actual cam window is bigger than anything I’ve seen before, well over 20 cm wide, so the zoom function is not necessary most of the time.


Quality is good, not HD quality but remember these are live feeds so your internet connection will play a significant part. Overall I’d say its equal to any other cam site in performance and visuals, notwithstanding the cam view is bigger here.


Summing up. This site does exactly what it says on the free tour. It works great, its really easy. Use your imagination for a second… the possibilities here are endless!


$14.95 gets you 30 days unrestricted access (recurring) or why not splash out on the great value 90 day deal it makes perfect sense to me!


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