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Reviewed 11 June 2010


Wow, that's a mouthful of a domain name: "" but if you're a fan of this gorgeous Czech zuuuppper freeeeeeeek you won't mind at all. In fact, you'll love watching HER take a mouthful... or an assfull... of man meat or pussy lips. Any way you want to spell it or say it, she's top-notch steamy Euro snatch.


Her site is brought to you by the fantastic 21st Sextury network -we've reviewed a number of their sexy sites and Kathia's official site is their latest hot addition. It launched in June 2010 and currently contains 69 scenes. We're always happy to take a look at the sizzlin stuff from this diverse and very well designed porn destination that caters to every niche under the sun.


About that long site name - it's simpler to call it "SWKN" - that's what the icon also says that you'll see in the top navigation for ease of reference. 21st Sextury is dedicated to making your time spent with them easy to find your way around. So, click on "SWKN Home" and you'll be into Kathia's official site. She's described as an "ex gymnast" - hmmm, I wonder how the Olympic committee feels about her porn career? Well, it doesn't say she was in the Olympics, so maybe "gymnast" means she's super flexible with a rockin bod that bends any kinky way you want it to. This stunning creature with cat's eyes, exotic accent and fabulous ass has been on the scene around 3 yrs, so not all the scenes in this collection are exclusive to the site yet. The earliest go back to 2007. She's evolved and changed her "look" a bit, but this hardcore performer hasn't strayed from her roots - giving you a bangin hot show.


Her site is very well presented with features that are sure to put a smile on your face. On the left side of the page you'll see SWKN Calendar, SWKN Scenes, and SWKN Models - 34 of the smokin babes who have done scene(s) with Kathia, a line-up worth taking a look at in and of itself. Whew!


The update calendar is excellent and you can see at a glance when new scenes are added. Last month (May 2010), six new scenes and a news entry are shown. This  month there's  three scenes scheduled but it's still early - past months seem to average six scenes, so that's not bad for a new site. At least there's scheduled updates unlike sites that have stopped adding anything new.


Click on SWKN Scenes and you'll be into the main viewing/download area where you'll see the first of two pages of scenes with thumbnails of Kathia posing, often in a domination lesbo setup or solo masturbation action. Whatever she's doing or whoever she's doing it with, she's the epitome of badass Euro kink, and oh yes, she loves anal so you'll see plenty of assplay. Is it all girl/girl? Not entirely - there's some guys in the mix with her on the receiving end of BDSM and a super horny scene with her giving head to a guy who's hands are tied in light erotica bondage (raised my temperature a few degrees!)... but if you dig watching girls at play, especially domme stuff, you'll get off on Kathia's style of making other girls behave as she purrs in that slinky voice. Her accent can be a little difficult to understand at times, but I always say, "who the F cares when a babe looks like that?"


You'll also see an interview plus" behind the scenes" footage at her house and backstage - the type of content fans enjoy and want at an official site. You can view this page by all scenes, upcoming, recently added and highest rated. There's also an extensive and fine-tuned selection of options to filter scenes by camera angle and even pussy lip/length! I must say, 21st Sextury has outdone themselves in the search department. There's also the basics: model age, ass size, type, hair color, piercings, nipples, etc available for your perusal. So, if you're picky about narrowing scenes to precision, this is a great place to hang out.


One feature I really liked at the main scene/thumbnail area was being able to mouse over each pic and get a mini preview of various photos within the scene - really top-notch and helps you pick just what you want to watch. Not that there'll be much here you DON'T want, but you get my drift. More previews = more satisfaction and less time wasted on the unknown.


So it's time to get down to business here - previewing some of Kathia's videos. Hmmm. It was difficult to choose, but since I'm a fan of lezbo BDSM, I started with "Torturing Humpy". Click on the thumbnail and you'll be into the main video viewing area, which includes the title, release date, performer names, story (description), running time, photo gallery link, and a trailer of the video. Nicely presented, easy on the eyes - I really like the feel and look of Kathia's site.


