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Reviewed 28 January 2011


Come on, don’t go all politically correct on me - we never shy away from the sickest shit on the interweb! Firstly, if you are easily offended (yeah right), its best you depart immediately, as I shall be using a lot of derisory words such as “spaz”, “flid” “ming-mong”, “spacker” whilst making sounds to myself such as “UhhhhUhh” and simultaneously slapping the front of my left hand (something I picked up as a 7 year old school kid… happy days!). Anyway, I’m not alone in my perverse humour - the site owners are just as bad - their home page is littered with stuff like: “I’m gonna fuck her with my stump” and “Out of the wheelchair and into the pussy”.


This is!


This site is wrong on so many levels, its off the scale - I have placed it in the BIZARRE category purely because we don’t have a CRIPPLED CUNTS section! Love it or loathe it “ming mongs” wanna fuck and be fucked. Whether or not it should be recorded for public consumption is debateable, but it has and that’s why we are here my XXX fliddy friends.


Okay, bad news and more bad news. No updates since the Ice Age means what’s here is likely to be it - don’t expect anything else to be added anytime soon. Content numbers suffer a similar fate with more amputated limbs on show than actual movies/pics. Just a measly 15, to be precise (tight spastic gaylords!).


Fucking hell do my eyes deceive me? Nope, this is after all. I just saw a woman with what appeared to be leprosy (no frigging fingers) getting nailed (hope his knob doesn’t fall off afterwards). Then I uncovered a black “micro fucker” (I believe the correct term is “midget“) getting boned by some “normal” white dude and then cunt fucked, lesbian style, by some fat arsed chocolate BBW bird. Delving deeper into the sites rancid bowels, I found a one armed chick getting her spacker pussy gobbled up and a gamut of dirty old blokes, with one or more legs missing, receiving the handicapped hardcore treatment (sucking and fucking lots of cute looking babes).


Blimey, this really is the dregs of porn depravity!


As you already know, the archive is smaller than some of the carnies that feature. The 15 full length movies come in three good looking MPEG-4 formats (High, Med, Low) and a portable version for a handy mobile tug. It would appear that the photo galleries come and go at this network, but right now they are here, and can be downloaded in zip files with around 20 or more images per set.


Anyway, you’ll definitely need a strong constitution for this wheelchair rich offering and if by chance you join, only to vomit uncontrollably for 30 days (you total spaz), you can rest easy knowing it only cost $9.99!


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 3 Stars
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