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Reviewed 10 December 2008


When I first heard of it conjured up extremely dirty thoughts… ahhh… hot assed amateur wives, spreading their legs to reveal copious pink and getting fucked and gobbling on the ole meat and two veg. That’s what I wanted but sadly (sighs long and hard) that wasn’t on offer. You see being brought up on a diet of crappy Polaroid images from the Reader Wives pages of jazz mags during the 80’s this was something of a disappointment because this is not strictly amateur central, its run of the mill porn stars (no offence) getting it on.


The signs were there from the start. I thought… mmmm... seen her before and her and err... HER! I guess it depends on what you’re after because the sluts inside are certainly worth a closer look despite them not being ‘wives’ in the sense first imagined. is from the Reality Kings network stable and in its defence is part of a super network so if you were slightly pissed at this rather misleading site description there is plenty of material that still makes this a worthy join.


Compared to previous Reality Kings sites we have looked at this one is slightly different in terms of model/image/movie layout and quantity. Starting with the latter there are thumbs denoting updates which archive back to February 2008 and within the thumb image is two or four girls. These in turn link to photos and or video (not all the girls have video). To be honest its difficult to say exactly how many in total without spending an inordinate amount of time with a abacus and notepad suffice to say there are around 20 pics per set, per girl (maybe more, maybe less). Similarly movie content is split between two distinctly different scenes (ie two girls). If this helps… there are 25 updates so far and totting up that equates to well over 2000 individual images and 50 movie scenes.


Quality throughout is fairly good, with some below average images thrown in, no doubt for effect - this would be okay if it was genuine gonzo, but it isn‘t! Camera work is very much in your face - reality style - so that scores highly especially when the babes are seen gargling a full load of jizz up close and personal.


As with the entire Reality Kings network, navigation and features are identical barring the differences previously explained. Click on a model/scene thumb and up pops the content - divided between video clips and pictures. Movies are available to stream or download (options include watching small one minute clips or larger clips). Downloads are the same except you can download the entire movie. Video formats have recently been expanded to include MPEG4 for iPod, as well as standardized WMV. Streaming and downloads are fast but there is a network download limit in place of 6 GB per day.


Photos can be viewed online in gallery format or downloaded which is a result. One minor point though, there is no slideshow option. is updated every two weeks (on Friday) and joins 24 additional sites (see links at bottom of page) all for just just $24.95 (30 days) or $69.95 (90 days). 24 sites for under $25 makes it a winner every time, despite there being no ‘real’ wives to see!


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