Viewing is available in a wide array of formats, clearly shown for your viewing pleasure: You can stream in clips ranging from low, med or ultra hi H.264, or download in lo H.264, med wmv, med H.264, hi wmv, ultra hi wmv, and ultra hi H.264. You can also stream/download using their "All In One File" option. On this page there's also a gallery of photo samples (200) to give you a taste of the action. These aren't the main photo gallery but a smaller sample area that's nice for preview. It's these little touches that make it happen for me.


Let's get to the action. Humpy Milla is Kathia's victim in a BDSM session with fairly severe rope bondage. Milla wears sexy black lingerie and gradually strips down to reveal her tits and bare pussy, while Kathia wears a black halter top, jean shorts and black stockings, her blonde hair slicked back. Using a giant inflatable dildo (hot!), she makes Humpy suck that thing and tests just how far her mouth will stretch. Next domina Kathia uses weighted clamps on Humpy's suffering pussy lips, teasing and tormenting her as Humpy moans and groans in lustful agony. She's tied in various positions with intricate ropes, arms painfully above her head or behind her back, all designed to give you a great pussy/ass view. Light flogging and ass spanking with a final insertion of a big lubed dildo up her pussy finish this horny dungeon scene. At 38 minutes you definitely get your money's worth. I felt the scene dragged a little, but some people dig the drawn out stuff. Both chicks looked hot, no doubt about that, with Milla's plump ass getting a workout. The video quality was great even at the low setting, with top-rate professional camera work that's right up there with the best you'll see at any of the premiere BDSM sites out there. Again at times Kathia's accent is a little thick so you may not hear all her sado remarks, but she certainly is a great domme and gets into it all the way! I'd say this is her true mission in life :)


The main photo gallery contains 200 dazzling hi-res photos available in full zip file. Awesome!


I wanted to see Kathia in action with a guy so I previewed the video "Tease". She's paired with porn stud Nick Lang - he's tied to a bedpost (umm, I don't think he wants to be untied, do you?) and she gives him a freakin hot blowjob which he clearly loves and can barely hold back. This scene would be classified as light bondage/erotica and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She's in charge but what guy wouldn't let her have her way with him, eh? As always, Kathia looks amazing and ranks with some of the most beautiful women I've seen in the porn world. She's also one of those women who  look different in every shoot,  she's versatile and can be anyone or anything you want her to be, from old school Ursula Andress style bombshell to everyday girl to romantic to geeky in her behind the scenes (yeah guys, she wears glasses while driving!) This clip runs 27 minutes and is a feast for the eyes, with 142 spectacular photos all in zip file.


Finally I looked at one of her behind the scenes videos "Fun With Kathia: My Home", (this is where you find out that she wears glasses while driving!) and you also get a treat, seeing her topless on her bed, legs spread, some nice crotch shots. She has beautiful breasts which apparently are all natural. Running time: 11 minutes.


Since last reviewing the 21stSextury network, they've added a FanClub feature, which is a listing of various diary and blog entries from their featured fanclubs. Kathia Nobili has only made one entry in hers so far, but since the site just launched hopefully it won't be the last. As I always emphasize, fans want interaction above all, they want to get to know more about their fave performers, and that's ultimately what will  put this site and other fansites like it out in front. In the competitive world of adult, that's just a fact of life. Be sure to check out the FanClub area, they have it all broken down by various entries and sections, and I look forward to it growing over time.


Customer support is available through,with links to help with membership and technical issues.


When you combine the unique style of Kathia Nobili with the overall great value of membership at the 21stSextury network, this is definitely a new site to check out, with scenes added regularly featuring one of the most beautiful and kinky domme Euro babes around! Happy lezbo flogging!!!


Membership costs: One day trial $0.95 a day (converts to monthly membership); One month: 1st month - $29.95, 2nd month: $24.95, 3rd month $19.95 or one year: $95.40. Get access to this great 50 site network, special loyalty access rates as shown above, thousands of exclusive scenes with daily updates!


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