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Reviewed 08 August 2008


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a thing for schoolgirl sites. I never seem to get tired of  'em and always look forward to seeing a new one  added to the scene. Even when they’re bad, they’re good if you know what I mean. Those ass-high schoolgirl skirts, the classroom sets, the bulletin board… ah, to be in school again! That’s why I just had to take a peek inside, a relatively new site that shows promise. It hasn’t been around that long, so it’s still adding to its collection, but it looks to be shaping up nice and hot. As the name implies, these bad babes do all kinds of raunchy things to get better grades, in this case, fucking and sucking like there's no tomorrow. This site is part of the network and with each membership you get a lifetime pass to 100+ bonus sites with access to 3000+ DVD’s available in wmv and DivX format. Currently, is also running a special limited time offer on several teen sites, including Bust My Cherry and Real Teens Kissing, among others. Bonus content includes live webcams.


Currently, SexForGrades contains 20 videos with photo sets updated weekly, so it appears that they are adding new content regularly. The photo galleries consist of shots from the videos and other hot poses of the girls/teacher in the classroom. The videos average around 30-50 minutes and the photos display around 900x600. I downloaded one of their latest videos with Lexi Belle and Derrick Pierce. Her photo gallery contained around 700 pics which showed off her tight teen bod in explicit action. The video ran about 45 min. and I thought it was pretty good in terms of video quality and their teacher/student roleplay. On the blackboard it says, Ethics 101 - an entertaining touch. Of course, you're not there for the laughs, but the fuck and suck show, and you get plenty of that here. Lexi is giggly and petite with perfect teen boobies.Her hunky teacher, Mr Pierce, keeps her after class (alone, of course), while scolding her for hanging out with the wrong type of girls and letting her grades slip.  


She dresses the part of slutty airhead chick with her skirt hiked up to her ass while coyly asking for much-needed gold stars to boost her failing grade. There's several minutes of teasing discussion and build-up to the hardcore action as Mr. Pierce asks Lexi what she thinks she should do to earn more gold stars and receive a good conduct certificate. Hmmm, what could that be? Even though we know what's cuming (pardon the pun), it's still exciting  to see her launch into plenty of hardcore stuff on teacher's desk, which includes  playing with her pussy while he watches and directs, using a glass dildo on herself, and finally getting fucked into oblivion by teacher's rock hard dick. I would have liked a little more verbal role-play interchange between these two, but overall, it wasn't a bad performance, especially if you enjoy watching a chick with perky young tits and a great ass who can fuck and give head like a pro.  


If the other videos in the Sex For Grades collection are on a par with this one, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend that you join and take a look. I liked the scene descriptions on the other videos listed, so I would say there's definitely arousing content worth watching there. Lexi had that horny yet nice teen high school slut look, as did the other girls shown at the site, so from what I saw I'd give them an "A" for effort on that score. At times she played to the camera a bit much, but it wasn't overly annoying. "Teacher" gave off a slyly dominating/brutal/s.o.b. vibe which was hot to watch. Gee, how cum I never had a stud maniac teacher like that in high school? Oh well! Lexi needs her ass punished, and he slams it to her hard while grabbing her girlish breasts. He makes her realize what it means to get a good education, (in Fucking 101!).


At the end of their fuckfest, she's accumulated six gold stars and earns every damned one of 'em on his desk - also, on her knees and in his black leather armchair. For all her pussy stretching effort, she also receives a good conduct certificate. A+ for cock sucking is more like it (this gal can really take it down her petite throat.) While this isn't the most original theme in the world, the designers of this site have given it some thought and creativity, and if you get off on bad teen girls needing a good pounding,(and really, who doesn't?) it's an entertaining little  destination that I think will only get better with time and is a good value with  access to the 100+ bonus sites in the network.


Membership details: 3-day trial is just $4.99 or regular 1 month billing for just $24.95.  See ya in school!



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