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Reviewed 14 April 2009


When it comes to value for money, you can’t go too far wrong joining a mega network type site, especially if you are an eclectic porn enthusiast. That said, there are some really good ones and some pretty dire efforts - lots of sites for one cheapo price doesn’t necessarily mean quality, believe me. Fortunately, falls into the former category, ticking all the right boxes and making it an ideal choice for the open minded surfer, that enjoys a wide range of nasty niches all in one convenient place.


The guys at have come up with a novel concept. Firstly joining this site enables instant access to 21 individual sites which includes niche specific offerings such anal, pussy stretching, lesbian, creampie, big tits, Asian, squirting, double penetration, teens, oral, peeing plus many more! But that is just the tip of the iceberg. likes to reward its loyal members. It works something like this, every month, two new websites are added to your membership package for free, so the longer you stay a member the more sites are ‘unlocked’. A NASA style countdown (in days) provides details to the next site launch. But remember you need to stay signed up to access them all (18 bonus sites in total). Take a look at the links below for the full list of sites currently available, which if you so desire can be joined individually.


Daily updates across the network are mainly composed of movie clips, because each full length movie is carved up into ten sections and only on the tenth update do you get the full movie to download. Holy crap, totting up the content is tricky, but there must be well over 2000 full length MPG/WMV excellent quality videos (streaming and downloads), each with an accompanying photo set - wow, that must surely equate to 100,000+ individual high resolution images - but don’t quote me on that figure - I just didn’t have time to count every fucking picture! Rest assured there are tonnes and everything can be downloaded and saved, with no restrictions.


We’ll take a closer look at the individual sites that compose so stay tuned.


The only negative aspect here is the cost. Sure you get some mighty fine porn all wrapped up in a very accomplished package, but $38.85 for 30 days is a good ten bucks higher than average. The best deal we could find is $76.45 for 90 days recurring which includes one month free. If you’d like to check it out for minimum outlay a limited one day trial costs just $1.95 (recurs at $38.85).


A highly recommended site if your wallet can take it!


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