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Reviewed 28 January 2009 is one of the 23 sites from, a mega network which features the most beautiful pornstars in the business today and bills itself as "the world's best porn site", so it makes sense for them to create a site to showcase those stars in all sorts of hot, amusing, and sexily entertaining scenarios - sizzlin names like Amy Reid, Gina Lynn, Shyla Stylez and many more strut their stuff here. And as they say, "when you hear pornstar, you know big cock is around..."


We've reviewed many of the Brazzers sites, so be sure to check out all our reviews for a comprehensive overview of the many great features and options available to members. The layout and navigation of their sites is the same, so once you learn your way around, it's a snap to find exactly what you want. This is a big network and the main Members page gets you started, with latest scenes, upcoming scenes, latest posts at the Brazzers forum, featured pornstar, special discounts at other networks for members and much more. Their newest site is The Vault, updated 4 times weekly, with exclusive never before seen content. The top navigation bar shows Scenes, Pornstars, Sites, Bonus Content, Meet Girls, LiveCam Girls and Forum. The best way to get in and start your porno adventure is to click on "Sites" and that will take you to all the latest goodies. Once there, scan through the offerings to find just the site you want to explore - in this case, Pornstars Like It Big.


I wasn't sure what to expect from this particular site before previewing it. Sounded interesting so I definitely wanted to check it out. Brazzers is known for their "big" themed sites such as Big Tits At School, Big Wet Butts, Big Butts Like It Big and so forth. I'm happy to report that judging from what I saw at Pornstars Like It Big, it was quite enjoyable and kept me surprised. The site currently contains 115 scenes and updates weekly. Their latest update, "The Impostor" was a perfect example of Brazzers' great knack for combining hot sex with clever and highly amusing setups. In this case, two of the hottest, bustiest blonde bombshells in the business, Nikki Benz and Gina Lynn, portray agents for the Big Dick Agency. Gee, they have official uniforms and everything! Which, of course, they look bangin hot in! Kinda like porno ATF agents, except these babes are hunting for big cock and they look freakin amazing doing it. These two look like matching sexy bookends, long blonde hair and bods that are out of this world. Specifically, they're looking for Johnny Sin's big cock. They capture a guy who claims to be Johnny, but he's an impostor (the girls find a big dildo stuffed in his pants) and they wallop his ass good, the liar! The opening scene is hot because you get to see Nikki Benz in dominant mode as she roughs him up, so if that's a fantasy of yours, you'll love the opener. Gina says there's a better way to do things (awww, how sweet). These beotches are on an official cock mission, and damn it, they're gonna get their man! They eventually find Johnny making a sandwich (which they rudely interrupt him in the middle of!) and Nikki instructs the newbie Gina on how to get fucked by that great big cock. This scene must have been a really great day at the office for Johnny Sins because he was moaning like he meant it, with these two pornstar lovelies working him over. The threesome fucks in all kinds of positions, but mainly it's Gina taking his big cock (since she's the trainee!), while Nikki oversees the action, although both chicks get a pounding. The girl/girl dynamic is hot, with Nikki being dominant and good verbal interplay. Johnny's cumshot is HUGE, these girls get blasted! Hell yeah! These pornstars certainly did like it big, even though Gina whimpers a few times that she just can't take anymore of his relentless cock, but what else can you expect from a Big Dick Agency newbie? She's a trooper, though and the two agents are on to their next big cock assignment, still dripping in Johnny's cum.


The movie ran approx 38 minutes and contains 1000+ HQ (high quality) photos and 780 screencaps, both available in Zip format and slideshow. There's been some occasional tech problems with the photo galleries here and there at this network, but the Brazzers tech people seem to get it fixed quickly. So, don't freak out if you have a problem now and then. The positive side is that the members' comment area is extremely active, so any issues of this nature are generally resolved quickly, unlike some networks where things are left in a jumble for weeks. Not so at Brazzers, and keep in mind, this is a big network, so from time to time, things need a tweak.


