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Reviewed 12 November 2009


Shady PI is an entertaining voyeur/reality style site in the genre of "cheaters", and while the concept is a bit tapped out, if the site is well done, who cares? And this one is quite nicely done, sticks to the theme and some thought and attention went into the making of this "hidden camera" type caught on tape site. It's also part of the Porn Pros Network which is loaded with 20+ sites that look hot indeed.


Currently, there's 31 Shady PI vids, and Porn Pros has a helpful update calendar (yay!) to show at a glance what you can expect to see and when across their network. They indicate that this site updates every two weeks on Tuesday, so mark your calendar for Tuesdays, guys, you won't want to miss seeing these low down, cheatin whore wives/girlfriends and assorted skanks captured on film. All vids are dated and they do seem to be following the promised schedule, so that's a good indicator that the site is active and will continue to grow.


So just who is this Shady PI and why is he on such a burning mission to right wrongs on behalf of... well... mainly himself, but also all the burned and betrayed dudes who've been wronged by horny cheating sluts? The tour page answers this question in "Who The Fuck Is Shady PI?" and you can sample some previews to get your juices flowing. In each scene, he appears (blurred) at the beginning, sitting in his car as he describes his current stake out, with some amusing and bitterly funny remarks. He gives some background data on the chick, her age, how stupid she is to be cheating in her own fuckin house, and funny stuff like that. This adds to the entertainment value, instead of merely cutting to a sex scene. He tends to gripe about the horny twosomes he has to track all over hell as they do shit like parasailing during their sneaky little romantic rendezvous or ducking in and out of restaurants and ice cream parlors and crap like that LOL... but hey, what does he expect? That's what sneaky cheatin rats do, right? Mr. Shady then puts the key in the ignition and gets his vehicle in gear to go ho huntin. We don't see him actually following anyone or setting up the camera. The next thing we see is the guilty pair (or sometimes a threesome), doing the nasty.


The lighting is usually somewhat low, in keeping with the hidden camera theme, although some portions of scenes are better lit. That may be somewhat irritating to you, but if the scene were professionally lit, it would detract from the reality feel and ruin the concept. Also, you won't see tight close-ups of body parts grinding. If a camera is on a dresser, table top or in the closet, you're gonna see what you're gonna see. It's about the voyeur experience, and that's what a site like Shady PI is all about. Believe me, you will see plenty of action and you see it fairly well.


Before we get to the action, let's talk about navigation at Porn Pros. The Home page is the main network area, so you'll see all the updates for their sites, all the ways to search (by site, category, and model), links to their live sex chat/cams with categories and models, plus PornProsTV which is basically a DVD download area for an extra fee which has 5,000+ DVD's in all niches you can imagine. So, there's a lot on offer at Porn Pros. As with all networks, there's various deals, ads and other enticements scattered here and there to keep your dirty little mind busy.


To get over to Shady PI, go to the drop down menu at the top to jump to a site (they're not in alphabetical order grrrr!), but once you're at the member's area, you'll see the sample scene pics, date, and the model's name under each photo. If you click on a girl's name, you'll be taken to her bio page showing her personal stats, number of scenes she's done, and member ratings. You'll also see the title, such as "Blonde Whore Caught Cheating", and a brief synopsis, usually bitter funny rants such as: "You gotta love how fucking stupid these blonde trophy wife sluts can be. I on the other hand fucking hate the very core of these money grubbing..." It's written in first person "I", cuz our angry Shady PI is the guy venting his disgust at the sluts who cheat.


To watch the video, click on a scene pic and you'll be in the download area. Wow, lots of ways to watch content here, Porn Pros is doing a great job keeping up with the technology and the various ways people want porn delivered to their hot little hands. You can watch by clip (usually 8 in parts, all posted at once), browse 1 minute clips, streaming FLV, download the full vid in WMV or MP HD or video to go via DVD/CD, iPod, iPhone, PSP or XBox. What more could you want? All scene info, including running time (average for a full movie is around 38 minutes), number of photos and number of screencaps plus the scene description is clearly posted. I certainly liked that, as so many sites simply don't give that info. The photo galleries are very cool because they round out the experience of the reality cheater's theme: instead of the usual teaser, pretty girl posing stuff, each pic is as if Shady PI has followed the couple in their little outdoor sneaky adventures, i.e. walking hand in hand, meeting up at their secret location, etc. The site claims this is all "100% real". Well, you’ll have to be the judge, but regardless, it's well done. The pics give you the back story on the naughty couple and that makes the video more meaningful than just seeing a bunch of random pics with a sex vid. The pictures show the romantic cutesie stuff the cheaters do before they hit the sheets. Thumbs up on this approach - it indicates that Shady PI made an effort to give you a full experience. Excellent large hi-res, pics in zip files. The screencaps track the videos and even though they're not as great quality, they're certainly viewable and large.      


