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Reviewed 19 September 2008 delivers precisely what its title implies - beautiful babes who love to submit to rough BDSM sex and explore the darker side of their sexual fantasies at the hands of dominant males who are more than ready with their hard cocks, probing hands, tongues, fingers, floggers, vibes, dildos and other freaky toys and machines to make those female submissive fantasies come true. While Sex and Submission doesn't go into a lot of detail as to the premise of their site, it's pretty clear - Sex and Submission! The basic concept is the Master/slave dynamic and power exchange, exploring the darkest side of the female desire for domination and the primal male desire to dish it out. Their front page states: ‘Delivering Genuine Raw Fetish Since 1997!’  And wow, they have been successfully doing precisely that for over ten years. In the porn business, that's pretty amazing considering how many sites are here today, gone tomorrow. These guys are gonna stick around for a long time, building, evolving, and growing.


SexAndSubmission is part of the incredible network of 15 sites, which includes their first flagship site, Hogtied, which was started by Peter Acworth, a PhD candidate who decided to take a walk on the wild side rather than stay in academia. As with all outstanding porn sites that have stood the test of time and continued to flourish, there's far more going on here than a haphazardly thrown together collection of sexual adventures. The creators and webmasters of Kink have given their members what they want and have listened to their loyal fans over the years. That seems an obvious recipe for success, but as we all know, many sites forget why they came into being in the first place. They lose their mojo and get lazy, resting on their laurels. Kink has not. Kink is on a mission to bring the BDSM lifestyle into the light and educate closed minds about the joys of consensual bondage sex without shame. And aren't we kinky kinks very happy that Mr Acworth had this personal vision? You bet we are! The company recently purchased a historic building in San Francisco (The Armory) which they converted to use for filming their authentically sexy domination/dungeon scenes with eerily  atmospheric sets which transport the viewer into bondage hell (or heaven, depending on your POV).


On their front page, you can read the complete history of this unique network in the About Us section and it is well worth reading every word. Included on the front page is Values (their commitment to the community and work/employment conditions for their performers), Kinky Girls (photos of all their models from all the Kink sites, some with biographical data along with interesting fan comments), Our Sites, (Kink network sites), DVD's (two recent Kink releases) and Live! (the Live Show schedule for They also have press coverage related to their sites as well as a documentary about the history of Kink.


So, let's take a close-up look at one of their sites, Sex and Submission. The top toolbar lists Updates, Live Shows, Forums, Store, and Special Offers. The color scheme is basic S&M black and red and looks nice and hard.  Scenes are updated weekly without fail. The main front page shows seven latest updates. The updates can be viewed in both ‘full view’ (multiple scene pics) and ‘brief view’ (one pic), depending on how much you want to see or download. Each update has a preview trailer and photo galleries, many averaging over 200 pics which can be downloaded in zip files. They are available in low and high res and look stunning at 800x1200 pixels The initial photo sets for each model are  labeled with a scene word such as ‘blowjob’, ‘stocks’, ‘arms back’, etc. and then you click on those pics and are taken to the full gallery. Movie clips average around 6-7 clips, and average running time is around 40-60 minutes. Currently there are over 190 movies online, going back to 2005. Scanning randomly through this large BDSM archive, the pics all looked really hot and intriguing, with creative, fetish hard bondage scenarios showing girls in every imaginable position, spread-eagled, suspended, legs tied over their heads. Flexibility is definitely a job requirement for these gals!  Many well known porn names are here, including Ginger Lynn, Penny Flame, porn icon Kylie Ireland, Mark Davis, Evan Stone, and other veterans of the industry, as well as many exciting newcomers including Satine Phoenix and the top-notch Dom Derrick Pierce.


I noticed that one of the earlier videos had been upgraded in quality, which I was happy to see, as technology has progressed over the years. Movies are available in a wide variety of formats to suit many needs - as individual clips in Windows HD, Highest Quality MP4, Most Compatible WMV, Ipod, or as full movies in zip files. They are also available in streaming Real Player format. Each clip has an exciting and erotically written scene description. I've stated in other reviews that I appreciate good writing on a site to accompany scenes for the psychological impact, and they do a great job of that here. There's a comment area after each movie which is extremely active, with members providing enthusiastic feedback - always a good indicator of very involved and supportive members and fans. Kink encourages the interaction between fans and the performers. They really care about what the members want to see and ways to improve what they deliver. I always give high marks to sites with that approach.


To further enhance your experience a cool add-on called PicLens (now known as Cooliris) is incorporated. A small Active X download is necessary from Once installed just look for the PicLens Enabled button and you’ll be able to view images in a stunning environment - think of it as a 3D slideshow option - scrolling from side to side with full zoom facility. It’s a free add-on so why not give it a go?


There is a key word search engine but it's not specifically broken into categories, so there is room for improvement as far as finding the exact shoots and performers you're looking for at this large and varied site. At the front page, their Kinky Girls area has a somewhat better search engine, so you'll have better luck pinpointing your favorite scenes through that mechanism. I  would like to see it divided into Kinky Girls and Kinky Guys (as usual, the guys get a bit lost in the shuffle, but that's the norm for most porn sites, a little pet peeve of mine).


