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Reviewed 18 March 2009


The great thing about the Meat Network is that they stay true to their roots: hardcore nasty fucked up shit! is one of their roughest, kinkiest, wildest sites and if that's what you're looking for, it's well worth opening your wallet to get an eyeful of these totally out of control urban whores!


Take a look at the Tour of Riot Whores and you'll soon get a feel for what the site is all about. Here's a sample scene description: "In Southern California's summer heat, it's important to keep hydrated. That's why a bitch that can squirt can make or break a little pack of survivalist whores. When the concrete shores of the LA river run dry, you better hit that G-spot very good and very often."


Summer Heat. Squirting. Concrete shores. Sounds like a scene from Bladerunner. People from outside the Golden State must think the streets are paved with roving bands of survivalist whores. And guess what? They are! Just kiddin... but Riot Whores really does do a freaky hot job of getting all gritty on your ass and bringing you some of the dirtiest stuff you'll see out there.


First, some background on this site. It went online in 2006, and since that time has only added 22 scenes to the archive. They didn't add any new scenes in 2007, and then added several new ones in 2008 so maybe there's hope of updating down the line. The good news is that as member of the Meat network, you have access to a gigantic amount of XXX smut and hardcore action, so the lack of updates here is not a big drawback. And the best thing of all is that what you DO get at Riot Whores is more than worth the price of admission.


Since I'm a Cali girl born and raised, the summer heat/squirting scene certainly grabbed my attention and previewed it first. Wow. This one really surpassed my expectations. The stunning and exceedingly edgy (literally!) setting alone is enough to keep you glued to the action. One wrong move and it looked like the sexed up performers would plummet over the edge into a canyon. I'm not sure exactly where it was filmed in L.A. but it was one of the most unusual and exciting elements of the shoot - apart from some of the wildest threeway stuff you're likely to see anywhere. It stars two riot whores who certainly look the part. Tiana and hot porn babe Julie Night wear matching fishnet outfits with their luscious boobs showing through, a punk feel to their gear, and they get things going with loud and nasty girl/girl explorations. Julie, a sensuous, teasing brunette fucks blond whore Tiana hard and fast with a dildo until she squirts all over the concrete. The scene amps up as these two wildcats spank each other's butts, slap their faces, spit, eat pussy, deep kiss and just generally get wildass freaky out there on the hot concrete. You'll want to book a flight to L.A. after seeing this stuff, or at least try to locate where this thing was filmed!  


Then it really gets good when the girls are joined by a hot guy (as usual, the men aren't listed in the credits) but dayum, he's sexy, a Euro dude with a big hard cock that I haven't seen before. This threesome is a recipe for a California dreamin' orgy. Lots of deep kissing, rough driving anal, random hard face slapping, noisy moans, ass to mouth, cum swapping, lesbo, and deepthroating are featured actions. In other words, just about anything and everything! I felt, hell yeah, this is what a porno should look like. Get down and dirty, but also erotic and sexy. He masturbates our little squirter Tiana who once again shows off her wet and wild ways. Whoever the guy is, he's good, and brings out a great performance from the girls.  Between the overall erotic wildness, the hardass  threeway and the elemental outdoor setting, the scene was far better than I expected. The sound quality could have been a little better - I missed some of the words, but overall I was extremely pleased to watch this team go at it. Movies are available for download in WMV and MPEG formats (small and large) in individual 2-3 minute clips. You can also view in streaming and as a full download.  It's a bit confusing to find the area to do the complete movie download - click on the "play" option and that will take you to the area where it says: "click here to download this video". The movie had no hi-res photos, but did contain 300+ vidcaps of the movie which were of average quality - acceptable but not incredible, available in slideshow but not zip file.


After seeing this adventure, I was certainly motivated to look at a few other scenes at Riot Whores. I saw Isabelle Ice featured and wanted to see her in action. Welsh born Isabelle is paired up here with well-known porn stud Marco Banderas. Wow, this one was really nasty hot. These two did everything but devour each other. If you want to see a true Riot Whore going nuts, watch Isabelle Ice. She defines freaky. The setting is a garage, with Isabelle sitting on a blanket masturbating, tight close-ups of her pussy while she talks dirty. Again, the sound quality could have been better, as I'm sure she was saying some hot stuff, but your eyes will be riveted on her bod, not her dialogue. She rubs her pierced clit and squirts, then gets down and licks up the liquid from the concrete garage floor. You'd have to search far and wide to find a nastier chick than Isabelle Ice. Marco enters the scene and she proceeds to lick his armpits. This savage lustful scene is off the hook. She wears a chain around her neck, and he deepthroats the hell out of her. She licks his asshole in a brazen wild way even most porn chicks don't. He pounds her with hard anal while she murmurs in Spanish (pretty good for a Welsh girl!) and bites on the chain now in her mouth. Nice graphic gape for anal fans. She repeatedly says, "You're so beautiful, you're so beautiful." Dude, what more do you want? This stuff is primo, prime cut excellent porn, rough, but like the other vid, erotically hot with a connection and chemistry between the performers which for me adds up to more than just gratuitous hair pulling/pounding, but a sweaty, kinky encounter. Again, no hi-res photos available (possibly because this shoot was from 2006), but it did contain 300+ vidcaps.


I wanted to check out one of their recent updates so took a look at a Kylie Ireland video that was added 12-2008. Kylie, queen of anal, co-stars with Lauren Phoenix and is tied to the rafters wearing hot bondage gear while watching Lauren being fucked by a guy. Then it turns into a threeway. Lots of anal, girl/girl, rough sex, domination/bondage action and you get the best of the best with a veteran performer like Kylie Ireland who knows how to squeeze all the kink out of every scene. Running time: 32 minutes. Unfortunately this movie did not contain a photo gallery, but the majority of their videos here do contain photos. If you're a Kylie Ireland fan, she's featured at two other videos here as well.


In looking through their archive, I noticed some interesting "making of Riot Whores" and a couple of Behind the Scenes Parts 1 and 2, which I'm sure you'll want to check out!


As a member of the huge Meat network, you also have access to a bonus DVD feed.  Customer Support is provided by email, phone, or  live chat.


This site isn't for fans of vanilla porn, but if you're a Meat member, you undoubtedly already know that this is a place for rough, fetish content. Riot Whores, even though not currently doing regular updating, is a great addition to their overall network. Believe me, these are some wild and crazy RIOT WHORES!


From the site: "RIOT WHORES are the chronicles of depraved urban sex rituals. Amongst chaos, vandalism and alienation these punk bitches will drop to humanity's hardcore gutters. You'll wonder what could've possibly gone wrong with these whores. Their sex lives are a Riot waiting to happen."


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