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Reviewed 10 June 2011


When it comes to all things XXX, Arabs don’t necessarily spring to mind as the most horny of races and I fear I may sound like a patronizing Westerner here, but Arabs are cultured people, very reserved, devoutly religious and any talk of SEX is quickly swept under the Persian rug - well that’s what I thought. Of course this is a porn site, so you can take all the above comments with a large pinch of Saffron. Yes its time to start rubbing Aladdin’s Lamp (aka your dick) and enter the exotic world of


Incidentally for all our American readers, I’m sorry to say there are no cruise missile shaped dildo’s and any that resemble said warheads are not stuffed up Arab chuffs (pussies yes, butt holes, no). The main payload here is Yankee spunk and plenty is dumped on and inside these horny Middle Eastern babes.


As the ethnic niche goes, there aren’t that many Arab porn sites around - probably for the reasons outlined in paragraph one. I’m no expert, but I reckon these sort of premarital shagging shenanigans could get an Arab chick into some serious trouble (most likely a fucking good stoning!). Anyway, we are assured from the site blurb that all the models featured are of 100% Middle Eastern decent which is good for a site called Real Arabs Exposed! It was nice to see traditional attire being worn with fancy golden headgear and vibrantly coloured fabrics adding authentic ambience. I was expecting to find a plethora of hairy twats (another misconception), alas no, most of these enlightened Arab babes have shaved off all their pussy hair - shame! has been online about a year (maybe a little less), and in that time has amassed 45+ scenes of Arabic fucking, sucking and licking. Nothing is left to the imagination and yes the babes are totally EXPOSED for your wanking pleasure! I suppose 45+ movies/galleries isn’t massive, but the videos are full length (25 minutes long) and the photo galleries hold around 200 pictures per scene (plus video captures). This site is also part of a bigger network (see links at the bottom of this page) and overall contains in excess of 50,000 images, around 400 movies and 312+ models. The network updates every Thursday (but not every site I hasten to add).


I like this site. Its different and something you don’t see every day (and I see a lot of porn). It makes a refreshing change from watching the same ole US pornstars getting boned that’s for sure. All in all a good user friendly site - definitely needs more content to reach epic status, but that aside there is plenty of hardcore action to explore with all the network sites thrown in for free.


Membership costs $29.95 for 30 days and there is a $1 trial available. Be advised the 2 day trial rebills at a higher monthly rate so stick with the regular join.


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