I was anxious to get in and look at some of the Sex and Submission movies so I downloaded a couple of  clips from the Kylie Ireland/Mark Davis shoot, since both of these performers have solid reputations as being top rank  porn stars. Their shoot was quite hardcore, including fisting and an anal hook. Kylie was pushed to her limits of pain and pleasure by the experienced Dom Mark, who had a hot British accent and was low key yet commanding, and he put her through her paces in ways that you could tell were sending her into the ‘zone’. She didn't seem to be acting - it looked like she was seriously into what was happening to her body and her mind. The camera work was fantastic and both of them did an outstanding job. You won't be disappointed with the varied hard and suffering ways Ms. Ireland is thoroughly dominated by Mark Davis. Kink says that their models are told never to act or artificially struggle and it shows. Authenticity is the name of the game in any bondage scene, and most of their models do a good job of sticking to that rule.


I also checked out scenes featuring porn starlet Lexxi Belle (I've always liked watching the more petite girls like her being worked over! I'm so bad!). She portrayed a cheating wife being interrogated by Mr Pete, a lowlife detective bent on revenge and answers. She was suspended from the ceiling in a latex straightjacket and their scenes were really good, very hard. Lexxi Belle, in particular, always comes through with a fine performance, her facial expressions and whimpering nicely done. Finally, I downloaded an entire zip file of a full movie with Derrick Pierce and Felony.  Felony is a beautiful girl, long hair perfect for roughly grabbing, and a ‘yes sir yes sir yes sir’ attitude that's sure to please. The scene begins with him roughly ripping her top off (whew!), then Dom Derrick puts Felony into a full body stockade, flogs her ass red, and inserts a glass buttplug while forcing her to suck his cock. Lots of enthusiastic slave-like oral from this girl. In another scene, she's suspended and vibed to orgasm by him and squirts all over the floor while swaying from the ceiling. I have to say, their shoot was one of the best I've ever seen at a bondage site, and they had loads of chemistry between them. Doesn't get much better than that! Felony was a happy girl at the post-shoot interview and said she had one of the best orgasms of her life under the hard domination of Master Derrick. If you're looking for this type of action you will definitely find it at Sex and Submission with exclusive and high quality fetish/bondage material. By the way, I really dig the opening scene of the swinging light that smashes at the beginning of every movie. It sets the tone with a very cool, film noir feel. For me, this level of porn cinema is what separates the men from the boys in the porn world. Some companies grind out product, but Kink aspires to far more than that and it shows as they attract top notch adult talent. I can't imagine any bondage enthusiast not getting totally high off of this stuff, in a big way. If you like watching hot chicks getting locked down, throat fucked and plenty of cock stuffed in their mouths and asses and pussies, you hit the right location. You really have to get in there to fully experience all the wild bondage sex they do.  


A cool feature at Sex and Submission are their live shows where you can watch streaming video and audio of the bondage show as it happens in real time, join the chat room to chat with the models, staff or private message other members and ask questions or make suggestions for how you want the show to play out. Can't think of too many sites I've seen this much interactivity, especially a bondage site. The staff moderates the chat room so things don't go over the boundaries, but it would be loads of fun to participate. You can preview the live shows by viewing a trailer. It wasn't clear when their next live show would be - they had a live show archive from a show in 2007 posted.


Their forum is lively and active, with all threads having current topics and postings. So, jump on in and have a good discussion with men and women who share the BDSM lifestyle or are simply interested and curious about the scenes and the performers.


Their Store link is a great online source for all your bondage needs - ball gags, cuffs, whips, nipple clamps, and even some great bondage furniture like dungeon beds.


So, any downside to Sex and Submission? Not too much really, except a need for some improved search functions to make it a little easier to find things. Also, as long as they keep their content original and their performers high quality without repeating scenarios too often, I think they'll easily be able to retain not only their current fans but attract many more who have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing this material. Even for those who have never considered watching this type of porn, Sex and Submission might change your mind in a hurry! They have a new site launching October 1 called Public Disgrace, which will feature blatant bondage sex in public places.  Sounds like a great addition to their already kinky line-up!


Kink is known for having excellent customer service - there's a very good FAQ page, membership details, and webmaster contact info. These guys have been around quite awhile, so you can be pretty sure they've done something right to keep the loyalty levels high. They respect their members and are responsive to their needs and will respond accordingly when problems come up.


There is no trial price, which makes sense because most people who are into fetish/bondage (especially this great and extensive), aren't going to be happy with a three-day trial. The price is quite fair for the simply OUTSTANDING quality of the exclusive content. Kink also has a Special Offers area for current members - take $10 off your next subscription on any of their sites, including Kink on Demand, in which you can buy individual shoots from any of their sites, plus test shoots never before seen. Also with membership, you receive 10% off all products in their webstore. Be sure to check out their free-hardcore area where you can download images and clips from Kink shoots. Members also have free access to BehindKink, an informative news and update area. They're currently celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a documentary showing how one site, Hogtied, became 15 sites - an amazing journey that you won't want to miss.


And if you want to work for Kink, (my idea of a dream job!), there's details on how you can apply for employment, with health benefits and the whole deal. Kink is here to stay, they are part of the alternative lifestyle community and definitely the membership price is worth every cent for the extreme material you get in here, delivered regularly and on time. Needless to say, I highly recommend Sex and Submission, one of the few truly elite sites of its kind on the Net today. Oh, and on your way out, don't forget to say, ‘yes sir, thank you sir’ :-)


Membership details: One month $29.95 (recurring); Two months (recurring) $49.95; Three months (recurring) $59.95; 6 months (non-recurring) $97.95. Note that payment options include check and cash in addition to regular credit cards.


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