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Reviewed 19 April 2009


If you have a little of the curious gynecologist lurking in your perv brain, will give you a chance to play doctor and get a deep "insider" glimpse at a chick's pussy. A speculum, in case you haven't heard the word before, is the device that gyno docs use to spread those pussy lips and get in there for a deep and thorough gyn exam, which ALL chicks hate and despise, unless of course their doctor is a porn star. Darn, I haven't run into any pornstar docs lately (boo hoo), but in fantasy pornoland, you get to play in a yummy world of "what if" and satisfy your personal fetishes.


Even though a speculum is a medical device, (the new ones today are usually made of plastic, the others are cold metal!), the site didn't have a particularly medical "feel". In looking through many of the scenes, I didn't see girls with their legs up in stirrups on an exam table at a doctor's office. So, if you're into a hardcore medical scene, this site doesn't really fit into that niche. Actually, if the site consisted only of one speculum exam after another, it would probably be pretty dull, as there's only so much you can do with that scenario to make a hot 30 minute vid, so the good news is that there's a wide range of arousing and sexy masturbation as well as BJ and some fucking content here in addition to the speculum action. They describe the site as "The No. 1 Pussy Close Up Site!" and "Real Cervix Close ups!" Without a doubt, you get  graphic internal close-ups, but lots more besides, such as extreme penetrations with large dildos and other large objects such as a baseball bat stretching those pussies wide, vibes, some pissing,  squirting, and fisting. I saw one scene with the speculum spreading the girl's asshole, so there's also anal action. There's also some hot girl/girl stuff. The guy/girl interaction generally consists of an  off camera guy doing things to her, although not in an abusive gonzo style, more as an appreciator of the girl's pussy, her natural beauty, and how she gets herself off. Depending on the scene, the guy gets more involved directly in the action, so there's a range from that standpoint. Sometimes the guy inserts the speculum, sometimes the girl does it herself, or he vibes her clit while it's in her. There's also a lot of fingering, intensive finger fucking by the guy, etc. I wouldn't categorize this as a teen site, although some of the girls are described as having tight teen pussies for their speculum exams, so there are some petite, younger looking gals who take it up their little twats. Some of the girls have a nice shy attitude as they explore the various toy options during their self-pleasure sessions.


As far as looks of the girls here, there's also a range. Some are average looking and some are quite beautiful, so it depends on what you want. They all put on a very exciting CLOSE UP show, opening and spreading their holes for your viewing pleasure. The camera work was good and allows you to see a lot of glistening wet pussy juices and labia. Obviously at a site like this good camera angles that get in there and show you everything you're paying to see is crucial, and they do a good job. Sometimes they light the area of the speculum and you can get a really perfect shot of... a cervix! Hey, you might end up being qualified to get your gyno license after that - just kidding, but it's sorta exciting nevertheless to know what that thing your cock is banging into, eh? OWWWWW!


The site has been online since 2005, and no longer updates (the last update was Sept. 2007), but there are 90+ videos, so there's plenty of content here as part of the big and nasty 21st Sextury network of 30+ sites with your membership. The hot girls are mainly from Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech), and you can check out the content from the Tour page with trailers, pics, etc. before deciding if this is a place you want to spend some erotically interesting time.  Once you're into the Member's area, the top navigation shows "Home", "Exclusive Content", "Network", "Bonus Content", "Models", "Support" and "Shop".The sites throughout the 21st Sextury network are setup pretty much the same across the board, so that makes it easy to get around.  The Members page also shows the Top 12 rated scenes (#1 "Tiffany's Speculum"). The scenes I randomly sampled started with the girls using dildos or other objects on themselves, getting themselves worked up, and finally progressing to the speculum. The speculum is usually at the end, although again, it just depends. My favorite type of speculum scene is always when the guy is vibing her clit while it's in her. The real excitement of those deep internal shots is seeing what goes on inside a female at the moment of her orgasm, with the lovely pink tissue throbbing and contracting (whew, is it hot in here?).


The last update features Leanna Sweet, a pretty brunette. It's titled, "Private With Leanna". All videos are clearly labeled with helpful info such as model name, running time (most average 30 min), date added, and number of photos. At this site, you get screenshots which are of average quality, but there are a lot of them. This video contained 349 shots. Pics can be downloaded as a zip file or by page. Leanna enjoyed herself thoroughly, which I liked about this site. Although her accent was a bit thick preventing you from hearing all the little comments, everyone seems happy to be there and fully in enjoyment mode with genuine looking smiles and laughter. Movies are divided into 10 clips, which can be viewed in streaming in lo, med and hi, or downloaded in MPG format, medium and high. I downloaded in medium MPG and found the quality quite good. You can also download the entire video at the "All In One" area. You can vote on each scene, rate it 1-5.  This scene featured finger fucking by an older guy (Leanna is described as a teen, although she looks a bit older), oral on her by him, he puts the speculum in her while vibing her clit (super hot!), and she really gets into it.  He inserts a douche bulb with milk and fills her pussy and she squirts it out. She gives him a BJ, rides his cock and plays with a variety of toys. So, even though the speculum is used, it's a part of the overall play and interaction.


The scene before that one features Kyra Black who's described as a "half-Arabian slut" and her scene also featured BJ, fucking, etc, in addition to the speculum stuff. Some of it is shot outdoors. Her video ran 30 min. and had 501 screenshots.


My overall impression of this site (without of course having viewed all the content), is that the main downside, if you could call it that, is possibly if you are a true medical fetishist seeking a gyno viewing experience where it's ALL about the speculum, that's not what you'll find here. Apart from that observation, there's so much pussy being held open and probed with various objects, (including speculums), unless you are indeed fixated on that particular medical device, you'll find more than enough to get you OFF.


Click on the "Models" link and you'll find all the girls in alphabetical order, with pics and bio information. A somewhat better search engine to find the girls easier would be nice, but at least you can find out a bit about them, other media they've appeared in, etc.


The "Network" link shows you all the sites in the 21stSextury network that you have access to as a member, with most (although not all) of their sites updating on a weekly basis.  In addition, you get bonus content in the form of chat rooms, live feeds, and other content some provided by third party providers.


Support for members is provided by where you'll find a very informative FAQ, tech help on movie downloads and contact information.


The "Shop" link is a list of sexual enhancement products. I didn't see a DVD store or shop for this particular site so apparently at this time they aren't selling any of their speculum shoots.


So, IS this the No. 1 Pussy Close Up Site on the Internet? Well, I don't know if I can answer that question, but for sure, you're gonna see a lot of PINK, both internal and external, at Speculum Plays!


30 days subscription cost $29.95 and recurs at $24.95.


Plus, if you join this site, every month you get free access to 2 brand new exclusive websites under their customer loyalty program. Sweet!


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