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Reviewed 20 August 2008

Revised 04 November 2008 (see later)


Since I reviewed Jenna Jameson's official website recently, I thought it was worth looking into her Club Jenna network  of contract girls a little more closely  to  see what's  currently available to members who join up for the full Jenna experience. As of this date, there are 11 contract girls with their own individual sites within the Club Jenna network: Brea Bennett, Roxy Jezel, Club Alexis, Krystal Steal, Jill Kelly, Sophia Rossi, Ashton Moore, Briana Banks, Club Britanny, Chloe Jones and Real Janine, in addition to the Club Jenna site and of course Jenna Jameson's main fan site.


I randomly chose  one of the girls' sites to browse - Sophia Rossi. I wasn't too familiar with her,  so wanted to know a bit more. Plus, her banging looks jumped off the screen at  me so it was pretty hard to ignore her! She's a classic blonde bombshell with Pam Anderson size tits and Angelina Jolie lips that are built for doing a variety of nasty and delish things. Mainly one thing which she appears to be very good at. She also reminded me of a modern Brigitte Bardot (for those of you into  vintage Euro  sex bombs). She's pure pin-up, with everything that goes with it (porn boobies, the whole works), and if that's your taste, you'll have no problem at all  enjoying the time you spend with  the rockin Ms Rossi.


This is her official fan site which has an upscale, glossy glam feel to it which I liked -  pinks,  dark gentleman club grays, seductive elegance Playboy-ish style - in keeping with the overall tone of ClubJenna. Fucking, but  done with class. Her site is set up in a fairly standard way, with main categories on the left side of the page. There's a photo gallery divided into Sophia Photos which consists of 100+ photo galleries, glamour shots, shots from her movies, plus some hard/explicit photos and girl/girl with other porn stars. When you click on an individual pic, it opens into another window of more graphic poses which are available in slideshow format. The photos are not available in zip files however. While she tends to do the porn glam thing, centerfold style, there's plenty of yummy close-up pussy shots and she looks amazing in all her photos which were of good quality. I particularly liked one set of her on a pool table.


The next category is Hardcore, a large gallery of  pics with more explicit sex poses. Offhand, I didn't see her in any of the hardcore photos, which appeared to be scenes from other well-known  porn stars  photo shoots or movies. Again, all were available in slideshow and looked good, although not excessively hardcore if that's what you're after. Another category titled Pornstars was a mixed bag of many different stars, scenes, events, photo shoots and so forth, and finally Glamour (lots of sexy poses, bikini shots, thongs, etc). Even though the other  very extensive photo galleries don't focus on her, (in all fairness, only one is actually called Sophia Photos), there's plenty in her own area  to provide quite a satisfying  amount of visual eye candy for a Rossi fan.


There are around 40 videos currently at the site. Most are only available in streaming video  and they're divided into scenes. Some of the clips are interviews, trailers, events or behind the scenes material. There are currently scenes from three movies available for download in wmv and Ipod: Sophia's Syndrome, Sophia's Private Lie and Rossi's Revenge. The streaming videos give you a choice of  DSL/cable or dial-up at high or low speed. I waded in and took a peek at a streaming clip of Sophia riding a Sybian. I was curious to see if  this coiffed babe would  maybe get her hair a bit mussed up when taking a ride on the ultimate sex machine (yeah, she did, somewhat! The video quality was fair (lighting was a little low), but when you have a babe who looks like her, getting off and having some very intense Sybian stimulation vibrating that ultra glam pussy of hers, you're probably not gonna look at much else! It ran about nine minutes in length and at the end, a male voice off camera commented on the intensity of her experience. She got into it and did a lot of orgasmic moaning which looked authentic, so it was all good. Oddly, she almost had a kind of Christie Brinkley, California blonde look about her in this clip, although more porn-ish. A Sybian can do wild things to a girl! It's unclear whether she's active thesedays making lots of new videos - she may be concentrating on dancing or club /VIP appearances. The home page of the site indicates when photos and movies are updated although I wasn't able to tell exactly how often new material is added - its certainly very frequently.


In the video section, there's also a tasty bonus area called Friends Video, with mpg clips available in a variety of formats (DSL, 56K, etc), with titles such as Milf School 2, Filthy's First Taste, Casting Couch, and many others starring some of your favorite porn stars. (and I presume, very close friends of hers!).


The rest of her site is fairly standard, with a forum which is somewhat active, her bio and resume so you can read all about her career and what she's done (quite extensive), and a store with some rather cool looking stuff (posters, photos, etc). In her latest diary entry of August 2008,   she says she'll be resuming Live Webcam shows soon, but there's no specific date indicated. There is a scene at the site from a past web show she did a few months ago. She also mentions an Aug 15 appearance at Rhino in Las Vegas and a new movie called Sophia Illustrated due out Aug 18, so some effort is being made to keep fans updated. I would have liked this information in  Her Schedule area, which had not been updated, but at least she's making an effort.


A bonus feature at this site is a feed from 14 Vivid Videos. I checked that out and saw some material quite worthy of your time and attention. Titles included  Lanny Barbie's Bisexual Babes, Vivid Girls All Star Orgy, and Brianas Back Door. Not bad. I sampled one clip from Budapest Diary in streaming video, about 12 minutes long, which was hot and steamy. Average running time of most of the video clips/scenes at this site is about 15 minutes.


If you're in the mood to dazzle your eyes with a luscious and absolutely stunning lady like Sophia Rossi, overall this site gives you a large number of photos and video clips to whet your appetite and get your motor racing, as well as tons of pics of other stars, candid scenes and some good hardcore, too. In addition, don't forget those other 10 smokin sites at Club Jenna that come with your membership. In future, we'll get around to taking a look at those as well. Lots of lingerie, garter belts, pussy and blond tease here, so she must be doing something right or she wouldn't be in ClubJenna. There will always be buyers for the kind of entertainment Sophia Rossi's selling, it never goes out of style. Have I converted you into a Sophia fan yet? If not, go over and take a look!


Since I last visited Sophia Rossi's site, the ClubJenna Network has been redesigned and the site network is currently offering $0.95 trials on each join – so right now there has never been such a good time to join.


For all you fans of the beautiful Sophia Rossi, the latest juicy updates, include 4 new videos and 5 new photo galleries.


Videos are available for download in Streaming Full DVD Movie Quality or download the full movie in WMV or MPEG format clips. Indications are that three new features are scheduled for November 2008.


Clicking on the photos link you will find the updated galleries in Sophia's Hardcore and Glamour Photo areas. There do not appear to be any new candid photos. All galleries are available in zip files and contain hundreds of new pix for your viewing pleasure! You also have the option of visiting the site through the "Old Members Area". So, if you're a Sophia Rossi fan, be sure to check out her latest hot videos and photos!


Membership which includes the full Club Jenna network of sites: 1 Day Trial membership is $0.95, 30 Day Membership is $29.95 and One Year is $95.95.


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