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Reviewed 27 February 2010


One day I’m looking up skirts the next I can be found peering through a peep hole watching some hot babe disrobing - don’t panic folks, no need to call the fuzz, I’m not pervy public enemy #1, its all in a days work for a reviewer here at XXX Pwnage!


Today I’ve logged into a nice looking voyeur site called This site is 100% UK amateur style peeping tom porn (including all the girls featured) which always equates to a gritty and realistic experience in my humble opinion.


A major downside with atypical ‘voyeur’ sites is that the video quality tends to be, err, how can I put this politely… err… fucking shit! Yep, you know what I’m saying, ultra grainy CCTV style where you couldn’t recognize your own fucking mother at two paces. This does nothing for my knob but is different.


For starters top notch pro cameras are employed and though the view is often semi obscured with a B-movie style peep hole or placed behind an open bathroom door or hidden on a bedroom shelf or whatever (I think you get the picture?), they really are good watchable scenes - in fact they are SO good I downloaded a tidy collection to add to my filth stash! They are big, crisp and clear too - proper 16:9 ratio buggers with the finest WMV movies coming in at 960x540, bit rate being 3.56 mbps.


This site is not new so be prepared for some BIG numbers. However, before I do that I’ll just bash out my initial findings. Okay, when I logged in for the first time I headed off to the photos section, which can be found under the menu title ‘Girls’, (don‘t ask me why?!). Wow, to my astonishment I could only find 32 galleries - these were archived between 2006-2007, and although you can download them prezipped it was a bit disappointing. Then again this site is more about secretly recorded movies then images I mused to myself like a total plank…


Yep sure enough clicking ‘Movies’ led to what could best be described as an Aladdin’s cave of pure unadulterated smut (nice). The videos are devoid of description, barring name, date and vidcap thumbnail and are presented in reverse date order so the oldest movies feature first (strange but true). I wanted to see how regular the updates were so I flicked (or should that be clicked) to page 30 and was very impressed. A new movie has been added like clockwork every 2-3 days or so, not bad at all. Right now there are 470 movies dating back to December 2006.


Action is almost exclusively ‘secret’ camera style, some less obscured than others. Its not outright hardcore, more of an erotic turn on - watching these unsuspecting girls go about their daily rituals like changing clothes, showering, putting on makeup etc. Some on the other hand are a tad raunchier and you’ll get to see some very nice solo masturbation scenes with and without toys (check out Michelle B and her new silver dildo, that’s a keeper). There are some two girl movies but these are in the minority. Overall impression… very good, quality and household settings utilised to excellent effect. Average video running time is under ten minutes which is to be expected - I mean how long does it take your girl to get her kit off?


For fans of voyeurism this is one to join. Be advised it’s a no frills site, there are no bonus zones and limited photosets (which no longer update) so you’ll be buying into the movie content alone. If you are happy with that you won’t be disappointed especially at $24.95 for 30 days access.


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