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Reviewed 04 April 2011


There’s always room for a kinky and erotically exciting site devoted to the “horny older woman who sexually instructs two nubile teens” theme, and doesn’t disappoint. SMUL (okay, I’m gonna abbreviate a bit!) was launched in April 2010 and apparently some reviewers thought it might not have what it takes to last, but fast forward a year and 24 videos later, and it looks like they were wrong. There’s a reason the site has kept going - exclusive content featuring petite tiny titty Euro babes who love to moan and groan while you… moan and groan! The girls are Eastern European and the dialogue isn’t in English (they do have subtitles at times), but you really don’t need much of a script to dig this pervy action.


I recommend taking a spin through the Tour to get a feel for what’s here, and I guarantee you’ll like what you see. I was eager to get in here and explore. The scenes are nicely varied, always involving a hot threeway between two young females and a mature woman who directs them in the ways of lesbian pleasure using sex toys, fingering, kissing and playing with their beautiful bods. The girls fit the part exactly, as Euro teen babes always seem to do an excellent job in this area of porn! And the older women are great too, they aren’t the glamorized Porn Valley “milfs” who sometimes don’t look much older than the teens they’re fucking. Here you get a realistic young/old feel and that translates in any language into: HOT HOT HOT.


All the scenes generally revolve around two cutie students seeking extra help with their class assignment or being a bit in trouble for poor performance on their test. Little do they know that their teacher is a horny lesbian who really needs to teach them a few lessons they hadn’t picked up in school. I know… I know… you’re saying, “But Honey! This theme has been done to death!” and yeah, I agree with you, but nevertheless, it’s well done here. Maybe it’s the Euro feel of the vids or the girls or the older women and the authentic way they interact, but I enjoyed it a lot. The lessons involve pulling down cute panties and enjoying the pleasure that their very lustful and perverted teacher can provide. Before you know it, the teens are totally into it, kissing, licking, vibing, nibbling breasts and… hey, that must mean “SHE MADE US LESBIANS!” Well, it doesn’t take a LOT of coaxing for the teacher to convert these gals! But they play the part well, being a little confused at first but learning to love the big dildo, vibe, or wet fingers and tongues in their pussies. And sometimes fucking each other while teacher watches is an easy way to get a good grade in that very difficult math class, eh?


The scene descriptions are written in English and they’re well done, certainly enough to get your motor racing. This is a softcore site, no bondage or rough stuff, and offhand I didn’t see any anal, just solid lesbian instruction by the kinky older female who lures the two girls into her love nest. What could be better than learning how to cum when there’s no boys at school to lend a helping hand? Teacher knows best! They all take turns getting pleasured, and the orgasms look and sound real, so what more could you ask for? The threesome aspect is great, the more the merrier with excellent group masturbation scenes here! Sometimes the teacher stays fully clothed and inserts toys or plays with the girls, but most times they all get naked and wet with exciting moans, whimpers, giggles and groans.


Videos are available in a variety of formats: Full download to your hard drive in high or low rates, by clip in streaming WMV or Flash (hi/lo), and you can also download the entire clip in hi/lo. I found the quality to be crisp and clear… not HD but quite good. Each video has a large photo gallery available in zip file and convenient slide show. The photos track the video and are large, very good quality pics. You’ll get to see every horny detail you missed in the video!


Site updates have averaged about every two weeks, although at times it’s been every month, so you don’t get a big stream of new content here but so far, it’s been steady. Even if this site stopped updating tomorrow, the current archive is an excellent collection for fans of young/mature lesbian action.  And even better news, this site is part of a great network of over 20 sites, many of which specialize in the teen/young niche with sites such as Spoiled Virgins, Young Lesbians Portal, 18 Virgin Sex, Young Porn Home Video, Daddies and Darlings and more. Sounds like a kinky good line up to me!


Click on “Recent Updates” and “Upcoming Updates” for a quick way to see the recent additions for “She Made Us Lesbians” and all sites across the network. The upcoming update for this site showed it to be 3/15 (ten days from the last update of 3/5), so that’s a good sign that they are on track to keep the lezzy love flowing your way on a regular basis.


The “All Our Girls” link lets you view bios/stats on all 354 girls currently featured in the network, with a listing of all videos they’re in. You can also rate the girls. Navigation is quite easy and self-explanatory around here, click on “view movies” or “view photos” and you’ll be sure to find what you want.


The search tools could be improved - the only search engine available is for model name. If you already know the model’s name, great. But if you are looking for hair color, boob size, toys, etc. you won’t find a more detailed way to search for it.


Click on “Free Sites” for a link to a third party (Free Teen Pass).


If you get off watching young, natural girls with tight pussies and firm butts doing lesbian sex on each other while a mature slut watches and instructs, you’ll find She Made Us Lesbians to be a fantasy cum true. It definitely ranks among the better offerings in this category.  Authentic action, hot orgasms and real enthusiasm for pussy will supply you with plenty of stroke material for a long long time! With 27 bonus sites (many of which are teen oriented), you’ll be in a sex coma!


Membership costs from $1.95 (3 day trial) right up to $55.95 for 90 days. Pay by credit card or bill your bank account.


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