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Reviewed 16 April 2011


When I first saw the title of this site, I immediately thought it was all about spoiled rotten bratty virgins, Daddy’s girls who wouldn’t “give it up” unless they were rewarded with a BMW or at the very least a year’s supply of Hello Kitty T-shirts (in hot pink of course). How wrong I was! These sweethearts aren’t spoiled at all… if by “spoiled” you mean finally getting their tight teen pussies reamed and opened to the max by hard driving cocks.


I found Spoiled Virgins to be one of the better defloration sites out there. Launched in 2004 and currently containing 183 movies, it combines the best of two erotic concepts: seeing innocent girls losing their virginity and the medical exam/doctor fetish. In every scene, a doctor is wearing scrubs and latex gloves has the girl remove her panties and open up wide so he could verify her virginal status by probing a bit with his gloved finger. The exam takes place while her boyfriend watches with lovingly horny concern.


But not only does the doctor examine, he also gets the ball rolling (so to speak!) by inserting his now  erect cock into the pretty babe’s tight hole for her very first fuck. Boyfriend joins in the action as his sexy sweet girlfriend sucks his cock while moaning with pain/pleasure. This is threeway stuff you’re gonna get off on!


This is a Euro/Russian site so there’s no English spoken, but the good part is that the girls are very innocently beautiful and authentic in their responses and sexual style.  For me, that’s a huge plus factor in especially on a defloration site because I think they do it better than American made porn. That’s just my opinion of course, but maybe it’s the Unspoiled quality of the girls that puts it into the XXXtra special category.


There’s a nice amount of variation on this theme at Spoiled Virgins. For instance, in one scene a shy young girl calls the special “town deflowering organization” (wow, do they have those in Russia??!!). Hey, what a great gal, arranging her own de-virginization! That’s actually a pretty hot sounding fantasy!  She chooses two guys to plow and stretch  all her holes. The doctor does the exam but isn’t part of the threeway. No matter how it’s setup, it’s always a chick with two guys.


Since I dig medical fetish stuff, I preferred the scenes where the doctor is in the threeway. I would have liked a bit more super close-ups of the exam portion, but the goal is to get to the main event and explore the erotic  fantasy of first time sex.


The girls here are slender, petite, many with beautiful long hair, blondes, brunettes and redheads, and for my money, even better because they’re all natural. Just small breasted natural girls who know how to make their men feel great. I previewed a couple of scenes and really liked what I saw. The first featured “Franceska” I picked her first because I thought she was a cutie pie, with medium length brown hair and looked the part. In this one, her and her boyfriend make a plan:  to do the “deed” one a nice quiet day at their apartment. She phones up the doctor to “cum” over and help with the preparations. He arrives, does his latex glove exam and gets his cock out to pop her cherry. At the same time, she orally pleasures her eager boyfriend who then takes his time pounding her young hole. The sex in these scenes isn’t anything off the wall - mish, doggie, oral… the erotic heat is generated by the theme and the concept of two men having their way with a virgin. Really nice scene that ends with both guys cuming all over her small tits. Running time on the videos is around 20-30 minutes, so you get a full show with the girl in various exciting positions and LOTS of moaning, groaning and great camera angles. All the action in this one happens on a pretty white bed that you might find in a teen’s bedroom. 300+ big hi res pictures in the photo gallery round out the action, which can be downloaded in zip file or viewed in slide show.


The second scene previewed featured “Sandra” and when you see Sandra you’ll know why I chose her to check out. A very pretty chick with long blonde hair, “fresh meat” as one of the comments after the video describes her… hell yeah! In this one, she’s with two studs. The scene descriptions are pretty good (and in English) so you have an idea of the action. The doctor verifies to the waiting studs that she’s a virgin. After shaking hands and getting the thumbs up sign, he departs and it’s time for Sandra to get her first taste of real sex. The guys remove her dress to reveal an absolutely lovely body, small tight tits, narrow waist, long legs and even longer hair all the way down her back. The guys put her through her paces and she goes the distance until one guy gives her a facial and the other cums on her stomach. A photo gallery with 100+ hi res pics tracks the movie and I know you’ll want to keep at least a few of luscious Sandra as she gets fucked.


I’m pleased to say that this site has been regularly updating about every 10 days so there’s no worries that you’re getting stale content. As part of a network with 20+ bonus sites, many of them teen oriented, you’ll be sure to have a steady flow of “fresh meat”. Click on “Recent Updates” and “Upcoming Updates” to see all the updates for this site and across the network at a glance.


Movies are available for full download in WMV Hi or Lo or you can stream by individual clips in WMV Hi/Lo or Flash Hi/Lo. You can also download full clips. Video quality is excellent High Definition.


Site navigation is easy and self-explanatory with access to photo galleries, movies, or bonus sites just a click away. Go to “All Our Girls” to see the stats and bios for the 300+ girls across the network. A suggestion for improvement here is the need for a better search engine or model index to locate models by type, age, boob size, specific content, etc.


Members can comment on each video and those who provide active and helpful comments can earn more membership days - that’s a nice deal and one which I wish more sites would offer to increase member participation and feedback.


Click on “Help” to go to the Support page where you’ll find 24/7 phone support, contact information and assistance with technical and billing questions.


I like this site for several reasons: it’s regularly updating with a big collection of videos and photos, plus the defloration theme is excitingly erotic if you’re into it, along with the doctor exam/ medical fetish element which adds a second factor that heightens the kinky pleasure. Finally, it’s Euro porn, which means the girls are anything BUT spoiled, on the contrary. FRESH MEAT is never spoiled! It’s super juicy, just like the chicks at Spoiled Virgins!


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