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Reviewed 12 October 2009


It was only a matter of time before the phrase "Soccer Mom" was adopted by the world of porn, which mutated it into "Soccer Milf". Hey, even nice suburban moms get horny watching their kids at boring soccer practice, right? Right! As long as they can sneak away from hubby long enough to get a taste of young studs on the prowl, it's all good - especially moms with smokin bods who look like these babes. They can never get enough of hard pounding sex action and there's plenty of that here - the motto of this site: "Where horny moms play with balls!" By the time they finish "playing", a soccer game is the last thing on their minds! went online in 2008 and currently has 74 video segments available for download, with updates being posted approximately every two weeks or so. It's also part of the gigantic HD Porn Pass network, where you get 80+ hardcore/bonus sites with membership.


The Milfs they've rounded up here are an exciting stable indeed, filmed in crisp HD, and lookin ready for action. Gorgeous gals like blonde Brandi Edwards, sultry Claudia Valentine, busty Veronica Rayne, and sexy Adrianna Deville plus many more make their yummy milf selves available to the young pussy hunters who lust after them. True, there are lots of milf sites out there and you can say "this is just one more" but I found it to be as good if not better than some I've seen. The setups are funny gonzo style stuff, the sex is hardcore, and the women are hot. What more could you want?


The videos are divided into parts, so you have to wait for each update for the next part. They are available for viewing in various formats: watch the full movie in WMV HD, Standard or Quicktime, or download the movie in HD, Standard or Quicktime. There's also a Hi-Res gallery with 30+ photo sets, some track various videos at the site while some are just solo poses of various models at SoccerMilfs. The pics aren't huge and are not available in zip file or slideshow format, but they are crisp and clear.


While looking for a scene to preview, I found one with my all time favorite male performer, Derrick Pierce (check out, a handsome stud who's always guaranteed to pound a chick into orgasmic oblivion. He's hooked up with slutty Milf Brandi Edwards and the two of them deliver a solid fuckathon. The scene starts with Derrick cruising the streets and talking about what he wants to do. "Derrick is on the prowl for some action in the valley. Its a good day for a drive so he takes his camera guy and goes trolling for some sluts. He likes the idea of fucking an experienced woman." In his very funny opening remarks, he says that he digs milfs because they already know how to do things like... "suck dick" and "ride dick". We also learn quite a lot about milfs in general from Derrick and why he thinks they are "the shit": they're "already married", "they have really cool minivans with drop down bigscreen t.v.s" and "they're on a timeclock" which means you can "get up, get in, and get out".  Maybe Derrick should write a manual to educate his fellow milf hunters... he seems to know a lot about them!


He sets his sights on sexy Brandi who doesn't need much convincing before she's ready to go back to his place for an intense session. When a chick is with Derrick, she'd better be ready to walk bowlegged after the workout he gives her! He throws in a little choking and she does indeed "suck dick" and "ride dick" to perfection. These two are a fiery combination with their hard driving sexuality. As he says in answer to the question: "Why milfs?" It's "because you don't have to teach 'em anything!" and they "don't spit", another plus! Well put, Mr. Pierce, and another reason why I think you'll find the content at this site is quite entertaining and worth taking a look. For my money, the entertainment value, combined with the hardcore action, gives it the extra edge.


While most scenes seem to follow the soccer/athletic theme, I previewed one which was somewhat different - Milf Veronica Rayne wanders into a bar while a reality show is being filmed called "The Life Of A Bartender". She's wearing a skin tight eye-popping yellow top which shows off her outrageous curves and fantastic ass. Veronica and the bartender proceed to have hardcore sex on top of the bar, going at it in the usual XXX positions. This is the kind of site that delivers lots of good, solid fucking, blowjobs, and facials. The sex isn't kinky or too far off the beaten path so to speak, but that doesn't take away from the satisfying way it's put across. Offhand I didn't see any anal, it's more pole in the hole type of material. It's really all about nailing those horny soccer milfs!


Overall, the women here fit the theme fairly well, even though some of them (as usual in this niche) look a bit young, most are well cast. I still haven't found the ultimate milf site - i.e. where the guys are 18 and the women are 35 and look it, but in the meantime, this one will do.


There are links to live cam/chatting, adult personals and adult toys/DVDs, although they lead you out of the main member's area.  Click on "Bonus Content" and that gives you an overview of all the sites available to you in the HD Porn Pass Network - a huge amount of porn at your fingertips!


Support is provided by a general Customer Support link at the bottom of the page, as well as billing support services.


I think we need to remember Derrick's advice re: milfs. Why do we like them? Because you don't have to teach 'em anything! For sure, these babes don't need any lessons!


A 5 day trial will set you back $4.95 whereas the regular monthly deal is $29.99. Join by credit card or check and get access to SoccerMilfs plus a TON of PORN through the HD Porn Pass Network!


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