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Reviewed 12 October 2008


Well, my esteemed colleague, the Pornmeister, from across the Pond, has decided I should be the one to review the “blokes" sites (while he is busy salivating over Tera Patrick's site!) Gosh, what a taskmaster! Forcing me - against my will - to examine, in minute detail, the websites of hot male porn legends. Okay, maybe it's not exactly against my will. I did derive a certain amount of pleasure from this assignment, I must admit :-) but it was purely in the interests of bringing YOU, our readers the real scoop on the site (yeah, right!).


Anyway, for those of you living under a rock, in the porn world the name "Rocco" is synonymous with some of the most hardcore Euro sex (emphasis on anal action), that's ever been put on film. The word "legend" has been used to describe the Italian Stallion known as Rocco Siffredi. Rocco has been doing his thang for quite a few years, and apparently doesn't perform much in front of the camera anymore, (he's in his 40's and focuses on his family more), but he's left a pretty wild and extensive legacy of work for your kinky and extreme viewing pleasure for years to cum. His newly redesigned official site launched in October 2008, and for fans of everything Rocco, you'll want to pay a visit and bow down to the sacred fountain of his nine inch… uh. "tool". If that's what you're into. And you probably are into it, or you wouldn't be a Rocco fan, right? If you've never seen him in action and want to satisfy your curiosity as to what all the fuss is about (the guy has probably won more porn awards than anybody on the planet), this is your place. He was doing certain types of hardcore stuff in his flicks years before it was widely seen (including watersports, etc which is edited from American versions). So, you can be assured that Rocco delivers the goods as only he can. So, let's go in and take a look at where and how he plays.


The Home page top navigation bar is divided into the following categories: Movies, About Rocco, Connect With Rocco, Store, News, Links and Support. Each category is a drop down menu. The Movies link drops down into All Movies, Latest Updates, Best Series and Big Productions. Clicking on All Movies takes you to all the daily updated DVD's (showing the front box cover) that are currently available for download (91). Movies are searchable by Title, Category (anal, cream pie, etc), Series (Rocco Live in Prague, The Ass Collector, True Anal Stories and many more) and Model. Most of the models are European, since Rocco is a huge (literally!) European porn star, so in general you won't see many American porn girls, but that gives you the chance to sample some ravishing ladies that may be new to you. The latest update shown was "The Lady and Her Tramps #02. I clicked on the box cover which took me to the full DVD info (title, length, size, pictures, and stars).


The movies are divided by scenes which can be downloaded in hi and low def or you can watch the whole movie in streaming video. I liked the cool option of the "mouse over" preview of each main scene clip which gave me an idea of what kind of sex action was happening. There is also a trailer for each DVD which flashes various clips from the movie, further helping me get a feel for the action before deciding to download. This particular movie contained three scenes with total running time over two hours. Only Scene 1 was up (2 and 3 said "coming soon"). I checked the next movie in line, "Puppet Master", and all scenes for that one were up, so they probably have a little lag time on their latest update before getting everything up. I found it easy to navigate in the movie area and apart from the minor update issue, things were fairly straightforward here and updates appeared to be on a regular daily basis, more or less. From looking at the various scene pics and trailers, I could easily see that there's some very hardcore material here, lots of anal (anal rules in Rocco's world!), double penetration, oral, threeways, exotic locations, etc. The girls looked super hot and unless you're a regular viewer of Rocco, you probably haven't seen many of them before – definitely some tantalizing stuff. Other reviewers of Siffredi's movies have said that they have a different feel and vibe than American-made porn.He is not always in all scenes, depending on when the movie was made. Bear in mind that he is considered to be retired or at least semi-retired from performing, although he is still making flicks to a certain extent. His main role now is as a producer/director, so don't be surprised or disappointed if a particular movie doesn't feature him.


Returning to the main Members page, the latest updated scene is always displayed on the front page, with 3-4 graphic and sizzlin clear pics to tempt you into the action. Clicking on any of the pics will once again take you into the Movie area for that update to view/download.


Beneath that is a hot slideshow  of DVD  box covers to click on and once again, be routed into the Movie area.


The rest of the front page Member area is devoted to biographical and background info about Rocco the man, and the performer. "About Rocco" gives members some very explicit data about him, no holds barred, explaining that his rise to porn fame has been based on his penchant for anal activities, including analingus, and his later work with American John Stagliano which has focused on even more hardcore BDSM action (slapping, spitting, and gaping of distended assholes). There's no attempt here to make Mr. Siffredi sound like a choir boy... he's done a wide range of films, including romantic/comedic style roles, but essentially he's a rough guy who has at times come under fire for some of his behaviors and activities, yet this very image has without a doubt brought him the cult status and following over the years. To quote: "Many of his films begin with affectionate, romantic scenes that turn into bouts of marathon violent anal sex." Wow. If that's up your alley, you'll love Rocco Siffredi. So, the About Rocco area makes for some fascinating reading and wasn't merely a boring whitewash of his career or his style. There's a reason Siffredi has been around as long as he has, and without a doubt, his unbelievable studly stamina has earned him a place in porn history.


The Connect With Rocco area is a guestbook for fans to leave messages. The last message was dated Sept. 21, so there were some recent messages from both male and female fans of his porn work. One would like to think porn stars read their guestbooks, and maybe the Italian Stallion does - so if you've ever wanted to "connect" with a guy who has built a rep as being one of the best and at times most controversial performers, now's your chance.


"Ask Rocco" is the standard "ask the porn star for sex advice" column... I think these advice columns are rather lame and truly wish web designers would cease including them, but oh well, nothing's perfect. So, if you want to know what Rocco thinks about why your wife isn't sufficiently lubricated and what to do about it, gee, now's your chance lol - ample amounts of spit is probably his preferred method of getting things wet and wild!


There's a Rocco newsletter (to keep up with his "whereabouts" and promos) and a store, where you can shop for DVD's from many porn stars and studios. His videos are sold in the following categories: Featured Items, New Releases, Spotlight and On Sale. You may find some good deals here if you've been looking for a particular title of his or a discounted title. There's also the usual assortment of lingerie, toys and other adult items in the store area which is pretty good and well laid out.


There's a good customer support area run by Fame with an online rep for member questions/problems, and a helpful FAQ. Since this site is part of the Fame network, one membership price gets you access to the following sites for free, including: (see our review here), (see our review here), (see our previous review here), (see our review here), and (see our previous review here) as well as nine other niche sites!


Full Membership includes unlimited downloads and access to all the DVD's and movies and technical support.


A 3 day trial costs $2.95 and 30 days membership $29.95. To save 25% select 90 days membership which costs just $68.95. That's a buttload of hot stuff for a great price! Something tells me Mr Rocco Siffredi would approve of the buttload part of the deal! You don't have much to lose here and if you are a true devoted Rocco fan, I think you'll have a freakin good time exploring his official site. Who knows?  Maybe he'll even read your worshipful fanboi or fangirl comment at his guestbook :-)  Wouldn't that just make your day?


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