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Reviewed 17 February 2010


Over the last couple of years there's been increased interest in the fetish of "sleep sex" and SleepAssault is one of the better offerings in this unusual niche which lets you indulge your fantasy of having sex with a sleeping female. It may sound kinky, it may sound just... well... WRONG, but it's a hot little concept that both men and women are very turned on by - men because they can do whatever they want to the girl (well, almost!), and women because it's freaky fun to fantasize about not being in control. The site advertises itself as: "hot teens getting fucked in their sleep!" and it's part of the AllElitePass network, so you get a lot of smut for your dollar (70+ sites) when you join this mega porno hangout.


The title implies that the sleeping beauties here are being defiled in a violent way against their will, which isn't the case as everything is within the legal boundaries, but you nevertheless are allowed to let your mind roam into those sexy places that are just a bit taboo. So, it's all  good, consensual fun, eh?


This sleepy sex collection currently holds 66 videos going back to 2008, and was updating every two weeks, but seemingly the updates have stopped and the last vid posted in Oct. 2009. That's a shame, perhaps they'll pick up with more action, but for now there's still plenty to keep you quite alert and standing at attention so to speak, as you watch the beautiful luscious sleepy babes getting probed, fondled, and ultimately fucked as they dream away.


Most of the girls fit the teen category although some are more in the college co-ed 20-something arena, but they're still a very hot and fresh looking bunch of sleepy-eyed young ladies.


First, let's take a look at the navigation around here. Since this site is part of a network, you'll see links to the entire Elite Pass offerings: Home, Calendar (all their updates), Favorites, Models, Photos, Movies, DVD area and Support, plus a models index, browse by category and exclusive sites, plus other network links, information, and a few ads here and there for dating areas and sex toys. A bit cluttered but it's a standard layout for a huge porn area like this, and they've done a pretty good job of allowing you to find the content you want fairly easily, with  recommend site, current network stats, and top rated updates. Just click, surf around, and you'll be into the groove in no time.


The main page of SleepAssault shows thumbnail pics of recent updates, each with a very arousing title (Filthy Nightstalker, Lindy Fucked While Sleeping, Sleep and Screw, etc.), with date posted and scene rating. All the pics show a sleeping girl (eyes closed), wearing skimpy lingerie, panties, or other sexy outfits showing just enough to tempt the guy into exploring her snoozing bod. Hey, no fair falling asleep with your titties (and other bits!) exposed, right? What red-blooded guy wouldn't take advantage of such an openly enticing opportunity? Click on a scene that grabs your ultimate favorite fantasy and you'll be in the movies area. It's well designed with a Scene Navigation toolbar divided into Movie (parts), HighRes Photos, Video Caps, Play Flash and Play Trailer. There's a variety of ways to view - in parts by streaming Flash, WMV High/Low and MPG low or you can download the full movie in WMV or MPG. Each video has 12 clips running around 2-3 minutes with running time clearly shown and a pic to give you an idea of the action (in case you want to skip right to the good stuff!).


In this area you'll see the name of the featured model, date posted, categories (sexual acts depicted in that scene by search term), and a scene description going into a bit more tantalizing detail of what you'll see. A handy link "back to scene selection" takes you back to the main scene area. You can also rate the scene and add to favorites.


I first previewed a scene entitled, "Big Ass Teen Fucking" okay, dirty me, I hoped it might be anal, but logic dictates that even the most zonked out chick would probably wake up during THAT, so of the scenes I watched, there's no anal. But you can always use the network search engine to narrow it down just in case there's something kinkier lurking in the SexAssault collection. But really, it's not so much about extreme sex, it's about the taboo activity of the "sleep fuck". This vid features a teen looking girl named Dani Jensen, a perky cutie with reddish blond hair and small teen tits. She's busy studying for an exam wearing a wickedly sexy sheer pink/red chemise and pink sheer panties. Her boyfriend wants to have sex but she's stressed about her studies.  When he leaves, she masturbates herself to orgasm with a vibe (pink of course!), and that scene alone is worth the price of admission. Very hot and real orgasm. Well, you know what happens after a good time like that - sleep ensues! Boyfriend returns to find her deep, deep asleep and very gently takes her panties off (doesn't want to wake his Sleeping Beauty!), proceeding step by sneaky step. He uses her sleepy hand to stroke him, inserts his cock in her open mouth and eventually manages to fuck her, mish and doggy until she wakes up (gee, what took her so long?). Upon realizing his naughty behavior, she protests a bit (giggles), and she's now with the program, giving him a bj and they finish off. Dani does a quite a realistic job of staying asleep through all this, even while he licks her pussy! So, the girl is key to making this particular fantasy happen. Throw in a few yawns and random change of positions and it's almost like the real thing. Gotta be a real pro to pull this off I'd say! The guy is good too, taking it slow and gradual - both performers have to show a lot of control! Actually, it's far hotter than an "assault" - it's an erotic tease that's quite intense. You only hear the sounds of the guy's grunts and occasional comments, so that's hot too. Running time is around 30 minutes and I watched in WMV High streaming which was good quality. You may encounter some variability in quality among earlier videos at this site, so always try to download/view in the best options available.


