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Reviewed 22 June 2009


Rocco Siffredi, the famously hardcore Italian porn legend, is now offering for your XXXtreme pleasure his official Italian site -, featuring the uncensored versions of his movies that are cut in the U.S. If you've been wanting to see some exclusive material unavailable elsewhere and you're a fan of Rocco's hard pussy and anal pounding wild action, this site may well be worth your time to check out.


At first glance, you may think everything here is in Italian, but not to worry, if you don't speak the language, you'll see two icons in the upper right hand area at the Member's page. For English, click on the red/white/blue flag and voila it will instantly convert everything to English. Now that we have that cleared up, I (who cannot speak Italian!) can tell you what's at the top navigation bar: Movies, Toys and Lingerie, Rocco (his bio), Search, My Account, What's Hot, All Titles, Rocco's POV and Extras.


You'll probably want to start your uncensored Rocco adventure at the All Titles link to download all the taboo versions of his movies, since that's the main reason you're  here - to find out just what you couldn't see in the US releases of his DVD.s And what might that be? Wild anal, fisting, pissing, suffocation, choking - rough sex taken to the ultimate extreme. Although US porn has caught up to Rocco over the years and action that used to be unheard of like double penetration and choking are now certainly part of the overall XXX hardcore scene, Rocco was doing it before such things were the norm, so he is a pioneer in the world of depravity! In any case, whatever is here is guaranteed to be an uncut and uncensored version for your total viewing pleasure. You won't have to wonder, "What's missing?" Answer: NOTHING!


A Rocco video has been uploaded on a monthly basis here since 2004 and that means there's a hot mess of stuff for you to delve into! I counted 166 DVD's in the main area, the latest having been uploaded this month (June 11 2009), and there's been regular updating during all that time. The latest is "Rocco Animal Trainer 25" and you have two options for download: streaming and by individual clips. The number of clips varies - this one has 38 scenes. You'll see all the well-known Rocco titles, including the Puppet Master series, Animal Trainer, Dirty Dreams, Rocco's Best Gang Bang, Nasty Tails, Rocco's Obsession With Teen Supersluts and more. Keep in mind that not all titles feature Rocco, (he has a gang of other studs doing nasty stuff too), and while he "retired" in 2004 to focus on directing, you'll find plenty of his well-hung studly self doing what he does best here.


In terms of photo galleries, here's where things get confusing and I only found them by hunting for quite awhile. But hey, that's what we long-suffering porn reviewers are here for: to do the work for ya so YOU don't have to! Click on the "Rocco" link at the top navigation bar, and then click on "freebies". That will take you to the 60+ collection of galleries, each taken from one his videos such as Prague By Night, Rocco More Than Ever In London, Rocco True Anal Stories and more. Each gallery gives the number of pics which is variable - averages around 70-100. The photos are average quality but I did see quite a lot of crazy deviant looking Euro s**t goin on, so for that reason alone, the galleries are an interesting and eye-opening view. Photos are not available in zip file.


The "Movies - What's Hot" link is a selection of 10 of Rocco's hottest stuff which includes behind the scenes, back stage, POV, and various features: Casting Dirty Dreams 8, Rocco Animal Trainer 25, Back Stage - Rocco: Puppet Master 2, POV: Giulia, etc. This section is a combination of different types of material.


The "POV" link is a collection of 16 POV scenes, including "Rocco's Best POV." If you don't know what POV is, here's a description: "At least once, any of us asked him how it would feel being Rocco Siffredi, and how it feels fucking the most beautiful chicks of the world. Best way to feel that kind of sensation is the P.O.V. shooting technique. In this collection, Rocco has chosen - between all his movies- the best sex scenes taken from his filthy point of view! So you will finally know how it feels to fuck legendary pornstars like Dirty Anal Kelly, Claudia Jamsson, Miss Afghanistan and 23 other dirty sluts! Try to be Rocco for a day!!!" That's what POV is all about, seeing those dirty sluts from his point of view (and wishing it was you for even an hour!). Except for a couple of months, updating in this category is good, with regular monthly additions to the POV collection.


The "Extras" link gives you access to 18 exclusive backstage/casting scenes, downloadable just like the videos in streaming and by clip. I'm sure you'll want to take a look at "Backstage Rocco Big Mess!" As they say, when Rocco films, there's always a bigggggg mess and we know why! I'm a fan of behind the scenes footage and always love sites that include that type of content. I previewed a couple of backstage clips from the Puppet Master series. One showed Rocco talking in somewhat broken English to several of the hot babes he'd just fucked hard and they looked like they'd been put through their paces by the Italian Stallion, their mascara running. He kept asking them if it had been too much (from what I could understand). I guess it wasn't! Another clip showed a chick getting her pussy licked to orgasm by a guy on set. At the very least, I think you'll find some interesting and quite sexy on set porno stuff  that you haven't laid your eyes on before, anywhere else.


The Search link allows you to search by 23 categories (you'll see pissing and suffocation among the choices, so that gives you a clue as to what might have been censored from U.S. DVD's), as well as by title, or you can type in your own search term.


Rocco's bio gives you some brief info about his life and background. Be sure to check out my earlier review of for more about this legendary performer.


An online toy and lingerie shop rounds out the selections (the 69shop).


The "My Account" area will show you your info, type of membership, expiration date and the movies you've downloaded to help you keep track. For customer support, a basic FAQ is available, mainly pertaining to credit card problems, as well as an email support contact to write to for help or information.


Apart from a few minor issues such as being sure to translate to English from Italian, and the frustrating hunt I had to do to find the photo galleries, this is a fairly simple and well organized site with regular updates.

This site is described as: "All the movies, backstages, and very kind of Rocco goodness, constantly growing!" Wow, every kind of Rocco goodness! Badass Rocco BADNESS would be a more accurate description, but at least here you know you're not gonna miss a slimey, nasty choking minute of it to the U.S.A. censor's cutting room floor!


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