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Reviewed 21 September 2009 is part of the popular reality/amateur "Caught on Tape" or "Cheaters" style porn and as part of the mega line-up of 120+ sites it's quite an enjoyable part of their collection. Even though (wink wink) we're aware that these revenge setups aren't "real", they do a good job of making you feel you're watching a pissed off dude getting even with a cheating whore girlfriend/wife, plus there's also a nice array of different scenarios to satisfy your various hidden cam fantasies. Let's face it, we all love the idea of revenge big time when it comes down to getting even with that fucker who did us wrong, and if a site can pull that off and make the fucking entertaining and believable, it gets high marks from me.


There are 46 videos here, most from 2008, but there has been some recent updating with four new videos added, the most recent being June 2009 as of the date of this review. Hopefully more to cum! But even if there's nothing left in the revenge pipeline, you really do get a good show, so let's take a peep at what the hidden cam is seeing.


In the Member's area, you'll see scenes with titles like "Craig's List Caper", "Sleazy Couch Sex" "Towel Closet Fuck" and "Garage Quickie" as well as solo cam scenes such as "Office Masturbation", "Solo Show", "Quick Toy Relief", "Fingering in the Toilet", and "Toilet Orgasms". The nasty voyeur hidden in everyone will be satisfied at this site. The camera work, lighting and sets are all reality with each scene different from the next in terms of the clarity, focus, and angles.


Click on a cam vid you want to watch and you'll be taken to the "Model page" which gives title, date added, categories (hardcore, housewife, voyeur, etc) and scene rating. Beneath that is the scene navigation area, where you can download by individual clip in wmv hi, low, flash and mpeg high, or the full download in high, low, mpg, and iPhone/iPod. The clips average about 1 minute and most of the videos are around 20 min or so.


I previewed several of these little goodies, starting with "Best Buds" (the latest update). The video starts with a few lines of synopsis, the dude talking about why he's making the secret revenge tape. He's been in prison for six months and just found out his best buddy has been screwing his girl. She comes over to his shabby pad and they get it on while the film rolls. His bud shows up in the middle of the fucking and mayhem ensues, but in the end, the "best buds" agree the chick is a slut and they grab a beer together. Ah yes... women may come and go but a buddy is forever. Not the most original story line, but the sex was good, reality style stuff, pretty much what you'd see peeping through a keyhole. He gives her head, she gives him a blowjob, she rides him and he fucks her doggy. No close-ups, this is a "hidden" camera, so it's not gonna zoom in or change angles, but the kick is the fantasy of the reality concept and I thought they did a really good job. Running time is about 20 minutes and contains 150 vidcaps of average quality. There were no hi res photo galleries.


I also looked at another scene called "Craig's List Caper". In this one, the dude suspects his chick is up to no good, she just lost her job, sits around all day doing nothing (or so he thinks) and decides to secretly film her to find out what's going on. Yeah, you guessed it she's doin guys from Craig's List. Her extra source of income shows up and they fuck while the film rolls. The Craig's List trick bangs her hard doggy while pulling her hair. Of course they get caught when the bf shows up and confronts their sleazy asses while the chick cries and begs, saying she IS bringing in extra income! Well, yeah, she's not lying on that point - pretty funny! Running time: 25 min - 150+ vid caps.


In both vids, the guys get into some physical pushing/shoving, Jerry Springer style. All the performers are amateur (not known or recognizable porn stars), but they do a good (if not better) job of portraying the "caught on tape" style of the site.


Finally, I checked out one of the solo cam scenes "Office Masturbation", featuring a horny chick in an office setting pleasuring her pussy. It's a hot little scene, although not the easiest to view because it's filmed in b/w like a closed circuit security camera would pick up. Nevertheless, it's a turn on to watch the office slut playing with herself. Running time: 5 min, with 43 vidcaps.


If this genre of porn appeals to you and you dig seeing guys make slutty cheating chicks pay for their sins on, these 46 videos containing a good variety of sexy reality cam scenarios will be a satisfying way to work out your frustrations! I personally love this type of content, and just enjoy watching it for the sex as well as the entertainment value. As a member of the AllNetworkPass, you can easily navigate to all areas of the network through the links leading to all their exclusive sites, bonus DVD's, Video Feeds, Dating, and Support. You get access to THREE major adult networks with one membership plus thousands of DVD's.


While isn't the only one of its type out there, it's certainly one of the better collections around, so get in here and get some revenge… and some laughs.


All Network Pass member ship costs $29.97 for 30 days access.


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