I previewed three movies at Shady PI - first up, Ashley M, a tall blonde whore hooks up with tatted muscle dude and they fuck like rabbits in all positions - oral, doggy, anal, hard pussy pounding. Hungry sex like you'd see from two horndogs out for their secret time together. Nice reality style, just a lot of good solid action. Not kinky stuff, just "let's get it on and fuck" stuff. This babe needs it bad and he gives it to her with some hardcore banging which she digs. Shady PI of course intros the scene with his blurred bitter self in the car, griping his gripes lol. Apart from the somewhat dim lighting which I actually liked and felt it added to the taboo tone, this scene offered some really hot reality sex. Ashley M let loose and loved it all the way. Running time: 38 minutes, 42 pics and 104 screencaps.


My second preview featured "Diana Smith", "a putrid human sack of shit whore" (okay, okay, these are Shady PI's words, not mine!), and this blonde babe can hardly wait to start cheating on hubby the minute he leaves for work. The sex is again very solid, fucking action, doggy, oral, hungry nasty cheater sex. Hey, that's the best kind! The pic gallery is great, her and buff boy toy hang out by the beautiful outdoor spa/pool area before takin their horny selves inside. Naturally, the actual secret sex takes place indoors - bedrooms and hotel rooms (usually the bedroom of the bad wifey whore while hubby is out working his ass off to afford these upscale digs!). Running time: 27 minutes, with 83 pics and 102 screencaps.


Finally, I wanted to look at a threeway for a bit of variety. What's hotter than a secret cheating threesome? Mr. Shady starts the scene by telling us this little 19 year old named Natasha has been screwing around and lo and behold, he finds her hanging out with an older couple, around 40 yrs old. The camera captures the swinger dude and his busty luscious wife in a hotel and a good time is had by all! Natasha is a small titty brunette who loves to giggle and enjoy herself as she experiences her first threesome. Oral, fucking and good sensuous interaction is featured. The lighting on this one was a bit dim for my taste, but you do hear a lot of verbal remarks and moaning, so it's like watching an orgy at a distance but  still quite exciting. Running time, 36 min. 42 pics, 104 screencaps.


Testing the Porn Pros search for a little quality control, I searched for threeways at Shady PI and it did indeed pull up this scene as well as another titled, "Tori", so good search tools available will let you find what you need within the network and at this site.


Most scenes are guy/girl, and a few interracial, plus the couple of threesomes. I didn't see any toys, vibes or dildos in the scenes I previewed which was good and kept with the theme. Cheaters usually don't bring their bag of goodies and besides, who the hell needs artificial stimulation when the thrill of potentially getting busted is such a turn on? Overall, I enjoyed the scenes I watched here. The sex isn't over the top freaky creative but it was a lot better than I figured it would be, and apart from some frustration at not being able to see all I would have liked in terms of camera angles and light, they do a good job of pulling you into the feel and concept. There's some hard fucking going on here, sex starved cheating ho bitches (oops, I'm morphing into Shady with this type of language!), and the couples really do seem like they've been needing it bad and can hardly wait to strip off and get it on.


Support for members is provided by an excellent help area, PPROSHELP with live chat, email contact, and toll free help available for subscription problems and questions.


I liked Shady PI, and if your taste is for revenge style voyeur sex, this is for you. He also reminds us that the next guy you meet in the grocery store just might be him... so BEWARE you little whores ! LOL...


Membership: One Day Trial: $1; Monthly: $24.94; 90 Days: $59.97. And don’t forget you Get 21 Exclusive sites for the price of ONE with your purchase when you join Porn Pros! Join by credit card or check.


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