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Reviewed 12 December 2009


Power Munch? Sounds like a device to handle some really tough weeds in your backyard, but lucky for you, carpet munching is more accurate (that is, when chicks used to have carpets!). Okay, so I know it's actually a play on the phrase "power lunch", and I gotta hand it to BangBros for being clever as usual with their site names.  This newest lesbo site from the huge nine -years and counting BangBros network is all about hottie lipstick lezzies who love some wet, moaning, girlie action minus the cock. The site launched in December 2008 and now it's December as of the date of this review, so that would mean it's Power Munch's b-day! Woohoo… Happy Birthday Power Munch! lol. I should buy them a naughty vagina-shaped cake but I'll have to check with the esteemed UK Pornmeister to see if it's in the XXXpwnage budget...(I think we can stretch to a slice of sloppy crack pie Honey! PM). Anyway, during the year, they've accumulated 44 videos, with weekly updates. At the time of this review, the latest update was Oct. 09, so there's no way to know if updates will continue. But if you're looking for some lesbo stimulation and fantasies, you'll find it here. And even if this ends up being the final update, the good news is that it's part of the gigantic collection of BangBros, nine years worth of smut, thousands of vides and scenes, from guys who practically pioneered the reality genre, so you get a high-quality and entertaining porn experience. One membership gets you access to over 5,000 hardcore videos, 20+ sites and bonus live webcam/chat feeds with excellent search tools to help you find just what you want in their archives.


The Home Page at BangBros shows links to browse the latest upates, browse all girls, and browse all sites, plus the three "New Today" vids. Click on "BangBros Sites" and scroll down to locate Power Munch. Click on that and you'll be into the PM member's area. There you'll see the page of updates, pics of sexy boobs and butts intertwined with tongues licking and fingers exploring. Each pic shows the title and date posted beneath. The right -hand side of the screen gives you links to top Power Munch updates and ways to browse by model/category.


Okay, so just who is munching on whom here? Most of the vids are threesomes, and the babes use their busy  tongues, fingers, toys (usually vibes) and a few strap ons (the only cock you'll see at Power Munch!) to achieve what appear to be some authentic and satisfying orgasms from all this girl on girl on girl action. For me, that's what separates the men from the boys, should I say, the fakey girls from the fakey girls. A lot of glamo girl/girl action is not worth much on the lesbian heat meter, but they seem to put a fair amount of power into their power munching here. Like most vids from the BangBros network, there's some fun and games before the real fun and game get started, and this site is no exception. They like to show the girls just being themselves, laughing, joking, being naughty, often in outdoor settings, but all the babes are fabulous looking so the view is pretty hot  while they  gear up for their pussy play. Most of the vids run around 20-40 minutes so if there's just a bit too much foreplay build-up for your tastes, you can always skip to the scenes you want or download in individual large or small clips in WMV/MPG HD or Standard.


I could hardly wait to check out some of these muffdiving little sluts, so I previewed the latest Oct. update, "Skating and Munching", featuring Breanne Benson, Nikki Brooks and Anne Marie Rios. Most of the scenes feature pornstars who know how to deliver. These two nasty and sexy rollerskating brunettes spot a cute blonde sitting on a bench and soon have her in the car with them on the way to power munch heaven. Their beautiful boobies are whipped out for some hot tittie play in the car and they finally reach their fuckpad and get into a great little clusterfuck with fingers, tongues, and vibes. Watching Nikki Brooks fuck Anne Marie Rios with the vibe was worth the price of admission, she explodes in a hot cum (and starts speaking Spanish at the peak of her excitement), so these three definitely enjoy each other. The chick holding the camera gets a bit annoying with some of her running commentary, so I would have liked a bit less talk/laughter from her - the girls themselves are entertainment enough. It's a bit giggly at times, especially while leading up to the main action, but once they get down to business, the stimulation/masturbation and orgasmic interaction makes up for it! I'd say this scene could be categorized somewhere in between softcore and hard. Running time: 41 min. with hundreds of excellent large Hi-Res photos and screencaps, unfortunately no zip file available for download for this particular vid, but most sites I've reviewed at BangBros have zip files for their pic galleries.


The next offering that caught my attention was titled " Pool Party A La Munch" (yes, most vids do contain the word munch lol). The thumb pic showed an underwater shot of three beautiful asses so I had to dive in and check it out. It featured Kelso O'Love, Rita Marie and again Mizz  Nikki Brooks. So, they chill and kick it in the pool, splish splash, and of course various pool toys (one is a big turtle floatie toy), nice for that stimulation they seek in their "area" as they bob around. Wet pool + hot chicks + vibes = lots of big O's! Things get wetter and hotter as the day goes on, and indeed there are some real nice underwater shots of sleek shaved pussies, with toys sliding in and out. All that water helps things glide and slide, plus of course, the natural wetness from the lesbian excitement! As in the other vid, I would have preferred just a leeeeeeeetle less talky talky and giggles from the camera gal, but hey, nothing's perfect and this horny trio of girls having a topless, naked threeway orgy in their suburban neighborhood pool makes up for it. Gosh, why don't I have neighbors like this? Maybe I should mapquest and find out precisely where they hang out! You can click on the model's name for a nicely detailed bio. Kelso is a petite lil blonde with tight natural breasts and tattoos on her hips of two pistols pointing at her pussy! Bangbros likes to mix it up with a blend of established pornstars and girls who are new to the biz, another reason to like this network for not recycling the same girls over and over. Overall, an enjoyable scene, it strikes a similar tone to the other one, sort of in between soft and hard, and the underwater shots of boobs and butts swaying are especially good.


Running time: 46 min, with hundreds of Hi-Res photos that are fairly large, plus hundreds of screencaps of fair quality, and these are available in zip file so you can download these big galleries easily.


Bangbros gives you a lot of options for viewing/downloading videos: stream the movie in good, high quality or "madman" (3000 kbps), or you can download the full video in WMV in 500 WMV, plus downloading/streaming in Parts (usually 4), or small 1 min clips in streaming or download. There's also a sample trailer.


Customer Service/Support can be found at a link at the bottom of the page for member questions and technical support.


I suppose I could say Power Munch is a fairly standard lesbian site, but because it is a BB production, it has that extra reality entertainment value that sets it somewhat apart, and the girls genuinely seem to enjoy and get into pleasing each other and focusing on the hmmm factor. The sight of two/three beautiful, wet and excited females going at it with fingers, tongue and toys makes this site as good, if not better, than any girl on girl site out there especially if they continue with updates in the future. There looks like some creative and intriguing setups and vids here yet to be explored! I must say, I agree with the talkative camera chick when she says that maybe power munching should be added as an Olympic sport LOL!


Membership costs:  A (limited) 2 day trial: $1.00; Monthly: $24.95; or One Year: $89.95 (that's just $7.50 per month!). Pay by credit card or check! One pass gets you access to the full BangBros Network of 29+ sites, including Power Munch!


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