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Sadly, no longer exists. All related links have been removed from this page, but the review will remain for reference purposes. XXX Pwnage 2009


Reviewed 22 November 2008 otherwise known as porn entertainers extraordinaire Johnny and Tommy Salami - have arrived on the scene with their contribution to the porn comedy niche, and I must confess to having a soft spot for dirty antics served up with a laugh. These two wild and crazy guys are obviously frustrated comedians who said to themselves, "hey, what the hell, let's put on a show that's part fucking, part laugh track." And yes, the videos here do have a laugh track, spoofing the days of television when audiences had to be told when to laugh. Add a dash of Cheech and Chong, $1.98  sets  from a  low budget (or no budget) D movie, throw in Captain Save-A-Hoe along with some wet and wild pussies gettin fucked and sucked in various wack scenarios by the  comedy cocks of Johnny and Tommy, and you've got the  recipe  for a Salami Brothers extravaganza.


Their motto is "Fresh Salami Served Daily"(not too difficult to figure out what kind of salami they're referring to) and the site has been live for only a short while as of the date of this review. If you're a chick who has been "salamied" by this dynamic duo, you probably never quite forget it (or live it down, more likely!). The site is still low on content and has some rough edges to work out, but the potential exists nevertheless for a fun and entertaining experience as it develops. If nothing else, some of the videos are good for a belly laugh with your frat buddies on a drunken Saturday night. Or maybe you're just super lonely and want a chuckle after a bad break-up. Whatever your reason for being here, let's venture into this weird little corner of Pornoland. Don't be scared, I'll show you around!


The Home page sets the comic tone - their logo shows a babe dressed as Raggedy "Ass" with her legs bent over her head like a contortionist (freakin hot pic, actually!), a butt naked bride fleeing into a hippie-era VW van, a guy in a Dr Nasty fright wig and a cute hottie at a lemonade stand. Our heroes, Johnny and Tommy, are shown with their tongues strategically placed on the nipples of a pair of luscious boobs while giving the Thumbs Up! Yeah, this is comedy porn central, all right.


The main navigation bar is divided into Home, Models, Images, Videos, Bonus Sites, Latest Updates and Contact Us. Beneath that is a message from the Salami Brothers asking that visitors bear with them as there might be technical glitches while things are being ironed out. They also indicate that they have been shooting "tons" of new updates and hope you stick around to see the new stuff. The good news is that while you're waiting for the site to add new content, with a full membership here you'll have access to nine bonus sites at the Inn of Sin network, including Backside Bonanza, I Cant Believe She Fucked Me, My Deep Dark Secret, Fuck Me Filthy, Adult Cream Pie, Cum Thristy Cougars and more. There is some initial confusion when clicking on "Bonus Sites", as that is not where the links work. Click on Latest Updates and you'll find them at the bottom of the page. That's an example of one of the little "glitches" that the Salami Brothers need to iron out. Most likely the minor glitches will be corrected as they expand.


On the Home page, you'll find the Latest Updates. There were four videos shown:  Lemonade Surprise, Russian Bride, Dr Nasty, and Captain Save A Ho. Each episode lists the number of photos and the name of the starring model. Beneath that are the top rated photo sets, Most Recent Episode Updates, Latest Models and Bonus Sites. On the left hand side of the screen is a Coming Soon announcement about their online DVD and sex toy store, a Browse All Models link, Top 10 Photo Sets, Top 10 Models and Top 10 Movies. So, they're certainly all set up for the new action coming down the pipeline.


Currently, the site contains six videos in total with photo galleries. Click on "Models" and you'll see a link to each girl's video, as well as an Interview Video, Scene Video (which is a link to the video again) and the Photo Gallery that goes with the video. The girls featured thus far include Marie McCray, Stephanie Crane, Cristina Cross, Bridgette B, Tia Cox and Tricia Ray.


To check out the comedy content here, I downloaded two videos and one model interview. The Videos page shows a collection of all the videos and latest updates with a trailer, plus 10 images for preview. "Granny In The Hospital", stars Bridgette B, as well as Johnny and Tommy Salami, along with a couple of other amusing people, plus a wiener dog named Doobie. Each video has a funny scene description.


Bridgette B is a newcomer to the adult biz and her inexperience showed a bit. I'm a big fan of the naughty nursie routine, but in order for that to work, the actress has to be into it, which unfortunately she didn't quite nail. Too bad - it could have been freakin hilarious.   However, you probably won't notice that shortcoming too much while you're staring at her other assets. There are some clever moments in this video. The Salami guys do have a certain funny flair. Gotta admit, a comic porn duo is a unique addition to the scene out there. I won't give away the ending, which was rather amusing. These videos have  a  "spoof" feel,  tongue in ass cheek, so to speak, (see, I can be a comic too, Salami Brothers!) and  you  have to take that into account if you're into this genre and style.


I thought the second video, "Captain Save A Ho", was a better effort all around. It featured hot porn babe Cristina Cross as the Ho waiting for salvation from her evil porn agent, Robert Stinkyballs (whew!). She wore a short  70's style halter  dress and no panties. Nice!  Cristina was more in tune with the comedy element of her role and got into it.  Again, I won't give  details, but it did contain some laughs. Pretty funny at times, actually. And in case you're wondering, yes,  there IS sex action. Of course, you'll need to deal with  the gimmicks and costumes a bit, as with any novelty  site. But you will see these babes getting the brother's... uh... salamis, in various ways and positions, including oral, getting and receiving. Running time was around 20 minutes. In looking at the other galleries, The Dr. Nasty pics showed some glass dildo action and finger in the ass. So, there's a variety of stuff going on here and judging from these wack guys, I'm sure they have more planned for the future. Regarding updates, at this point, it's not clear what their update schedule is.    


Finally, I watched the Bridgette B interview, primarily because she is a new girl on the scene and I like to review newcomers. It was a brief Q&A in which she gives her background (she's from Barcelona, Spain and attended a girl's boarding school - how hot is that?). The interviews are a nice touch that you won't want to miss.


Videos and interviews are available for download in two formats: dial-up connection and high speed connection in Windows WMV. Not a lot of options for now, but it's enough to get the job done for most people's needs. The video quality was average. The audio could use improvement here and there.


Click on the "Images" link and you'll be taken to the Gallery. Click on any image and that will take you to the full gallery for that video. The galleries contain 100+ excellent quality and large 1000 x 666 size pics – unfortunately not available in zip files.


Support consists of a "Contact Us" email link for Tommy Salami. I couldn't find any other general help or FAQ link. Customer Service is provided by CCBill.


So, what's the final verdict on this comedy porn site from The Pros: Entertaining destination for those seeking a refreshing change of pace from the usual porn fare, with more content promised. The Salami Brothers definitely are funny guys who want to make you laugh and enjoy your time here. I feel they're committed to providing members with a  gonzo, wack experience from their point of view as porn insiders/performers, while banging the hottest babes they can find to share in their playtime. With full membership, you have access to nine bonus sites from the Inn of Sin network. The Cons: This is a brand new site, low on content, a few glitches in navigation, could use improvement in the video/audio quality in some areas. If you're game, cum on in and get your Fresh Salami Served Daily!  This is a site to keep your eye on if you're into laughs with your humping!


Membership details: $24.95 first 30 days recurring; $29.95 30 days non-recurring one time charge; $59.95 90 day non-recurring one time charge; $34.95 1-900 telephone billing, non-recurring charge.


Membership includes access to the Inn of Sin network with thousands of high quality images and hundreds of hours of XXX high quality video in WMG and MPG format.


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