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Reviewed 06 August 2009


And finally… having reviewed BangedInPublic, DateSiteLiars, HuntingForPussy, MyFirstButtSex and ShareMyBackseat we round off our German hardcore tour with


It must be difficult to come up with original titles for porn websites, and this one is certainly novel I must say. In fact it had me mentally ordering a medium-rare (pink in the middle) furry burger with two sunny side up eggs, but this is no fucking eating establishment (unless of course you count eating out cunts and a-holes). is all about two guys, lots of horny babes all centred around a flat in Berlin. Think of it as a kind of wacko, porno style, B&B and you won’t go far wrong.


You know how it is… out clubbing, getting pissed, downing kebabs, its easy to run out of Mueller. So what do you do when 3am rolls by, you are skint and you need a kip to sleep it all off? Well the answer may lie here (if you have tits that is). Like I say if you are sexy assed honey you maybe lucky enough to get offered up a room by the two guys from this website. And your overnight stay will be free and for gratis. Well, there‘s no such thing as a free breakfast (or words to that effect), not least in Germany’s sexy capital. These fraulein freeloaders will have to pay rent, not with cash but with… pussy!!! And that’s exactly what they do.


Sorry, but I confess to chuckling through these sites, but they are, after all, meant to be light hearted productions. Sure enough the action is hot XXX hard and German (aka fucking filthy) so if you enjoy that combination you won’t be disappointed. If you refer to previous reviews you’ll know that all these sites are cloned from one template - content being the only difference.


Quality and quantity is also identical (currently) 32 movies and the same number of matching picture galleries reside in the archive, all with weekly updates. You can vote for scenes and add stuff to your favourites album too.


There is a good looking slideshow option for viewing photo galleries - photos are available in two size resolutions (900x600 and 1500x1000 respectively). Users can adjust the speed, flick between sizes - all in all, the sort of features you’d expect from a good slideshow tool. Alas no zipped content, though you could always right click save as…


Movies are superb full screen 16:9 HD but only available to stream in Low/High formats (700kbps/1.5Mbps). Regretfully there are no downloads which lets the site down. The server appears to be based on fucking Mars as its slooooow with a captial ‘S’. Again this distracts from what is a good little site.


Summarising… this is top notch HD quality so what would you expect to shell out per month… $29.95? $24.95? Well you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that this site is just $19.95 for 30 days and if you’d like to take advantage of all six sites (see links below) you’d be advised to select Superior Pass when joining which costs a relatively fair price of $39.95 per month.


What this series has going for it is this. Its original, its funny, its totally exclusive and best of all its fucking hot stuff. Off course the lack of downloads is something you need to consider if that is important to you.


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