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Reviewed 18 March 2010


Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of, a site feed which is part of the huge AllElitePass network. They've assembled a tasty package of live webcam shows, Rude TV shows, voyeur house shows and thousands of archived live sex shows for your entertainment pleasure. This type of content is certainly popular among many porn fans and will continue to hold a strong place on the scene as a welcome change and diversion from the same old predictable stuff out there.


The Member's area of is divided into four main categories: Free Live Shows, Free Live Houses, Free Rude TV, and Free Archives.  It's a simple and straightforward layout and all you need to do is click on whatever category you want to watch. Let's take a tour of each area so you'll have an idea of what's available inside this collection of sexy freaky gonzo fun.


Since is part of a larger network, there's a top navigation toolbar with Calendar, Models, Photos, DVDs, Favorites and Support - these links let you access all of the site info and offerings available with your membership to AllElitePass (60+ sites), plus giving you convenient search tools that let you browse by category, keyword, and content type.


I first checked out the Free Live Shows area. When you click on a category, a window opens showing you all the information at the top of what's included. These are described as "semi-interactive live shows put on from members direct from their house. They are REAL Amateurs, Housewives & Porn Stars." You'll see a thumbnail pic of the performer, starting time, whether the show contains nudity or not, and a "view preview" to get a small taste of what you'll see. At the time I logged on, there were five shows scheduled. Four were chicks (all with nudity), and one was a guy (clean). I checked out the quickie preview for "Sweetpea" who appeared to be a 50-something housewife who was a bit rough around the edges for sure, but hey, if that's what you're into, I'm sure Sweetpea can rock your world, These are mostly amateurs so what you see is what you get, but for me, that's the fun factor. You can also click on the "Go Private" link at the top and that takes you to hundreds more private webcam sex shows. You do have to create an account to access it, but it's free.  If you want to see what the shows will be throughout the month, simply use the date toolbar at the top and that will pull up the day's shows. Nicely laid out, simple, and uncluttered. There's a range of babes doing different things on their shows - masturbating,(Chat and Vibe with Trixie), toys, costumes, sexy chat, sex advice, dominatrix, fetish, swingers (The Porn Couple Show) - you name it, it's probably here. Most but not all are from the US, (you'll see a flag from their country displayed, I did see one cutie from the UK and one from Canada). Each show has a small blurb describing what it's about. I use the term "show" rather loosely, since we all know these are setups run from someone's bedroom (or wherever!).


Next I hopped over to the "Free Live Houses" area which is described: "Be a Fly on the wall in this VOYEUR section! We have over 100 members that have set up live VOYEUR cams in their houses. There is no guarantee when and what you will ever see, it is simply a look into their lives. They might be cleaning, might be cooking, might be FUCKING - you just never know..." Cleaning and cooking, eh? Well, as they say, you just never know what these naughty folk might be up to. A drop down menu allows you to choose   guys, girls, bi/gay, and tranny. As with all these types of voyeurcam areas, you do have to surf around a bit (or a lot!) to find a "show" that suits your taste. Eventually you'll find a hottie doing something "interesting". Babes from US, UK, Canada, Germany are here... I watched one BBW chick taking a shower. There's all types - dommes, swinger couples, fetish models, MILF, and lots more!


In addition to these areas, you'll get some porn laffs from the Free Rude TV area. Rude TV for those of you who aren't familiar with it has been a fairly successful player in the arena of online broadcasting, with a crazyass guy named "Wankus" being the most well-known host of several of their shows. It's been part of the evolving trend to give porn fans their own media outlet, and a way to see lots of juicy behind the scenes material and a variety of different shows. The day I checked out the offerings, they listed five days of new fresh shows such as "Ink Addicts" hosted by porn babe Regan Reese, "Smell My Finger", with hosts Luether King and Renee Perez, and "Sex Spaz" hosted by PornStarKitten. The focus is on raunchy comedy and anything goes sex talk and general mayhem.  Each show lists the hosts, airtime, and topic description such as "The NO B.S. Look at B.T.S. in Porn! Luther King and Cece Stone take you into the lives of your favorite stars, back offices of your favorite companies and enlighten you with information that most industry insiders try to hide!" Sounds hot to me!


Click on the "archives" link for past shows in the collection. I previewed several of the shows from 2009 and found them to be pretty funny, and the quality was good, expandable to full screen viewing. One of my favorite hosts at Rude TV is a very talented guy named Powder who does a great job talking to kinky pornstars about their lifestyles and fetishes. I enjoyed the "Naughty Newbies" show with Emma Cummings. So, there's tons of interesting stuff here and I highly recommend checking out Rude TV. I also dig being supportive of adult entertainment like this because it's real, it's raw, and it's one of the few ways fans get to see things they would never have access to in other venues.


Finally, there's the "Free Archives" area, described as "113736 REAL Private Show Archives, yep, the ones that people pay for live per min to view. You get the archives for free and get to see how freaky people can get in the private rooms. Nobody gives you more updates EVERY HOUR! When you enter this area, you see the first page of archived clips from webcam shows, along with five sample thumbnail pics to whet your appetite. You can choose by "channel", gender, country, or producer (that would be the name of the camshow performer). I found this to be a well designed area, making it easy to find very hot clips from camshows. Beneath the thumbnails, just click on "view this archive" and the clip will play. It shows running time, date posted, type of came (one way, 2 way, audio, etc.). Next to the clip are two cams available for private shows. The quality of the clips is variable - some are awesome crystal clear and others are not as sharp, but they're all sexy horny amateurs that'll get you off. Length is also variable, with some running a minute or so and others 20 minutes, with the average being 5-10 minutes long. Best thing to do here is surf around and sample the action - there's plenty of nasty action in all niches and categories to keep you strokin for hours.


If you're looking for a huge number of camshows, archived clips, amateurs, pornstars and behind the scenes stuff, is truly a one stop destination for your desires, with endless ways to find your favorite camgirl doing all the nasty things you dream about. Their motto: "Watch and Be Watched!" I think they've done a very good job of putting this area together, an excellent addition to the mega network of smut at AllElitePass!


Join by credit card or check for membership to the AllElitePass - thousands of hours of porn at your fingertips from $1 (1 day limited trial) or 30 days priced up at $29.97. Access this site through All Elite Pass.

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