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Reviewed 22 November 2010


Visiting, for the first time is like taking a trip back in time. And its no surprise really as this well established amateur site first went online way back in November 1998. That means a huge 12 year old archive with plenty of hardcore action to enjoy. The undisputed star of the show is the gorgeously perky Seska, a thirty-something swinger from Montreal, Canada. She is married but that doesn’t matter because her husband is cool about her fucking other guys (and gals). If you dig the amateur scene this is a must join, purely because its everything a good amateur site should be.


To say Seska is sex mad would be the understatement of the year - she positively oozes sexuality (and jizz!). Her dark rimmed secretary style spectacles portray a slightly geeky appearance and her positive outlook on all things sexual is refreshing in what is a fake riddled industry. As you can see, Seska is extremely hot with a slender body, small breasts and a neatly trimmed pussy, that you’ll just want to eat out!


A lot of hard work has gone into all this. Not just with the massive 100% exclusive photo and video vault, but numerous handwritten sections penned by Seska herself, such as her personal journal/blog which has been diligently updated from 1998 to present - now that is commitment!


The main attraction is always going to be the content and I was overwhelmed when I started ploughing through the sections. The photo collection is split between three main areas: ‘Fantasy’ (costume stuff, PVC, lingerie, BDSM, fetish and role playing), ‘Real Life Adventures’ (Seska fucking and sucking at clubs, orgies and what not) and ‘Miscellaneous Pics’ (mixed bag of smut). The latter is composed of 450+ random images that don‘t fit anywhere else on the site, whereas the others are actual photo galleries. All are presented in a 1990’s style grid format which works well enough. I must say genuine amateur sites are just that - amateur - no offence meant and not visually impressive or easy to navigate as no professional webmaster is employed. Of course it’s a win some lose some situation, but overall you win more than you lose, purely because the material is gritty and the people are real and not artificial bimbos/bimboys.


Movies are presented in short clips, generally around the 2 minute mark and come in just one format and resolution (MPG, 320x240). There aren’t any full length flicks and action is always split up. Small thumbnails provide a decent enough preview of what to expect prior to viewing. This is the authentic amateur way and while it may take a bit longer to peruse, that’s half the fun.


There are 400+ videos and while quality is not on par with modern standards they are totally exclusive and horny. Action includes group lesbian, mixed orgies, pussy banging, toys, cock sucking, masturbation, cum drinking and anal. The photo count far exceeds the movies with 98 individual galleries in the ‘Fantasy’ section and 191 galleries in the ‘Real Life Adventures’ vault. Easily overlooked is a dedicated webcam video capture archive (plus some additional video) which contains a further 250+ galleries of mixed hot ass action (its listed at the very top of the ‘Real Life Adventures’ section). As a guide expect 40-50 images per gallery. Unfortunately there are no zip downloads, but members can download the videos. Photo quality is remarkably good and the latest pics are almost high resolution but not quite.


The update schedule has slowed somewhat over recent years but Seska still interacts with her fans and is active after a fashion (her last blog entry was 3 months ago). I don’t anticipate too much new material, but what is here right now is more than worth the $24.95 per month joining fee, especially as it includes free and unadulterated access to which includes an additional 25+ sites. Sure you’ll find more refined sites out there but this is still highly recommended amateur fucking fun.


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