Each vid comes with a set of Video Caps - this one contains approx 200 in slideshow format, of fair size and quality which track the movie. Not in zip file. Click on HiRes Photos to see much better pics which are in zip file and while not full screen, they are quite large and crystal clear quality with 300+ photos of the sleepytime action.


Next I checked out "Filthy Nightstalker". This one also starts out with a boyfriend/girlfriend setup. It features blond cutie Riley Ray, who fits well with the teen description - petite, small tits and pretty face. She gets pissed off at her bodybuilder guy, throws him out of their bedroom and returns to her little laptop to do some work - lounging on the bed in sexy silky pink lingerie. As in the other scene, she needs to de-stress, and this time it's with a vibrating dildo which brings orgasm which brings... sleep (great opening scene!). As she falls asleep, it cuts to a "dream sequence", so I presume the "filthy nightstalker" is her secret dream of what she'd like to happen in her fantasies. Mr. Muscle Man returns to find her zzzzzzzzz'd out and does the gradual exploration of her bod, playing with her, removing panties, nice close-ups of his probing/fingering. At one point he sucks her toes with some foot fetish action and says, "You'd never let me do this if you were awake." He bangs her fairly hard in different positions - doggy, mish, etc. although it can't get too rough or Sleeping Beauty will awaken. She has a tight teen bod and looks really great asleep, even snoring a bit! Hmmm, is this great acting or what? lol He cums all over her beautiful sleeping face at the end. Again, I thought they both depicted the sleep fuck fantasy very well, with arousing, realistic touches that make it worthwhile viewing. Running time: 30+ minutes, with Vidcaps and Hi-Res pic galleries.


Since these two scenes were somewhat similar in their setup and progression, I wanted to see if others followed this pattern. I previewed "Sleeping Schoolgirl Sex" and it. Featuring sultry and rather pouty brunette Emma Cummings, this bustier although still teen-looking hottie falls asleep while studying (wow, dullass books sure can make a gal sleepy!). This is an outdoor scene with her falling into dreamyland on her deck in a loungechair. Tight white shirt and  plaid skirt hiked up to reveal her panties bring out the bad boy in her neighbor who's there to pick up her brother for a basketball game. Looks like his balls are in for a game of sneaky sleep fuck. The erotic slow build up is hot as ever, with the gradual opening of her shirt, fondling her breasts and pulling her lacey white bra down. He uses her hand and open mouth as his personal sex toys, and fucks her mish and doggy on the loungechair. Her panties are down around one leg. He shoots his load on her sleeping face. Then (and only then!) does she wake up to see what's been goin on! Running time is around 30 min, with a HiRes gallery, but no vidcaps. The hi res photos are explicitly close-up so you can see panties pulled aside and the girl's sleeping face in the shots. Nice stuff!


There's an array of scenarios at SleepAssault so things don't get too repetitious: zoned-out flight attendant, sleepy cheerleader, webcam tease, drunk passed-out chick and more. Not all girls sleep through the scene - some wake up and join in the fun. A number of the chicks use toys/dildos to get off before the action, overall there's a pretty good selection. It's amazing how hot these babes look while asleep, so there's no shortage of arousing and highly stimulating fuel for your personal fantasies here.


Support is provided with 24/7 live chat and general billing/member information.


Pros and cons at this site? Pros - hot hot hot! Banging teen/youngish looking chicks in panties, bras, and revealing lingerie sprawled out in erotic rag doll positions for your pleasure. Plus, it's part of a gigantic mega network of 70+ porn sites with your membership. If sleep fucking is your thing, this network also has another site catering to this niche: SleepSins, which is somewhat unusual to have two sites devoted to this content. Cons: no updates recently and some variability in the quality of the vids. The title is also somewhat misleading - there's no super rough sex, although there's hard pussy pounding at times.


I found SleepAssault to be extremely arousing and just nasty enough to put it into the hardcore category. Get in and find out for yourself - I think you'll agree.


Join by credit card or check for membership to the AllElitePass - thousands of hours of porn at your fingertips from $1 (1 day limited trial) or 30 days priced up at $29.97.


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 3 Stars
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