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Reviewed 02 November 2010


Being on the receiving end of a plastic strap-on dick is the lesser of two (or three) evils that await the helpless guys at Why? Well, I should explain that its not uncommon for melted candle wax to be poured into their steaming butt holes (and here is me thinking a mutton vindaloo was hot!) and I positively winced as a pair of forceps was pushed deep into another guys anus and twisted around in an extremely spiteful way! After all that punishment, its no surprise that these often cross dressing freaks positively welcome a dildo up the chuff, and despite their often demure appearance, the sadistic chicks at this femdom site are actually fucking sexual psychos and treat their wimpy men like frigging dog turd!


If that wasn’t all (and I know you would expect this at a femdom site) the subs are subjected to all manner of demeaning torture including clothes pegs on their man nipples, metal clips and chains on their ball sacks, weights on their cocks, plus they get a mighty fine flogging to boot. I also noticed a mini ball bag vacuum device which is going on my wish list. If you like soft girlie sites its highly recommended you choose another site as this is rough and ready European pornography at its finest. is one of four new-ish sites that join and, creating a mini mega site network of fetish depravity. Most of the sites are low on content so the producers have bundled them all up for you to enjoy which makes for a much more satisfying and horny experience - financially it’s a bonus too as a 6 for 1 price deal.


As mentioned content is not huge but respectable and in some ways the stunning quality makes up for this. Right now there are 17 photo sets and 24 videos to view. Nothing much has changed since I reviewed the other sites in this network so its streaming only video I’m afraid. Hey at least you can download the high resolution images in zip files and can expect 100+ per set which is good.


Fortunately the server is not sadistic enabling super fast streaming with three resolutions to choose from based on your connection (Low, High and Ultra - all FLV Flash format, 1024x576, almost but not quite HD), with playback quality commensurate with chosen speed. The producers have undertaken the unenviable task of subtitling each and every movie (barring the Low resolution videos), so English speakers can get an idea of what’s going on, which is fantastic. Each 20 minute movie has a selection of very decent looking screenshots and also a preview trailer too - these guys genuinely care about what they do - they definitely go the extra mile for their members and it shows.


Good text descriptions and movie storylines add to the professional feel - I like what these perverted folks are doing - we just need a bit more of it and a tighter update schedule and this series will become a classic.


Okay you poor suffering subs and bitchy bad ass doms here is the low down on joining this kinky whore filled site: membership costs a slightly higher than average $29.95 for 30 days, $44.95 for 60 days (but rebills at only $39.95), whereas 90 days will cost you $59.95 (rebilling at $49.95 thereafter). Not bad value considering the excellent quality and future potential - certainly one of the dirtiest femdom sites around and definitely one to consider joining.


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