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Reviewed 02 January 2011


If you like fast bikes, fast boats, fast trucks and of course… FAST GIRLS then look no further… has taken the mainstream magazine style “babe and machine” format and spiced it up somewhat. Sure the girls maybe draped over 1000 HP super bikes in sexy bikinis and pose topless, stuff we are all familiar with, but that’s not all. They expose a lot more flesh than you get in a regular magazine - these horny chicks flash their pussies, suck cock and take it up both hot wet holes and its all captured in great looking pictures and video files just for you speed freaks!


This isn’t a huge site by any stretch of the imagination, but its thoroughly enjoyable. Its 100% amateur so it may not be as polished as some, however, that doesn’t detract from the bevy of powerful beauties that you get to eye-fuck. Right now there are 53+ photo sets and 22 movies, with 40+ amateur models strutting their sexy stuff.


Site layout is simplicity itself with all the content displayed on a single page. Photo galleries come first with video at the bottom of the page. Navigation is easy, just click a thumbnail picture and you are in. A brief description gives some useful background information about the location, the babes and the extreme machines and it all works a treat, no problems at all.


Action is original with some really unusual scenes such as a nymphomaniac MILF exposing herself to passing motorists (nice) and another opening up her gash on a flashy boat. There also babes with guns, babes riding desert quads and babes posing next to trains and 4x4’s. That said there are a few random posing sets that don’t really fit the “powerful babes” theme, but as they are hot saucy specimens I’m not going to complain about that!


The Windows Media movies look the business and are available to download without restriction - 10 minutes or so is the average length and they look great.


Picture quality is good some are high resolution others a bit less, but still worth a knuckle shuffle or two (cute Mindy got me pumping, but that’s another story). Some galleries contain over 100 images while other less than 25 and unfortunately there are no zip files so right click to save individual pictures to your hard drive.


All in all a great little site. Not sure about the update schedule as nothing is dated, but it looks monthly to me. Membership to this 100% exclusive site is just $7.99 per 30 days (recurring) or $9.99 for a one off (30 day, no rebill). Considering it’s a fairly unique site its got to be worth a look, if only for a month or two, to add some really unusual amateur fare to your collection.


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