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Reviewed April 2012


Aloha! Welcome to - A Gentleman’s Club for the Fetishist! Packed to the rafters with all things nylon, this site is a stunning example of what a good stockings/lingerie site should be.


It falls into the amateur category as its run by Roni (Veronica) and her husband but that’s where the amateur tag ends - this is one of the most professional and rounded “amateur” sites I’ve seen in quite a while. Attention to detail, nice subtle touches and a host of extra content means you get plenty bang for your buck without even touching upon the main attraction… Roni herself!


Oh boy what a cracker. Working in the adult industry means I get to see lots of porn, lots of horny teens and lots of hot older women. I’m a big fan of the MILF niche and that is what attracted me to Roni is simply adorable - a genuine beauty. Maybe its because she hails from Hawaii with Asian lineage? Whatever it is, she is quite incredible. I know chicks hate to talk about age, but it got me thinking. Surely she can’t be much more than 40? Hardly even a MILF in reality. So once I logged into the members area I checked out her Bio. Wow, shock of the day. Roni is 60! Unbelievable. That makes this lady a GILF! Seriously Roni has the body any Coed would die for: Bust 32C, Waist 25” and Hips 35” all wrapped up in a perfect Size 3!


The elixir of life flows through Roni’s veins that’s for sure (or maybe its just the spunky facials?) and while she make look demure, conservative and a sweet, she has another side simmering just below the surface - that of a dirty fucking slut! Unfortunately for you dear reader, this can only be unlocked by joining her wonderful site! But rest assured, I will give you a taster of what to expect.


As mentioned this site is devoted to nylon fetishists be that lingerie, stockings, pantyhose, silky slips and the like. But that is definitely not all and don’t be fooled into thinking this is tame softcore - it isn’t! While softcore posing forms a significant amount of the entire library there is a ton of hardcore sucking, facials, toys, girl/girl, interracial and fucking to get off on too.


Content is laid out logically and navigation is spot on. The photo archive dates back to 2003 and each set is accompanied by a short but informative description. Most of the sets can also be downloaded in zip files. Expect 60+ images per set some more. Crisp and sharp these are keepers. There are also hundreds of bonus girl galleries featuring Roni’s sexy pals in various stages of undress and a mega load of hardcore pics which are free to members and last, but by no means least, a foot fetish gallery for lovers of the lower digits.


Video content is extensive (many hundred files are available) and range from specific Roni vids and archived “live” cam vids to external video feeds serving up thousands of bonus hardcore flicks. I tried streaming and that worked flawlessly. As with the pictures the latest movie content (WMV/MPEG formats mainly) is very good quality and worth downloading, the older material obviously less so.


In addition to all this lovely naked naughtiness there is an active message board, games, puzzles, wallpaper, screensavers and specially prepared slideshows.


There is so much more to this site but I don’t want to spoil the surprises in store when you join. I can confirm that Roni really has established the perfect paradise ready and waiting for you.


Regular weekly updates adds more credence to what is already a highly recommended amateur nylon fetish site.


Join today for just $24.95 for 30 days (recurring) access, you won’t regret it!


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