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Reviewed 22 August 2008


Okay, I'll admit I wasn't expecting much from a site called Simple Fucks, mainly because  the description from the creators makes it sound like it's a bunch of dumb ass airhead chicks gettin banged, ie ‘simple minded bitches who will fuck you silly’. Not that there's anything wrong with that! But that description doesn't fully do justice to the site. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and found the content  to be better than expected. And since I'm a chick, there were definitely elements in some of the material there that made my breathing a little... uh... heavy?!


I picked a few scenes to find out exactly what their definition of a ‘simple fuck’ is. The first featured April and her partner, porn stud, Derrick Pierce. Derrick is lying on a massage table while April, a vixenish brunette with a tight body (she kind of reminded me of a Mob princess but classier), straddles his back and proceeds to rub him down after his tiring day at the office (or wherever he's been!). She didn't look simple minded - more like hot and horny. He says, ‘Something feels wet on my back’ and what could that be? Maybe  April's wet pussy?  He then proceeds to eat her out like an expert - like  he really means it! YUM!  Now, that's what I'm talkin about! Derrick can really lick the box and that's no lie. If you get off on watching one of the most well-known studs in the porn business eating a purring kitten's slit, this scene won't disappoint.


April then sucks his cock til it's rock hard, and she gets a  solid hardcore pounding on the massage table.  That table must have been soaked  by the end of their scene! It was refreshing  to watch some extended pussy eating, no frills, no  dom action besides a little  ass slapping - just some good, solid oral.  So, if that's what they call a simple fuck, I say a big YES to that! The porn world has gotten so nichy these days, the guys at Simple Fucks know that the back to basics content will always be in demand, as long as the casting is hot, the girls are slick, and the guys are skilled at the business of making it all look good. And of course the site has plenty of hard sex, but it's not a totally mindless fuck fest - there is a subtle element of erotica, at least in the scenes I watched. Maybe if you spend  a lot of time here, you'll find those simple-minded bitches they're talking about. Need I say that the females here are quite  beautiful? The creators of Simple Fucks went that extra mile to insure that the female talent is definitely worthy of your porn time. And in High Definition, they'd better be! In fact, some of the biggest names in the porn world are here: Sativa Rose, Puma Swede, Ice, Savannah, Hillary Scott, and lest we forget  those hardworking men, Derrick Pierce, Marco Banderas, Cheyne Collins, Talon, Christian and  many others. This is not amateur night at the rodeo.


In another scene, Derrick Pierce is paired up with Latina stunner, Thea. The two sexy lovebirds are spending some quality time at home on the sofa (I liked the sets - sophisticated, with elegantly pleasing ambiance), which means  it's time for some good lovin - yes, a simple fuck is gonna happen, but again, the lady here is no ditzy cum slut. He nuzzles her neck, slides her out of her clothes, (which of course doesn't take too long!) and then sucks her bouncy tiny tits old school loverboy style. I really liked seeing the  erotic foreplay leading up to the harder fucking. Derrick indulges in his pussy eating passion as she straddles his face for an arousing scene that made me feel like the temperature in the room had gone up several degrees! She was clearly loving what his tongue was doing to her. I also looked at a scene featuring Nataly and Marco. He started things rolling with some seriously nice tittie sucking before getting into the harder stuff. Shirts were unbuttoned, jeans unzipped, clothes dropped. Good stuff.


I enjoyed and appreciated that the Simple Fucks creators tried to make these pairs seem like couples - not Hallmark romance style, but also not random fucks in the night, either. There isn't any elaborate phony scripted build up in the scenes (in keeping with the Simple Fucks premise) - just get right to it and do each other. But I think they struck a good balance here between fuck-a-thon and tender groping. There weren't any simpleton chicks in the scenes I looked at,  but what I did see was top-notch  booty-ful females, doing solid sex scenes with some of the best  male performers in the business. If that's simple fucking, give me more!


Simple Fucks gives you 45+ videos which can be downloaded as streaming video clips in HD, standard WMV or Quicktime formats. All the movies are 100% exclusive to Simple Fucks and with updates like clockwork there's always new hot stuff coming down the pipeline. This material looks great in HD. Watching at resolutions, up to 1280x720, with a bit rate of 2000kbps, full 16:9 widescreen, you feel like you're in the middle of the action. You also get access to thousands of matching hi-resolution photos from shoots (though these are only viewable online in gallery format - no zipped files). The one downside, although not a big issue, is the videos are split into clips, albeit large, so it may take several site updates before you get the entire movie downloaded to your collection.


Overall, I was very pleased with Simple Fucks, good styling, navigation and customer support - the main thing I would change is the name, although you got to admit, it is catchy. They should at least call it Hot Simple Fucks! This collection  isn't  a bunch of  porn rookies doing boring vanilla screwing. While it's not weird niche based hardcore or fetish material, it's satisfying ‘get right to it’ action, featuring some good, creative talent. As long as they keep updating, I think they'll have a nice little collection here. With the diverse and very large selection of bonus sites for one membership price, you can't go wrong. I enjoyed this simple little gem of a site and I think you will, too.


Simple Fucks is part of the Silver HD Porn Network so with your membership you get access to 85 bonus sites, including 7 HD exclusive sites, including Anal Hell, Busty Solos and HD Porn Pass. Their Amateur bonus sites include several teen sites -, amongst others, plus bonus reality sites and tons of XXX Hardcore sites. Membership details: A 3 day trial costs just $1.85 or choose monthly for $29.99.  The one month is a better deal because the trial recurs at a higher rate.


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