The next scene I looked at, which I just couldn't resist, was a fairy tale setup called "Sleeping Booty". I mean, how could I pass up seeing Memphis Monroe with her luscious boobs and phat ass playing princess to Voodoo's Prince Charming who rescues her from an evil spell with his big cock? Gotta say, it was really hilarious, and the sex was great too! I've always had a theory that pornstars are frustrated thespians who secretly get off on playing romantic fairy tale characters even though they don't admit it. And it's a nice change of pace to see porners who usually say "fuck this" and "fuck that" every other word, saying things like "bountiful" and "my princess" and "lick my royal juices". I love that high-class shit! :-) Voodoo especially does a sexy job here that I found amusingly erotic and I bet he did too! And his large cock (or "well endowed" in fairy talespeak), amply fills the lovely twat of our fair princess and saves the day! His inner Casanova was allowed to cum out a bit which displays his versatility as a performer. What about Memphis Monroe? Her ass looked smashing encased in white stockings and garter belt, and she spouted just enough potty mouth "I'm a naughty princess" talk to make it very cum in yer pants sexy, her Prince doth licketh her beauteous asshole for her... wow, luved it! I hadn't expected this type of scene at Pornstars Like It Big, but it's great that Brazzers keeps the content different and funny. The royal castle set was cool, as was the wardrobe, although Voodoo looked a bit comical in his white satin shirt and cape, but hey, that's the point. So, don't pass this one up just because you think it doesn't sound typical hardcore porno. Memphis Monroe's tight princess pussy riding Voodoo's big cock will get you hard, or your money back (Brazzers offers a money back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied). A final point about this scene: it's great for couples viewing. Women will really love it for the schmaltzy Harlequin romance and comedy, but it's got plenty of good solid sex that Brazzers is famous for, enough to make the guys happy, so it makes a fun experience for couples. If you want to take a closer look at the sets, costumes (and of course the sex!) there are 820 HQ (high quality) photo sets and 711 screencaps that track the video.


It's somewhat difficult to peg this site into a tight niche, as the offerings seem to range a bit over the porno map - funny sci-fi setups, or a pornstar reality show with Nikki Benz and Julia Bond competing against to see who can go longest without cock, or several "Big Dig Agent" scenarios with porn babes on the trail of badass porn dudes. Lots of different fantasies and fun times. So, it's a mixed bag of entertainment here, but the one constant you'll always get is great looking busty  women ready, willing and able to live up to their title of PORNSTAR. And let's not forget about the guys - m' lady smut reviewer Honey West hath noticed that these here dudes are with a doubt-eth the most hungeth on the almighty bountiful planet. Okay, I'm not so good at meedy-evil talk, but you get the idea (that fairy tale scene really fucked with my head!).


Movies are available for download in several formats, including streaming (I found the streaming to be fast), or full download in WMV, MPEG1, MPEG4 and iPod/PSP. In addition, you can download in 1 min and 5 min clips which can be saved in your favorites. Very handy for watching just the parts that excite you the most. Below each video are links to other scenes on the network the girls appear, so if you have a fave lady, you'll be able to find her conveniently.


If 23 sites aren't enough to keep you occupied for a damn long time, you also have access to Bonus feeds with 40 sites covering all the popular niches, plus live cam girls, web chat, and one of the most active member forums on the Net where the pornstars check in on a regular basis to interact with the fans.


At the bottom of the page are links to BrazzersDVD and the Help area, where there's live chat assistance, email and phone billing support,  and general FAQ tech information.


Once again, I think Brazzers has done a fine job of rounding up their stable of porn guys and gals and putting their varied and juicy talents on display. And yeah, it's true, Porn Stars really DO like it Big, as if you didn't know that already, eh?!


Membership Details: 1 month $24.95; 3 Month $49.95 or 12 Month - $119.88. Join by credit card or check.


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